Gaetz Associate Greenberg To Plead Guilty To Six Felony Counts

A former associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg, will plead guilty on Monday to six of 33 felony counts he is charged with and has agreed to cooperate with federal authorities.
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  1. This story never gets old…… just like Gaetzs hookers!… fact this joke is now older!

    1. @Ronald King I’ve seen the story of the inequality of justice in the two cases……on the Rachel Maddow show!

    2. @Ronald King it’s interesting that prefer legal terminology over the original intent of the law. The system was originally conceived to protect the innocence of an individual at the cost of the unpunished quilty. While you seem to possibly have some type of legal knowledge or background, you seem willing to place unmerited guilt on a possibly innocent man, I suspect due to his politics.

    3. @skyisred2 “Absolutely, election officials lying on nation TV absolutely is admissible evidence.” You claimed that people have lied without even proving that their statements are false. That is an indication that you believe they are guilty. There is no evidence that they are. I stated that Gaetz is not “innocent”, which is what you claimed.
      “At the end of a criminal trial, a finding by a judge or jury that a defendant is not guilty. An acquittal signifies that a prosecutor failed to prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt, not that a defendant is innocent.”
      To put that in other words, if the evidentiary standard is less such as a civil trial, the fact that someone was acquitted does not mean that the crime did not occur. It just means that criminal penalties were deemed to be inappropriate based on the evidence presented.

    4. @skyisred2 You’re defending Matt pretty hard there buddy, is it because you see a bit of Matt inside yourself?🤔

  2. Daddy spoiled little brat Matt Gaetz would be save by his father this time

  3. If they reduced his charges from 30 felony counts to just 6, Matt Gaetz is absolutely screwed.

    1. @Duck Duck nah he shouldn’t. If he did the deed he needs to pay for it plain and simple.

    2. @Gerald Miller And, the names might or might not come out, since these were underage girls. But, maybe the women will release their names & be interviewed.

    3. Matt Gaetz is praying the whatever Prison he is sent to has its own Poultry farm!
      Then he can still hang around with Very Very young Chicks!

    4. @Gerald Miller that’s a lie. But the penalty for resisting arrest is not death carried out without a trial. You’d have to be a complete soulless shill to watch the videos of this completely terrified man to think that he posed any threat to that devil in blue.

  4. Matt Gaetz heard someone say “Save the Children” and he said, “Save a couple for me!”

    1. @Gerald Miller
      I never had the pleasure of meeting “Miss. Spelled,” _poor spelling_ … first signs of lunacy!

    1. @Grampa Genuity and Gaetz, Trump and many more of the GOP will all be taking a big bite of that $h!+ sandwich lol

  5. Nervous Matt? No worries, I’m sure that your girl trafficking partner wouldn’t flip on his partner in crime!

    1. I’m surprised this has taken so long to catch up to him, considering the trash company he keeps.

  6. At least we can have comfort knowing we don’t have to worry about any of Matty’s dates voting.

  7. He pleads to six out of thirty three charges? Wow! If they are doing that, Gaetz goose is cooked.

  8. Reduced to 6 counts from 33, he must be exposing everyone involved in the trafficking ring

  9. Ex girlfriend of gaetz wants immunity from prosecution. She exchanged Nestor for a better life and in return she recruited young females. It’s all unraveling.

  10. Uh Kevin McCarthy…
    I think you’re boy’s in big trouble now…😂
    Also, Investigators: Tuckems, we need a chat with you too…🤣

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