Fury in Clarendon | George Wright Speaks | Tension High in Trench Town Jamaica

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  1. Tell those women to shut up. Where are the bullet holes in the car. Or in the occupant of the car. I am waiting to see any of those things

  2. Stop 🛑 harboring the gunmen, you see when you harboring gunmen see what happens when it’s reaches you door way, you all knows who they’re.

  3. When policeman killed the thugs the people getting mad with policemen and the thugs killing them now they crying they tired.

    1. I think the police were in an unmarked vehicle. Maybe that’s why they were not stopping🤷

    2. They young, have no license, nuff a them in the car and underage… The police driving unmarked car, u can’t blame them, they had no gun, my lil bro wld have in that car that night also thank god he changed his mind frm going. No gun man never inna the car, but that police man specifically too jumpy!

  4. Jamaican people must wakeup most of these youth have guns and not afraid to use it why run from the police if they are innocent

  5. You cant make this up, so you are telling me that the two men died from none gunshot wounds and people are protecting. Them need to go and find something to do or even better go snitch on the gunmen that are destroying my country.

    1. The driver was at fault. One occupant of the vehicle who survived, said they asked the driver to stop for the police and he refused

  6. He is no longer a member of the JLP so whose ticket is he going to be on? This is all gimmicks on the JLP’s part because they fear they may lose the seat! All nonsense!

  7. Jamaican police cannot win, Jamaicans want police protection, but when the police do their job, people up in arms

  8. How can crime stop when we have representative like these inside of our government think we see tired yet

  9. If George Wright has resigned from the Jamaica Labour party how can he still sit in the house of representatives as an MP?

    1. An MP does not have to be a member of the JLP, PNP or any other party to sit in the house. Jamaica hasn’t had many independent and 3rd party MPs in the past but it has happened before.

  10. Why they never stop when the police said stop??? Is not like they where at home and they heard police. Police on check point and said stop you stop. A pretty bwoy a criminal now so police nuh trust no guy.

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