Trudeau slams Blanchet over statement about new minister 1

Trudeau slams Blanchet over statement about new minister


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet of ‘playing dangerous games around intolerance and hate’ for his recent comments about Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.

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  1. This guy’s talking about intolerance he should be the prime minister of a sandbox he do a better job

    1. How come no one asked him “PM, how can you say that after the way JWR was shuffled out her portfolio over SNC? Doesn’t that undermine your credibillity?”

  2. If had to choose between Trudeau and Biden. I would pick crazy Nancy Pelosi now how sad is that. Someone please find a cure for liberalism

  3. coded questions u shud talk u never answered a question yet, oh we purchased more vacines in the worls guess my question would be where the hell are they easy to say

  4. All this from a guy who dressed in blackface and thought it was ok, he still doesn’t remember how many times he did it.

  5. Perhaps he’s worried that they did the same non in depth background check that they did with our embarrassment of a Governor General

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