McConnell To Corporations: Stay Out Of Politics—But Give Us Money | All In | MSNBC 1

McConnell To Corporations: Stay Out Of Politics—But Give Us Money | All In | MSNBC


Chris Hayes: “Mitch McConnell's theory is this: money is speech—but speech is not speech. And that's because none of this was ever about speech for McConnell or any of the other Republicans now taking umbrage. It was always about power.” Aired on 04/06/2021.
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McConnell To Corporations: Stay Out Of Politics—But Give Us Money | All In | MSNBC


  1. Ok Mitch but you’ll take Huge donations from Corporations but when they do something you don’t like you have a big temper tantrum. Stop crying

    1. @bbop aloobop no worries, I poked a giant hole in his bad faith argument. These guys really aren’t too bright.

    2. @bbop aloobop So racism is OK at the will call window?

      I work at the park, have to show photo ID every time. MLB claims photo ID is racist.

    3. @ahazy GA has longer access to early voting. The entire population of GA has access to photo ID.

      Believe it or not, black people do know how to find their DL# on a driver’s license.

      The GA law is not like the Jim Crow laws leftists enacted in the south. It’s not racist, and moving to a state with similar laws proves MLB is just posturing.

    1. I vote for the right as the left has lost their collective minds, however, I agree, He needs to get voted out, that said, I will take mitch over any corrupt racists democrat…

    1. @forseenlife I’ve already debunked your feelings on the matter with objective facts, not feelings . Facts aren’t what you want them to be. That is what makes them facts. What you want to see and hear are feelings, not facts. Facts are verifiable, feelings and beliefs aren’t. Hence why facts don’t care about your feelings .

    2. @free markets You claimed contradictions. I gave you examples from the Contradiction in Chief. Why did you change the subject?

    3. @forseenlife seems eu struggle to read as well . Do I need to repeat myself for you? Or are you just utterly confused about what it is you are talking about and what is going on? .

    4. @forseenlife here is another thing: You changed the subject, when you were maulding over not practicing what you preached on listening to others, and taking a vaccine .

    1. @J Watson No he is right you are the one that’s totally ignorant to the you know nasty nancy& husband are looking to make around 174million on the so called infrastructure bill if passed ? It will pass no doubt and you call someone else brainwashed you are worse than brainwashed..

    2. @Ms. Byrd It’s real simple, go look up who contributes what to who. Major corporations in this country (and banks too by the way) contribute mostly to democRATS!

    3. @Zedrhyx You know what’s really pitiful? Is that now I have a chance of having my account BANNED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH.

    4. @Sonnie Smiles Its not about Reps vs Dems. It’s about the people vs special interests. Nearly all politicians are sell out puppets who do the bidding of their masters. No matter who is in power both parties enrich themselves with the legislation they put up.

      It’s time to realize that neither McConnell nor Trump nor Pelosi nor Biden are your friends. As long as they take corporate money they will only give us crumbs and keep us fighting each other to prevent the people from taking back control through our votes. Divide and conquer as they say.

      This is why I voted for Ron Paul in 2012. He only took small dollar donations from regular citizens. It’s also why I voted for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020. That’s what we must do. Vote in only those who do not take corporate money, no matter if they are Republican or Democrat.

      Don’t believe the propaganda of the “socialist boogeyman.” Don’t believe the propaganda of the “white supremacist boogeyman.” Most people are good and intelligent and will do and vote for what is best for the country. We just need to elect politicians that will listen to us instead of their corporate masters. And we do that by voting in people who do not take corporate money.

    5. @Dale Mer Don’t forget Trump loves you and needs your help. Please send all your money to trump

    1. @Pacific Ocean Tsunami not every old person has that turkey neck, that’s just bad genetics.

  2. Mitch was the biggest reason corporations were given a voice,; he has no excuse for trying to silence theirs anymore than GA does their voters!

    1. @Spiral Dynamics thats not a hard and fast rule its to prevent electioneering same way you can’t wear a trump hat or a Biden shirt in line campaigns can’t offer you food to try and influence your vote. you can still have food or water in line, people can still bring you food and water they just can’t be affiliated with the campaign did you even read the bilI?

    2. @president elect George Kirby I will say though, the law says any person(s) within 150 feet of any polling station or 25 feet near any voter will be charged. It could be your mother or grandmother. It doesn’t have to be a person in charge of the voting station. It’s any person handling out food or drink.If you have an issue with that I think your problem is humanitarian, it transcends politics

    3. @2 % whole milk In 3/4 glass I’ve voted before, took about 5 hours, did I get hungry? Maybe, but going a few hours without food isn’t a big deal unless ur a diabetic. And if you are a diabetic bring some granola bars or something…

      You never mentioned how white people in Detroit were treated at polling stations though. Some of the affidavits were shocking. Intentionally pressuring a`forcing people to leave because of their skin color. That doesn’t bother you? Maybe because you feel oppressed? I’m not sure…

      Do me a favor tho. Look up Leanord patterson. He gave a speech in 1960 that will show you who is really lying to you. This “social justice” narrative is a communist attack paid for by china. And newsflash; Chinese government is actually racist against minorities. Please wake up. And please watch Leonard Pattersons speech. Should be one of the first results if u search his name. And then tell me about more “big lies” thank you.

    1. CEO,S know that there donation automatically give them the right to there opinion. If you want them out of politics decline all their contrabutions.

    2. Mitch if you can find a way to separate politics and money, your warning just might make sense. But you and I both know that this is America money money money that is what run and have always ruled here. Sorry Mitch your lies are not working now. Some CEO,s are about to shut you up.

    3. @Garry Crickey opinion & sabotage is not the same . With have election to vote & choose who’s we want to be on government to do our laws.we didn’t choose the corporations, they don’t represent our interest. So yes they have the right to a opinion, but what they are doing is not a opinion. They are using there monetary power , taking revenue out of a state cause the state don’t want to comply with there demands. I call that try to undermine the democracy a term that democrats like to use a lot. The democratic process is base on election, not corporations.

  3. Whats really funny aside from the blatant hypocrisy: This turtle believes he has anything to say, any leverage. He is a corporate stooge, they own him! He should be grateful if they decide to not starve him financially! Because they also know his clock is not going to tick for that much longer anyway…

  4. Mitch pure hypocrisy with a forked tongue coming out of a turtle while he and his wife are grabbing corporate money any way they can.!

    1. @AC Spirit
      welp it appears no else concurs….
      Besides that’s not exactly what he is suggesting is it?

      And to be fair the entire Senate could stand Idol in empty seats and a lot more would probably get done without them… let alone the world would go on.

    2. @tj downs wow, you have a glimmer of intelligence there. I was talking about political government all together. Glad you caught on.

    3. @AC Spirit
      glimmer of intelligence…
      I can always set my watch to you guys and it never fails.

      here, let me emphasize my own point a little more clearly, I would sing a little song for you but I have no way of filming the sock puppet and posting it?

      My issue is not with the motive of your message or at what political faction you take aim,
      It would be the timing and the convenience of Mitch McConnell’s Sudden Change of heart….
      Which will leave him empty-handed I can assure you. Now after the full weight of Financial repercussions is felt in States like Georgia for their decision-making practices, after the high-dollar donors have completely flipped sides and used that influence to further crush this nonsense in his current party… And he begins to understand the full negative impact of the game he himself has benefited from for many many years.

      Then we can all have a sit and discuss lobbying restrictions or banding corporate donations into the arena of politics.

      I can also assure you it will not be just now as Mitch finds himself less than in favour…

      Feel free to follow through with an insult I’m sure it will help mask my point…

  5. Mitch fought to give corporations the same legal status as human beings. So surely they have a right to voice their opinions?

    1. @Ooopiegoo Hurp corporations are RAN BY PEOPLE…who are americans…who vote…they have a right to be involved in politics just like you and me..the problem is REPUBLICANS know they Are a dying party

    2. ‘right to voice their opinions?’ That is fine. Cheating for democrats is a completely different idea.
      I don’t even care if they do that, but they should get their prison time just like everyone else.

    3. @ModelLights cheating for democrats HOW exactly?? The REPUBLICANS made a bill that WILL suppress voters…this is nothing new… because REPUBLICANS don’t win elections by the peoples vote anymore they win with the electoral college votes…that’s it…that’s all…also… REPUBLICANS are tbe FAILURE of America…why would DEMS NEED to cheat?? REPUBLICANS in georgia are trying to get rid of ballot boxes, end voting at 5 , and no voting on Sundays…also no one is allowed to give their fellow American water or a snack while on line to vote….if that’s not textbook voter supression…idk what is

  6. This man has personally accepted millions of dollars in donations from corporations.
    They should start publishing how much they have paid him to accept the laws they write and deliver to Congress to accept.

    1. @S Ash Seems more like you’re jumping to that conclusion in order to play patsy to your side of the aisle xD

    2. @EinlionRaigaa not at all. I’m just not a sheep that thinks republicans are devils and democrats are angels. All sides accept donations. It’s a very simple concept. Where do u think dems get their money from? The average joe who donates $100 or Fortune 500 companies that donate millions? But it seems like u don’t care to think for ur self so u make vague comments thinking ur winning the debate

    3. This is called ‘pay for play’!!!
      It is the bedrock of prostitution!!!
      Well, ‘politics’ is the second oldest profession!!!

    1. @*AAHLIYAH* it’s funny you call your self communist I bet you won’t survive one day in a country ruled my higher authority over you. I came to America for that same reason to run away from people like you

    2. @*AAHLIYAH* More accurately, there was a recession that lasted from Nixon through the Carter admin, into the early Reagan admin, which Reagan “bailed” the U.S..out of by putting America deeper in debt via credit. This is how our national debt (currently at $28t) began.

    3. @Jacob smith According to the KY voter registrar, 73% of McConnell’s base are uneducated, older white males. So not exactly “smart.” And according to Kentucky’s GSP, not exactly “hard-working” either. Ergo, you’re FOS.

  7. …so I guess that mcConell and friends are sending back all the money that corporate America has sent him

  8. So basically…
    McConnell: Boss I want you to stop calling all the shots in this company.
    McConnell: …I’m still getting paid right.

  9. Alrighty, Mitch,I want a detailed list of all corporations and which way they lean so I know what brands to buy from.

  10. This is SNL material: “you guys stay out of politics I’m not talking about contributions”
    Literally he is just saying give me more money

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