Gaetz Associate Greenberg Pleads Guilty In Sex-Trafficking Case

Joel Greenberg, an associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., will be cooperating with federal investigators after pleading guilty to six charges including sex trafficking of a minor. Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing involved with Greenberg's case.
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  1. Investigate the claim Matt Gaetz and a child had dinner with Tucker and his “wife.”
    Check the receipts for 1x Happy meal.

    1. @finnetube1
      Um! With all the doom and gloom, one would think the U.S. can’t address any of those issues in a calm, professional, humanitarian and diplomatic manner; that’s why Biden was elected President. As for the issues plaguing our nation, we’re in an early stage of recovering from a pandemic and it’s only natural for the economy to have a few fits and starts, inflation and interest rates vacillations are a part of it. 1. The government doesn’t control gas or its prices. I suggest the recent blockage of the Suez Canal and cybercrime on Colonial pipelines are beyond the administration’s control.
      2. During the Obama presidency, Congress refused to bolster cyber security; Trump neglected it altogether; and Biden-after this public facility heist and recent government hack from Russian hackers-will get more than enough money than he needs to fight this cyber war. 3. The Middle East is the Middle East: there will never be peace. 4. Drugs pouring in? Didn’t you watch the HBO documentary “The Crime Of The Century” about how the Sackler family (owners of Perdue Pharma) contributed to over 450k lives lost during the opioid epidemic, profiting into the billions off the sale of Oxytocin. 5. The so called invasion at the border is nothing unusual. Biden and Harris will handle it in a humanitarian way. 6. Closing the keystone pipeline was necessary; it serves as a reminder that it’s time to turn the page on fossil fuels, just like we did with the horse and buggy. This is America! We can handle it.

    2. @Steve Austin So you want the government to step in and solve a private company’s problem, hire workers in a dying industry, tell Israel to stop the war, but you don’t like Communism? If you quack like 🦆…Also you may have missed the Solar Winds hack Trump said might be China while every sane non partisan hack said is Russia including Russia.

    3. @Ivan McBleedy You just said all of that is being reported and talked about? Lol
      Go ahead and send me some MSDNC links showing that they’ve covered everything I mentioned. They haven’t covered squat of the disaster all around us and never mention China 🇨🇳 Joe Bidens failing America last Policies & disastrous executive orders. But go ahead send me a link. I’ll wait all day long. Lol

  2. Matt Gaetz. Sir don’t worry, Joel Greenberg won’t rat you out. Remember, you’re a special important person 😂

    1. @Be Meek Why would he be? This was Greenburg pleading guilty and the judge going over the 6 charges.

    2. @Be Meek Of course he wasn’t. Anyone with half a brain would realize why Gaetz and others were not mentioned. Gaetz has the money to flee the jurisdiction to a place where they have a non-extradition treaty with the United States. Probably the rest of the unnamed individuals have deep pockets as well. Tipping their hand as to who is being charged would be grossly stupid. The DOJ isn’t run by Barr anymore ( although this investigation began under Barr), so the 80 pages were drafted to prevent guilty parties running away from justice. It just takes an I.Q. higher than Trump’s to figure that out, and that is a very low bar.

    1. That’s Jim “I’m straight but LOVE hanging around locker rooms full of sweaty, masculine good looking jocks” Jordan to you.

  3. Greenberg pleaded guilty because there’s enough evidence to put him in behind bars.

    1. It would be nice to see him taken into custody in the middle of a rally where he’s on stage proclaiming his innocence.

  4. Hey FBI, please don’t be nice to suspects. Take the hand away. Don’t protect their head when you throw them in the car.


    1. @Kool Kitties So gun laws are cool and no more school shootings, hungry children, abandoned children ,overrun and abusive foster care ,these children are in more need as they are alive and living amongst us

    2. @Kool Kitties Giuliani has been claiming to have evidence against Hunter Biden for ages now. Given that he has not come forward with any of it, it is possible that old Mr ‘truth isn’t truth’ Rudy is just making things up again. If he’d had anything, the time to reveal it was either immediately if he had any interest in upholding the law; or right before the election if he wanted to maximize its political impact. He did neither, therefore he thinks that it’s more valuable to him as a mystery box. Meaning odds are good that there’s nothing of any substance there.

    3. Nah I am sure donnie didn’t mean his good people with good christian family values …….

  5. Surprise!!!! GaetzGate just keeps getting better. Greenberg pleaded out, and next week he’ll write a book!

    1. It’s going to be hard writing a book, when Greenberg/Gaetz will be vigilant protecting their bottoms – well deserved.

  6. I just love that someone rented a plane today and flew with the banner, lTick Tock Matt Gaetz”. Just epic!

    1. @jennti The feds are much better attorneys than Trump’s attorneys. They’re not going to charge Gaetz until they have competent evidence capable of being submitted into evidence at trial.

    2. @ForumLight you will be enlightened this week and you will realise you are on the wrong side of history, again!

    3. @Demetria Karnavas You’re talking about the FBI… right?!?
      They have a history of scandal so they better have something good.

  7. If you make a post – any post – that gets two replies, Steve Austin will show up as if you had said “Candyman” three times.

    1. @Big Smoke Guitar
      Rick has no content either. Does that make him a paid troll too? Just saying.

    1. Go on Bitchute and search for Europa The Last Battle you will see history, Same people as today they wear small hats.

  8. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and say Matt is looking at 20 years, out in 10 for good behavior.

    1. In the Federal system he will have to serve out at least 85% of his prison sentence.
      20yrs = 17yrs

    2. If indicted the Feds have a 97% conviction rate,..the Feds are very good at what they do,..hahaha

  9. Can you tell that I’m just devastated over the possibility of prison time for Gaetz? 😂🥳🤣🤠🤪

    1. I know, isn’t it terrible? I completely sympathize with you and maybe we could do a collective Zoom call where we can all lament and be crybabies together. Ugh….

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