Full update on Canada’s vaccine rollout plan

Canadian government officials give an update on the vaccine rollout plan, which sees the country expecting 8M vaccine doses by the end of March.

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    1. @David Lia im a rn. The hospitals were over capacity before the pandemic. During the pandemic, they were empty because everyone’s surgeries were delayed (even some cancer treatments).

    2. @Ben Menard

      Cause of restrictions lol. They projected a model, took up measures and beat the model

  4. A documentary on how each of these gene therapy injections works would be helpful. As I’m not comfortable getting one at the moment 🇨🇦🙏🏽

    1. @Zach Carter my siblings and I got shots when we were kids and we all have auto immune disease lupus rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disease epilepsy…

    2. @Pamela and Joule Pii Evans my siblings and I all got shots, and continue to get shots and we are all healthy and fine. Your example is probably indicative of your weak genetics, and I can see why you want to blame something else. It’s embarrassing.

    1. can u guys plz leave Canada now so the plagues will leave already ?? the plagues r following the wicked.

    1. At least the seasonal flu disappeared. Along with most heart attacks, cancer, pneumonia, diabities …

    2. @Do You See What I See Productions

      Nah if it’s not done after all this vac push then the revolt will ensue and governments will change.
      Give it another 6 months

  5. Oh look the machine is spouting its opinion again! everyone gather round for the daily message from the machine!

  6. Why don’t you take questions from the public, ever? Why are the journalist not asking the right questions. pathetic.

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