Full update on Canada’s latest COVID-19 modelling data 1

Full update on Canada’s latest COVID-19 modelling data


New national modelling released on Friday shows that Canada is on track to see up to 796,630 total COVID-19 cases and 19,630 deaths by Jan. 24 and federal officials are urging swift action to avoid Canadian doctors having to make “impossible choices,” such as who gets an ICU bed.

The short-term forecast shows a “continuation of rapid growth” and if Canadians continue to have the same amount of close contact with others, the epidemic will continue to resurge.

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  1. I don’t know why we are still doing this modeling thing when it has failed so many times. Fool me 7 times, shame on whom?

    1. demons in fighting and confused. The Almighty will act in due time .Unless those days were cut short ,no flesh would be saved,amein.

  2. 90% of Cdn Dead is over the age of 70; 10% is below 70 and approx 60 to 70 % of the remaining 10% are in their 60s. But thats not the end of the story. 12.25% of the total case count is over the age of 70, meaning 87.75% of case count is below 69 years. Also, when Trudeau announced that 80% of the mortality victims was from LTC facilities, and subsequently no blame or responsibility was directed towards LTC homes or staff, I wondered why all these independent businesses were required to shut down? Why curfews occurred as they weren’t infringing nor coming into contact with LTC homes? One hardware store bubble didn’t interact with a Bethany Care bubble.

  3. Close our borders and implement required and monitored 14-day quarantine for all travellers. Australia is doing it now and they have only 15-20 new cases per day country-wide.

    We’re not doing this right!

  4. So all the data is based on a PCR test that has no legal limit to the amount of magnification? No data supporting masks, social distancing and lockdowns STILL.

  5. Goverment going around this wrong way in Ontario shound have let little stores sray open and close bigger stores

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