Garbage Collection Crisis Facing Jamaicans | TVJ News – July 11 2022

Garbage Collection Crisis Facing Jamaicans | TVJ News - July 11 2022 1


  1. This country just makes me angry and disappointed. Simple things like this need to be fixed and the government spends time on ridiculous topics like Portmore becoming a parish kmt.

  2. Too busy entertaining delegates from UAE and other highest bidders, basic hygiene is severely lacking. I’d be looking at this as in investor…

  3. TVJ in Reids Pen ,Old Braeton greater portmore.
    The truck only comes only every 3 weeks…Flies are a nuisance…sickness soon take over

  4. Tired of these issues being “highlighted” and nothing is being done, they keep pointing to the shortage of trucks, but they have money to buy vehicles for any and everything else. Why not raise the wages of the NSWMA workers? enforce strict dumping and littering fines…but I guess that would upset the parties’ major demographics…

  5. What will it take for my people to rise up against these two political party what will it take

  6. Why so many ppl complain about different problems and when voting times comes again I see so many people voting I can’t understand if these people is really feeling nothing or this is a joke. Joke system. Mankind failures!🙏🏼🙇🏽‍♀️📖

    1. @Kadian, I want to respectfully remind you that this issue is not unique to the existing administration, in fact this issue of garbage pile up is a recurring theme trust me. Nothing new here.

  7. Another example of how the Jamaican Government oppressively over tax it’s citizens and give them NOTHING in return. You don’t see this happening in St Lucia, Trinidad etc, only in Jamaica.

  8. So, in the year 2022, you can’t buy trucks to dispose your citizens garbage. Here is a solution, sell the expensive cars members of Parliament driving around in, let them drive their own cars and use that money to buy trucks. See how easy that was.

  9. What residents can do is put ground provision peels like yam, pumkin, dasheen, carrots, and even banana skin cut up in their backyard gardens if they have one. It makes good compose. Dispose of their carbqge correctly by using plastic bags to dispose of meat stimmings and skin from chicken. As for trash that can be burnt. Aa for sand or dirt itself, should not be put in the garbage containers.
    I also suggest that Government treat garbage collectors better. These people clean up after us. Resident must respect these individual as well. Do you see how unbearable it is when your garbage is not picked up at the appropriate time especially in big cities.
    Garbage collector, should be ranked in tje category, of politicians, medical personnel like doctor, nurse, pharmacist. The do the dirty work.

  10. Sanitation workers in New York have good benefits on their job. They have good medical insurance, and decent salary. Your job does not define you. Somebody has to do the dirty work.

  11. You know the government not thinking,so many youths need job ,all they need to do is hire some dump trucks privately to collect the garbage in each parish and will help the country on the garbage disposal matter.

  12. Yes it’s really bad,I was in Jamaica for two weeks and no garage was collected in the area.

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