Gaetz Denies Wrongdoing And Claims Extortion After Bombshell Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Gaetz Denies Wrongdoing And Claims Extortion After Bombshell Report | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. LOL!! But can the NYT afford it?!? Do you know how many times just the past 3 years they’ve been sued AND LOST?!!?

    2. @Crfor Freedom Why don’t you post some proof, because I looked this up and found exactly zero cases.

  1. He’s going to rehab and will settle the case with a huge payment. Notice he keeps mentioning his father. You know, they guy that got Matt out of multiple DUI convictions.

    1. @Friz so why did Trumps DOJ start this investigation if its political? Seems odd to attack your own bootlicker

    2. @Friz OH! I thought you were talking about the “Fire the prosecutor investigating my son or you don’t get the billion dollars” Bidens. ‘Well sonofabtch.’ That would be apropos now, wouldn’t it….
      Don’t forget, “THE BIG GUY GETS 10%”!!!!!

    3. It’s not up to him whether he can settle it. The underage girl isn’t the one who would be filing charges.

  2. Couldn’t of happen to the most bootlicker, Matt drop the candy and step away from the kids 😂…

    1. @Kathy Kamphake you misspelled trump. Catch him before he goes in another Ms. Teen universe dressing room.

    2. @Cronman Stogee I remember Trump inviting, all the Republicans, to mar-a lago to celebrate his nomination for president, I wonder how many tapes he has in his security , right after the party they all turned into boot lickers.

  3. Wow!!! Would someone turn this into a movie!!! Drama, Rom-Com, and based on a true story??!!!?!!

  4. When Gaetz was asked about when the investigation began……he hesitated.
    I see why now….Gaetz was careful to say the extortion began in March. When the investigation began in August. Cunning and crafty!

  5. – Unmarried man (until just recently engaged in 2020)
    – *ONLY* person to vote against a anti human trafficking bill
    – says ex-girlfriend and 17 year old “woman”
    – making up stories that even Tucker Carlson said he has no recollection.
    – recently thinking about early retirement
    – has a face that looks like he was a custom character from a low budget rpg.


  6. He’s opened himself up wide for a huge defamation suit if McGee isn’t involved in a big and criminal way. So Gaetz had better be completely correct about the extortion attempt and McGee..

    1. @TimBuckOhFive Oh but you can. And it’s even easier to lose that privilege to practice law.
      He will see soon enough.
      His story is far from new.
      Poor young fool just doesn’t know it yet. He will in time.
      He isn’t special.

    2. @Joshua Sweetvale my bad. thought you were talking of Teflon Don John Gotti. Was reading about it. Anthony Comello took the guys’ man out in ’19 before being sent to a mental hospital; had Q-Anon crap written all over his hands. Teflon Don is Gambino

    3. @TimBuckOhFive For some reason, I find you very boring. But carry, I’m sure other people find you entertaining. (probably not in a good way though)

  7. I sincerely hope this is not true. However, we must first recognize that 17 years old is a girl/teenager. Not a woman.

    1. @Artfu1D0dger Who tf wants 16 y.o voting? Lol. Even funnier, you think voting = having a sexual relationship with a person twice your age as a minor.

      How many terabytes of inappropriate, underage material do you have on your computer, b? 🤔 “Involuntary celibate” much?

    2. @Randy Van Horn Unless they’re Black/Brown, right? Then you can throw them n—-s in jail, throw away the key, and indict them on the fact that one time they were home sick in the 3rd grade and their parents forgot to call it in.

      Gaetz is a pos and from the Trump school of f-ckery and debauchery. Whatever he’s accused of, he did that 💩.

    3. @Water Gates You seem like you have a chip on your shoulder or you feel guilty about something.

    1. @rpatten78 The last time I checked, sexual assault is a felony. Altering government documents is a felony. Let’s wait and see how this turns out. I’ve seen enough “bombshells” from the fake news fizzle out in a few days that I now tune in for the comedy. You keep feeding on the propaganda though….I know it makes you feel good. 🤣

    2. @Rod first off my response here was in reference to the topic here which was Gaetzgate sexual charges in which cuomo was brought up. Cuomo has not been accussed of sexual assault but rather sexual harrassment/ misconduct and thus far there is no criminal investigation in reference to those accusations no matter how much FNC and Gregg Jarrett thinks there should be

  8. The age of consent is 18 in Florida with a close-in age exemption that allows a 16 or 17 year old to get freaky with someone no older than 23. But the fact that he crossed state lines with this child puts Matthew in even deeper trouble, because the federal age of consent is 18. So, interstate travel, and child grooming laws can be invoked. Uh ohh ! Marhew, you’re in trouble now.

    1. @UCD0Q6iK08j5wqF8U8wbl-nA  The law is the law whether you agree with it or not. Throughout U.S. history there have been many laws that have been considered stupid, unfair, or unjust. That will not prevent you from being prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated for violating those laws. As a legislator Matthew should be well informed on the laws within the state of Florida. Laws are repealed and changed on a regular basis. Until that time, it would be advisable not to engage in illegal activities. There are onsequences and repercussions for breaking the law.

    2. @wee huddy No one ever said she was an “ex”. You could get a job with MSNBC/CNN with the bs you make up.

    3. @Rod He did , and the heading of the clip said exactly the same thing .Are you deaf and blind or just wilfully stupid ? You couldn’t GET a job with the lack. of comprehension you have .

    1. @BLDM NNZ money can’t pay freedom when children are involved..if the shitbag gets off free..the government is sick also

    2. @BLDM NNZ Hey, did you know that your GQP party lost the house, senate and presidency all in one year? Wow you guys really know how to lose.

    3. @BLDM NNZ those exaggerations might make you feel better. Unfortunately for you we have discovered the right wing makes accusations to cover their own crimes.

      The biggest lie lately was that the election was stolen. Then you look close and you see Donald Trump was actually trying to steal the election. Calling election officials and threatening them to give him the votes that he needs. All you have to do is sit back and listen to you all and you tell on yourself.

    1. Yes. Creepy little Trump bootlicker. There was a reason the lying POS was so desperate for Trump to win. He knew he might need a pardon sooner than later.

    2. This is just another smear campaign by the fake news. Give it a couple of days and you’ll realize you’ve been duped again. I’d think you libs would have learned by now. 🤣

    3. @Rod you wish 🤡
      Hahaha “duped”!
      That’s pretty rich from the people who still believe the big lie that trump won the 2020 election 🤣 you sore loser
      Republican snowflake tears are the best! Haha

  9. How could he be extorted if nothing happened? And the extortion still does not excuse this alleged behavior.

    1. @Bill Burgess Alleged it is. However as we have all seen for years, he’s not one of the smartest or honest of people. Sometimes Karma works in strange ways.

    2. @SMS Ok. You didn’t make a valid point. You just talk gibberish. Send your law degree pack to Kellog’s. You can’t use a degree you got from a box of cereal.

    1. @Anna Jorgensen trauma bonded by shame and guilt…they got.old and blackmailed their way up the ladder by extortion or favor…they were both molested….

    2. @Anna Jorgensen yes I know that. I was wondering if it was illegal. But Bruce answered my question. It wasn’t illegal but it was just morally wrong. I don’t understand how somebody as smart as these guys can act like this and join congress. I just don’t get it. Jordan and gaetz are just awful people.

  10. “Mister McGee, don’t make me angry. You won’t like it when I’m angry.” – Dr. Banner – 😋

    1. Best movie line of it’s time, you think marvel would have delivered it at least once during the End Game saga.

    1. Don’t forget, Matt Gaetz is on the House Judiciary Committee.

      The House Judiciary Committee is charged with overseeing the administration of justice within the federal courts, administrative agencies and FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTITIES.

      Does no one else see this as a huge CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

    2. Please stop being low iq and lying.

      His dad tried to bribe the extorted under supervision from the Feds to catch the blackmailer in the act.

    3. @Rod FFS, throwing around allegations like “the fake news” won’t report on this. The actual news has reported extensively on this and it was quite clear that he did nothing wrong, he even assisted in their investigation. It appears that you are the only one that has entertained false information from “the fake news”. There is a reason why U.S. right wing media has earned a reputation, worldwide, for dishonesty and fabricating straight up right-wing propaganda. But I guess if you are good with this, it’s on you.

  11. You can look at my travel record and see that’s not the case, I did not travel with the 17-year-old woman.. I had her meet me there. 😑

  12. Gaetz refers to the accuser as a “17 year old woman”. There you go. 17 year olds are TEENAGERS, not grown women.

    1. @Larry Ames all I know is what I’ve heard on these news sites. That’s why they need to investigate. What is the truth? If he is innocent he should welcome the investigation to clear his name. If her parents consented then they should be held as equally responsible

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