Full update on Canada's COVID-19 response 1

Full update on Canada’s COVID-19 response


Full press conference: Federal officials join Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss Canada's COVID-19 response.

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  1. He said Build Back Better. The New World Order slogan,that the PM believes in and wants all Canadians enslaved under. You’re allowing modern day slavery to take over Canada

    1. Yeup when he says stuff like that he really makes this government illegitimate. Reject trudeau and globalization

    2. @The Return of mrjohnlennon007 the “health officials” are playing the part of dictator. they have more power than any pm or president that has ever existed and nobody voted for them either.

    1. @Kenny G he doesn’t have to be handsome to do better at his job but yes I know what you mean

  2. It’s truly impressive how our governments so consistently fucked this up on literally every level and from literally every point of view.

    1. @FRANK FRANKLIN “Regarding implementation of their long term goals, there doing surprisingly well.”

      there? you didn’t pay attention in class….did you…

    1. Criminals is the best word to describe them. Texas is open 100% for 30 days and with declining cases, no third wave. Please explain that one Prime Minister Word Salad and Dr. Spam.

    1. @Nick K It’s all about how fat they can make their wallets at this point. Creating another 33 million slaves to the New World Order is a bonus.

  3. they say schools are safer than walking in open trails and forests which they wanna shut off lol.

    1. Yep. Conservatives are destroying this country. Kenney, Ford. Absolute failures and typical conservatives

  4. Why would you let the kids celebrate the long weekend, then return them to school for a day before sending them home and switching to online? Pure incompetence!

    1. Incompetence implies that it’s accidental or due to lack of knowledge. Otherwise, it’s clear that you do see the anti-logic and insane reactionary (although calculated) measures being implemented. None of these so-called responses to a virus are by accident. And yes, there is certainly malice of forethought. Have a blessed day.

    2. As someone who has been doing online school since fall and in my old class that I had in school while I was there before I switched to online in fall I know that after winter break everyone had to stay online for an extra two weeks and my old class was not adjusteting to it well at all everyone hated it and in fall my whole classes loved online. Now everyone in my class and I’m not kidding when I was everyone I mean EVERYONE hates it. It’s isolating we can’t talk to anyone.

    3. @Littlé bêrry Appreciate your insights. Online has not worked well for my family, either. Best wishes!

    1. @Kylo Ren wrong! You assume voting is democratic but I beg to differ. That stiff that’s in south of the border and Canada are clear examples. Biden benefited from mass mail in votes. The other was elected with votes from Montreal and Toronto and the welfare Atlantic provinces.

    2. Chaos. And a LOT more crime and prisons. Just look South for what smaller governments look like. Mean spirited individualism and underfunded education.

    1. I don’t even get what he says! He hasn’t Given a straight answer to a question since ever!

    1. @GoHabs 89 copy paste responses. theyre definitely not getting their money’s worth from you

    1. @GoHabs 89 Oh certainly I did . But my eyes have been opened to see how there is no difference between any of them.

    2. @GoHabs 89 if you honestly think any political party you vote for is any different you’re the tard. Its you’re kinda of mindset that allows for just one or two parties to have all the power.

    3. @Bernie Taylor keep believing that sweetie

      “My eyes have been opened” only brainwashed psychos say that

    1. Exactly. Let’s see the truth! I remember when AIDS was the epidemic, they showed it! I’ve never seen ONE report showing a real live Covid situation in the hospital!

    2. You’d think if you wanted complete obedience and understanding, you’d post them.

      But all they can do is talk about how they are filling up and being overwhelmed.

    1. Actually she does….she just enjoys the destruction that she is creating…I just wonder what the payoff is…interesting….

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