Gaetz Denies Report That He Sought Blanket Pardon From Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Gaetz Denies Report That He Sought Blanket Pardon From Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. So, no doubt Gaetz will be suing the NYT for defamation.
    Because he totally wants to truth to come out.

    1. @Pepe Epstein there was no “ruling” they allowed the suit to go forward. thats nothing special or mean they have a case just they have grounds to try and make a case…

    2. @Noreb The fact that you shill for multi millionaire news corporations that make money off of lying to you shows how hypocritical you are.

      How can anyone be this lacking of self awareness? Do you hear yourself?
      Because suddenly you libs pretend to care about fake news when its the side you dont like and then immediately go back to shilling for your side and not holding them accountable

    3. @ANINA M Lin Wood has been ordered by the State of Georgia to undergo a psych eval if he wants to keep his law license.

    4. @Joan of Snark It seems like the state of Georgia needs to take a psych test, the people running Georgia need to be put in prison.. bunch of crazy psychopath criminals.

    5. @Joan of Snark he’s a brilliant lawyer, and they can’t handle it, the state of Georgia is 💩 their draws🤣🤣..

  2. Gaetz: ” Mr. President, can I please receive a pardon for all the things I’ve never done?” 😂😂😄

    1. @Geo Geo were an awful lot of Confederate and Nazi flags at the Unite the Right rally. Does that not count as history?

    2. @Geo Geo just an FYI, but historically southern representatives, regardless of party affiliation, have a habit of voting in opposition of black rights. The majority of both southern democrats and republicans, for example, voted in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, whereas the majority of both northern democrats and republicans voted in favor of it. It seems pretty obvious this is a territorial issue and not an issue of party affiliation. But you’re clearly the one well versed in history, so I’m sure you figured that out already

    3. @Geo Geo there was, however, a larger percentage of northern republicans who voted against the Civil Rights Act than there were northern democrats, for what it’s worth. But again, I’m sure you knew that already, since you checked your history and all that

    1. @HF Patriot there are some good people on that side, according to your american idol donald
      Making Charlottesville great again

  3. There is a saying “Vanity of vanities all is vanity and vexation of spirit”. A little wisdom goes along way.

    1. 👿Trump👿 is man of 💀Putin mafia💀 they pay him 400 000 000$ in Deutshe Bank!
      How many friends of Trump is crimenals?

    1. @Green Koopa He was acquitted, twice. It was just two more of the Left’s futile attempts to take him down. And, the fact that they started trying to impeach him the first time before he even set foot in Office should give you your first clue. Bet you also think old Killary is a saint.

    1. @HF Patriot it gives me such pleasure to see your crocodile tears and you can cry cry cry for four more years!

    2. @HF Patriot u mean the elections of the guy with that mythical missing long form?

      Maybe Bannon found it when he stole yalls mexico paid wall donations and got arrested with that ccp businessman…yep, I’m sure that’s why he got pardoned. That’s going to the October surprise, I’m sure of it.

    3. @HF Patriot No it wasn’t. BiDon’s in office. trump did leave at the lasr minute … finally.

    1. seccat, I’ve been asking the same question for days now, who wanted them [or who did Gaetz want to get them for] and why did they think they might come in handy ???

  4. Prison Gaetz open when your right to remain silent is cancelled by your inability to remain silent.

    1. @jennti I’ll agree he is standing his ground…but he has provided no evidence to counter any of this. Denials are not proof.

    2. @jennti what proof? Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show and running your mouth off does not count as proof.

    3. @Elma Robberts yeah the Democrats are like that, crazy isn’t it?🤣🤣🤣 they’ve always been that way, for decades, left is right ,right is left ,thats the Democrat way.

  5. brilliantly said, ty all. we have all heard those denials many times,, phrased in the same manner, from his mentor, t**.

  6. “And if I can’t find my way back home,
    it just wouldn’t be fair,
    Cause precious and few,
    are the moments we two can share”

    1. @mark price There is no deep state, you simpleton. It really is sad watching people like you actually eating up every lie Trump told, no matter how ridiculous and obviously false.

      Credulous. Look it up.

    2. @CyeOutsider No deep state? How about the FBI employees who were fired after caught saying they had “insurance policies” to keep Trump from getting in office? How about the same group admitted they used fake dossier to obtain warrants to spy on trump’s supporters? How about a deep state that failed to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop with evidence that puts Papa Joe in jail for lying about not knowing his son was doing business with Chinese businesses. The whole Russian dossier was fabricated by the Hillary campaign and the FBI knew it was fake, yet leaked it to the media,,,,,,then used that fake news coverage as an excuse to obtain warrants.

    3. @SJW4BLM so what happened with that lab top hmmm? It got lost in the mail is that what happened?

    4. @mark price that’s funny seeing how Trump only paid 400 dollars in taxes to America in the past few years while having hidden Chinese bank accounts, I wonder how much he payed China?

    5. @mark price that’s not what it read buddy, there are 36 different members of his party in prison for collusion with Russia which is in the transcript if you can read.

  7. 🤔 Wouldn’t it be funny if every drug dealer and criminal showed up at courthouses around the country tomorrow asking for full pardons

  8. Instead of asking for a blanket of a pardon he should have asked for glue to seal his mouth🤐

  9. There is one word to describe Gaetz’s statements – b……t.
    Gaetz knew all he had done as soon as his pal Mr G was indicted .

  10. When one knows the facts – then one can try to mitigate the circumstances.
    Thanhfully, TRUTH will prevail.

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