1. Biden needs to make the whole country vote by mail and require drop boxes. That’d stop them until they thought of something else.

    1. Bidens home state of Delaware doesn’t even allow drop boxes at all, and you need a valid excuse to vote by mail. Georgia has drop boxes (that have only existed since the last election) has no excuse absentee ballots, and 9 more days of in person advance polling. Georgia added two extra voting days on Sunday, in Delaware there is only one day of Sunday voting. The hypocrisy is mind blowing. But facts never seem to dissuade the indoctrinated.

    1. @RaymondJacob0922 non Americans having a vote? That’s what Trudeau is banking on next election. The right to vote should be given only to it’s citizens. What’s so hard to understand?

  2. With the untold number of illegals entering the USA, it makes sense to at least pretend to show that politicians care legal citizens vote. Trudeau had to cheat back in 2019 and get 2 million non-resident voters to cast a ballet. Of course everyone of these votes all went to strategic liberal ridings that needed that extra push over the finish line.

  3. There are many examples of voter fraud and highly suspicious activity. Deniers are pretending this reality does not exist. Did voter shenanigans change the results of this election? Probably not but labeling steps taken to ensure vote legitimacy as controversial is the deniers telling you they want more illegitimate votes not less and we all know why.

  4. I use an ID to drive, to get a job, to board a plane, pick up prescriptions, go to a bar, occasionally buy smokes and virtually everything else so why is showing my ID to vote controversial?

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