Full update from Prime Minister Trudeau on downed object over Yukon | PM calls object ‘threat’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a statement about the decision to shoot down an ‘unidentified object’ over Yukon and says recovery teams are on the ground to find it.

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  1. I would like to be able to know what exactly that airship was doing in our airspace? Why do other countries need to spy on our little country?????

    1. Canada couldn’t even provide its own soldiers with air support in Afghanistan; Canada had plenty of mefloquine for them though…

  2. So we now have American jets shooting down objects in Canadian airspace, im guessing that we don’t have the capability to do it ourselves?

    1. @Roubart Nekola we literally just bought 88 stealth fighters. you don’t even know what you’re talking about before you say it

  3. I just don’t trust anything that he says anymore after what’s been going on for the past 2 years, sorry. I don’t even know if this actually happened.

    1. He just trying to act like a hero when all he is doing is taking credit for the American’s shooting down a balloon.

    2. It must be though to, still to this day, refuse to see reality. The guy is primer minister, weither you like it or not. In his role, he does have the ability to give orders. You not liking that fact is irrelevant to reality. The sooner you stop living in fairy lands the better it’ll be for you. All the best.

  4. I really hope it’s not extraterrestrial.. as a Canadian I don’t think we can afford to send aid anywhere else.

    1. The only orders about taking it down he gets is from his butt boy Gerald. And it has nothing to do with airspace or planes.

    1. Biggest Cannabis dealer and drug dealer in Canada where it is legal and ok to carry 2.5 grams of coke, heroin or fentanyl for personal use. That is Canada now probably a lot on junkie MPs and political workers getting high every day.

  5. Bro looks like he’s about to cry.

    More importantly….did we ask the object their preferred pronouns to make sure we didn’t (illegally) insult it before shooting it down.

  6. We are no longer immune from attack. We really need to secure our North, to start with, as well as increasing our military personnel and weaponry. Sadly, this is the state of the world, today. As much as I want, and advocate for, peace, it would appear our enemies are not in the same mindset, so, we need to protect ourselves. Bottom line.

    1. The millitary budget is immense. If you want to secure yourself then educate yourself about who owns the information you give out freely on the internet. Tik Tok is China’s best tool for collecting information from NA, not a painfully obvious visible balloon.

    1. @Shyam Lynn No, we do want to see this. He understands what is about to happen. I’m sorry but multiple unidentified aircraft going from the same North Western heading literally only means one thing, and I don’t think he wanted to be the prime minister during a war in our time

  7. He was afraid that the UFO came after him to pick him up, to take him to a safe place😂, on a different planet😅

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