From parties to malls, another violent weekend in America

CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reports on multiple weekend shootings that took place in the US, including mass shootings at a Pittsburgh house party and a lounge in Hampton County, South Carolina. #CNN #News


      Your feelings are getting hurt on the internet??? really???
      or is that sarcasm?

    2. @NPC Man – I SUPPORT THE CURRENT THING Hurting your feelings and affecting your safe space is far more important.

    3. And several easy ones were mispronounced. For example, Syracuse, NY, and Elgin, IL. Tards?🤷‍♂

  1. at 5:23 “he’s been released on house arrest”????? WTF? The guy goes before the judge, accused of a mass shooting and gets house arrest??? The US is broken

    1. @Abernathy Darwin Dunlap that’s not a thing as far as court is concerned though only for fbi reporting purposes

    2. @Jeremy Kaleschenkoikov, you’re right. It is not a legal definition. However, it is used to influence legislation, so we can’t ignore it.

  2. They just let the guy who shot 14 people at that mall in South Carolina out on bail.. hes also under investigation for a murder back in 2018 as well. What the hells going on here?

    1. @Wiz KID The outcome of that trial is “not guilty,” that’s not the same as “innocent.”

      I watched the trial, listened to eyewitness reports, and whether you want to agree or not, Rittenhouse was a kid who aspired to being part of a militia, borrowed a military-style weapon, and went across a border for the sole purpose of preparing to use deadly force to protect, in his mind, some businesses that have insurance against such things and do NOT need his deadly force protection. He didn’t carry a rifle to do anything else. He wasn’t hunting deer.

      AND when HE started shooting, regardless of what you consider to be the provocation, had someone instead shot him, THAT person would have been the hero. Gunfight at the OK Corral, it’s just the survivors that get the status of hero.

      I don’t know where you stand, precisely, on open carry within city limits, or the proliferation of firearms in the US where we top the world in per-capita gun violence. BUT when a person, especially a kid that is aspiring to join anti-government militias, wants to believe he’s the solution so he carries his firearm into the confrontation, it’s not to have a talk. It’s to use it.

      Some eyewitness reports say he was brandishing the weapon before anyone confronted him. Had he been a black man approaching a White Supremacist protest, what do you think the police reaction would have been? He’d have not shot anyone, nor survived the night.

      You can alter your perception but the reality is exactly what I’ve stated. The kid went there with intention, that’s why he brought the firearm.

  3. one day, we will have an honest conversation about all this. not today, apparently. Still blaming the guns. The guy at 5:12 who opened fire in a mall this weekend was already released. A shooter. Released. Why wouldn’t he do it again? There’s no cost!

    1. It’s hard to aging how you shoot someone without a gun. Finger guns? Im not sure your logic quite make sense.

    2. @Stephen M His comment is specifically talking about how our justice system is consistently releasing violent felons. There was a guy not too long ago that was released on bail after committing a violet assault. Couple of days later he drove a car through a parade. Granted not a gun, but the point is the same.

    1. Keep in mind there are people who were merely inside the capitol on Jan 6th, and are still being held without charges!

    2. @Rod Ritchison My former car mechanic now makes “ghost guns/parts”….he ships them off to Texas.

    1. @George A hes trolling, lets just hope his wife’s boyfriend doesnt find out about his little comment that he made without his permission

  4. Important point #1, a mass shooting is defined as a shooting in which 3 or more people are injured and/or killed.
    Important point #2, in 2020 there were 8,029 homicides using handguns. In the same year, 455 homicides involved a rifle.
    Important point #3, if you’re going to punish a criminal who carried out a shooting with house arrest, you might not deserve to be a judge. Unless I’m missing something, punishing a gunman like as if he was guilty of a DUI doesn’t exactly work as a deterrent.

  5. Anarchy
    a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority
    It’s Time to Uphold The Law

  6. Every time there’s a gang related shooting you get “activist” who say “that’s not the conversation right now”…..My question is when will it be time to have that talk. 50 years of gang violence and we still remain silent

    1. @Mr. Mister sometimes the citizens take things into their own hands and fight with fists or knives but generally not guns; with regards to mental health plenty of mentally ill people are homeless in the UK, but around the world there are many places with little to no healthcare for the mentally ill but they aren’t doing mass shootings as guns aren’t widely available

  7. You wanna punish a gunman by giving something like a DUI?? Sheesh, how is that working out?

    Need something stronger like life sentence jail with no parole strong. They threatened innocent people, and we are suppose to raise our kids around them?

  8. Instead of pushing for all these gun regulations, how about pushing for stricter regulations on releasing criminals on BS $20 bails, keep them off the streets, stop letting them out of jail early! How about giving police more resources & funding to better keep these criminals off the streets.

  9. Thoughts and prayers! Until a certain demographic group experiences a significant change of heart, nothing will change.

  10. Imagine being deranged enough to bring a weapon into public with the intent to shoot people you don’t even know. What is wrong with these people ? How little does human life mean to them ? I am sickened.

    1. I’m not a psychology major but I think that movies and the music is a huge part of the issue!?

    2. @Abdulrahman Raheem there is that, but the lack of two parents, a mother and father who instill basic values is probably the biggest factor?

  11. I have felt that if Americans had their second amendment taken away that the only people who would have guns were criminals.
    I am so sorry this is happening and I’m seriously thinking that guns are bad. I have family in Aurora Colorado. My son lost a best friend in the movie theater shooting.
    This is out of control. 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  12. It’s Amazing how the pain people have to endure is a topic of pure sensationalism! Human Beings can be very CRUEL TO EACH OTHER!

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