Rep. Greene Describes Confrontation With AOC As ‘Pushing For Debate’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that she was "pushing for debate" when she confronted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats. NBC's Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill.
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    1. @andrea Perry Which is pretty crazy. AOC represents NY, which pays more taxes typically than Georgia. I would have offered Green the penny for the current year that she maybe paid compared to the other 250 or so million that actually pay taxes.

    2. I turned fifty two today n all I wanted for my birthday . Was five minutes in a room alone with this fruit loop . No media no cams . Free for all. Cos like all mutts , they don’t bite as hard as they bark ….

    1. who was the one that lied about being in her capital office on Jan 6 and almost being killed

  1. We all knew MTG was deeply unwell for a long time. This kind of crazy doesn’t just happen overnight.

    1. Who is “we”.. and your medical opinion?
      Meanwhile Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Stillwell, Durbin, Biden, are find me mentally? Give me a break.

    2. @Yo Momma I remember when the euro tards claimed he said that.. pretty funny how dumb the klan is huh?

  2. yeah, screaming at people is a totally normal way to get them to speak with you……mtg whole demeanor comes across as tough and threatening in a physical way……no one has time for that childishness.

    1. Remember when she groped the cardboard cut out of Trump? Lol. She’s a complete loon.

    2. I am concerned that MTG might come out swinging at some time, physically assault AOC or worse if they were outdoors where she might have access to a gun, including an assault rifle. THIS CONDUCT IS UNACCEPTABLE… THE CAPITOL IS NOT A TRAILER PARK… NOT A PLACE FOR THROWING PUNCHES, VERBAL OR PHYSICAL, NOR IS IT A PLACE FOR MUD SLINGING… IF MTG CANNOT CONDUCT HERSELF IN A CIVIL MANNER, SHE SHOULD RESIGN OR BE EXPELLED FROM CONGRESS; THERE MUST BE PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS OF CONDUCT. CONGRESS MAY NOT BE SUITED FOR EVERYONE. In the interim, I recommend hiring a sharpshooter to shadow MTG also Lauren Boebert when either one is inside the capitol, use two if needed. Since no one else requires same, only these two, I think THEY SHOULD FOOT THE COSTS, not taxpayers. If either acts out even ONCE, I SAY LIFETIME EXPULSION. ALSO, IF EITHER TRIES TO THREATEN SOMEONE, THE SHARPSHOOTER WOULD BE AUTHORIZED TO ACT TO SAVE INNOCENT LIVES. CONGRESS IS NOT A CIRCUS SHOW… IF THEY CANNOT BE CIVIL, THEY DO NOT BELONG THERE… WE CANNOT EXPOSE OTHER MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO RISK OF INJURY, INCLUDING MORTAL HARM… NO WAY!!! I think the Ethics Committee should EXPEL EACH, lifetime expulsions… I’d vote for that.

    1. @Mvtito “…And some, I assume, are good people”. PRICELESS!!! I wish I could click the “like” button for this comment over, and over, and over, again. : )

    1. MTG brings absolutely ZERO to the table, not a single original
      thought in that barfly potato head of hers

    1. Kind of actually looks like a troll doll. Just needs hair that’s as crazy as the rest of her.

  3. MTG is clearly unstable, but as we now know, someone unstable could come to power. it happened in 2016 and was moron in charge for 4 years.

  4. Oh yes, the nebulous “ethics committee”!
    Does that actually exist? And if yes, where have they been the last five years.

  5. She has the entire floor of the House to make any debate she wants. This cancer in our democracy, propaganda fueled political movements, needs to cured by teaching people critical thought as soon as humanly possible.

    1. “She has the entire floor of the House to make any debate she wants.”
      There is nothing to stop Mad Madge from just making an appointment to see and talk to AOC as well.

  6. If I was out in public and Greene rushed up to me like that, she’d be punched in the throat within the first second.

    1. Exactly. With the way Greene pokes at everything, she will hate it when the wrong bear wakes up and goes personal.

  7. Space Laser Greene is a strong contender for “Q-Tip Most Likely To Gun Down A Member Of The Opposition Party On The Floor.”

  8. The GOP is becoming such a laughingstock, but they’re so dangerous that it’s hard to laugh at them. I’m actually embarrassed for them.

    1. My five year old Grand daughter ask me, What is thet lady doing? Who is she talking to? Why is she yelling through that door? Is she talking to a baby about her diapers? I told her, she is one of the people that helps run this country…LOL She said, If that an Important person she should not be talking to a baby, that way…..

    2. @Putins CatWe all do that everyday going through our lives. If it’s not somebody at work it can be somebody on the radio station or standing in the store we hear stuff all day that we don’t care or don’t want to hear about. How is that verbal assault.

  9. AOC was like “i used to be a bartender…these are the drunks i used to throw out all the time” lmao

    1. @Greg Townsend really, ok, AOC is experienced in handling irrational loudmouths acting threatening. That’s the point of that comment. And what trump was is a loser.

  10. Marjorie says “I just wanna be friends! I just wanna be friends! aaaahhh why wont you play with me!!!”…AOC “She um…needs some mental help, by proper authorities”…lol AOC literally called Marjorie crazy, im on the floor!

  11. She did the same thing to David Hogg, he was 17 at the time, she chased him and berated him…..He ignored her

    1. AOC has no credibility. She endorses violence and terrorism in the middle east. She support unprovoked attacks against Jews in Israel.

    2. @W.E. Rob AOC has more credibility than Cancun Cruz and Margarine Tater Greene combined.
      She even went as far as going to Texas and raised money for families who lost power during the winter storm…. what did Cruz do? He left… he abandoned his constituents to freeze and went to Mexico!
      Your zero credibility declaration is proven invalid, same as the accusation that the presidential election was rigged.

  12. Tell Marjorie Taylor Greene to take her mean girl routine back to high school where it belongs and leave the operation of our government to the adults. This is ridiculous.

    1. She no longer has a purpose in Congress – She HAS to keep her name in the news to get re-elected and continue to collect the graft that Republicans get from big-money corporations like Big Pharma. Notice there’s always somebody around to film her actions.

  13. The CDC announced vaccinated people may gather in groups without a mask. They still say people should stay as far away from Marjorie Taylor Greene as possible.

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