Gov. Polis: Republicans' Claim That Colorado's Voting Laws Are Restrictive Is ‘Absolutely False’ 1

Gov. Polis: Republicans’ Claim That Colorado’s Voting Laws Are Restrictive Is ‘Absolutely False’


Colorado Governor Jared Polis tells Lawrence O'Donnell that Colorado has "some of the best voting laws in the country" and that Denver is "ready" to host the All-Star Game after Major League Baseball move it from Atlanta over Georgia Republicans' voter suppression law. Aired on 04/07/2021.
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Gov. Polis: Republicans' Claim That Colorado's Voting Laws Are Restrictive Is ‘Absolutely False’


  1. You go to baseball game to watch sports not vote..Invite Georgian’s to the game so they can see what they’re missing !!

  2. Republicans never cease to disappoint with their amazing ability to deflect and lie with straight faces.

  3. Polis isn’t always my favorite, but inviting Mitch to Denver with a Rockies cap on just made me even more proud to be a Coloradan.

    1. Well, I prefer Polis to any of the Republican officials in Georgia or Texas or a whole list of states.

    2. he is so happy because the more Mitch talks the better Colorado looks. They didn’t even have to spend time and resources to pitch MLB to land the asg like teams/cities do years before a game is awarded for a specific year

  4. I saw an extensive news report last fall on Colorado’s mail in voting system. It was very impressive. I wish there could be something like that in other states. Just sad and undemocratic that since the Supreme Court decision a few years ago to strike down the Voting Rights Act of 1965, some republican legislatures wasted no time in putting in voter suppression laws. How quickly some these states are going backwards as if it is 1961 and not 2021.

    1. I was watching some videos of voting process in Colorado; it was literally taking people a matter of seconds to show up, place their vote and leave. Impressive stuff.

  5. Hear that corporate America, the GOP doesn’t want your money anymore. Stay out of their politics.

    1. Ha! You used to live here? I’ve always enjoyed your comments over the years. Seems we have more in common than just perspective on social and government issues.

  6. I’m happy for you you guys! How long does it take to acclimate to over 5,000 feet? Those athletes better bust a move to get there early enough 🙂

    1. You’re good if you leave within 36 hours, or if you’re here over 5 days. 5000 feet isn’t that bad actually, try going up one of our 14,000 foot peaks when you just get off an airplane and you’ll get altitude sickness though.

  7. Since when have major corporations not been a part of politics Moscow Mitch? They’re part when you need them to be part aren’t they?

  8. McConnell suggesting Americans are going to stop drinking coke and watching baseball is hilarious. I’m Australian and even I know that.

  9. I am really seeing the big difference in the dynamics of these two political parties. One is very aggressive in attacking the other party, while the party being attacked is not fighting back.

    1. I see it too, one party wants to make it easier to vote and the other party attacked our nations Capitol to overturn a fair and free election.

  10. congratulations Colorado for the all Star series. my condolences to Georgia for your lost. The Republican party of Georgia this is your own doing. The evil that you do will come back and this is just one of many.

  11. In Colorado there is a drop box per 9,000 people and accessible 24/7, in Georgia there is one drop box per 100,000 and they close when the government buildings the boxes are kept inside close. 99% of Colorado voters mailed in their ballots last year, meaning no lines and we got to read up on the issues at home and not in a voting box…

  12. Colorado is more restrictive? Fine. Copy and paste all of Colorado’s election laws and regulations into a new Voting Rights Act for the entire country, and we’ll all support it.

  13. Pretty sure that their not in the middle, they are definitely on a side, the right side for me!

  14. Poor Mitch…..
    He can’t be line leader of his kindergarten classroom anymore.
    And he just can’t handle it.

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