Garland names special counsel to oversee Trump probes


  1. “My political ideal is democracy. Let every person be respected as an individual and no person be idolized.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1930

    1. @Blunt Frazez “Democracy is about 51% of the group telling the other 49% how to live”
      non democracies are about one person telling the other 99.99 percent how to live.

    2. @Bob Holst ” A republic is what America is supposed to be, not MOB RULE!”
      no one, no one wants to elect the mob to be president.
      stop being silly.

    3. @Francis Hurley lol! I’m an independent who voted for Biden, and I’ve never voted for a republican since I did so in a mock election in grade school.
      Thanks for further proving my previous words to be true and accurate!

    4. @Henry Hudson Because man is the only species that has rationality in brain function. You are pretty oversimplified, like libtards that love to lump everything in one category, jump up and down, roll on the floor screaming “WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!” THEN GOVERNMENT DECIDES TO LUMP EVERYTHING INTO A LAW AND WHAT FOR? CONTROL AT THE TIP OF THE GOVERNMENT SPEAR! We have schools that indoctrinate and create wedge issues to get everyone to hate everyone while the morals that we used to live by are spat on. Money is simply a thing that gives perishable items a marketable monetization so the farmer can benefit from their perishable crops year round not just from harvest. I simply do not really know what your point is. If the World is too painful, you are free to leave it…I guess…

  2. How many more council’s do you need to indict and arrest 1 ” man” with all of the confessions and proofs that’s out there🤦🏻‍♀️ugh 😫

    1. @RC Jabroni yup
      Democrats;You MAGA are a cult!!!
      Also Democrats;
      Orange man bad!🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟
      Orange man bad!🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟
      Orange man baaaad!🧟‍♂️🧟🧟‍♀️

    2. @Xirk it was all a nothing burger just like all the other crap the democrats have tried to pull …trump released the phone call himself and they made the whistle blower look like a fool….watch the actual hearings instead of CNN all the time

    3. Bill Barr appointed Durham special counsel and it’s still active. Why is Garland’s special counsel an issue?

  3. It sounds to me that Garland is being ultra cautious, and naming a special council so that no one can accuse Garland of being partisan as he was appointed by Biden. Pretty simple explanation to me.

    1. It’s always going to be political. So if DT and J B hadn’t announced a presidential run it wouldn’t of been political and D T could have been indicted .

    2. it’s bullshyte! To heck with that political concern. We lost Al Franken trying to be politically correct. . Republicans will use the defense of “it’s politically motivated” since they have no other defense for their crimes.

    3. @Dusty Harris Biden nominated Garland who leads the DOJ. A special counsel is the quickest safest way to get Trump indited without being accused of doing it so Biden will win.

    4. @Dirt Digger Wrong. The DOJ has been investigating J6 longer than the Select Committee has. Just bcuz they asked the J6C for their documents doesn’t mean they weren’t already investigating or that they didn’t have documents of their own.

  4. This whole great nation will live in shame in front of the whole world, if this kind of criminal activity is not punished quickly !

    1. @Russ K your mistaken the traitor in chief selling through his son is the problem now back to the hospital you escaped from

    2. @Joe P Keep believing whatever you want. We’ll both be seeing Trump facing justice while the republicans try to go after Biden’s son and look like the do-nothing politicians that most Americans know they are. Maybe they can bring back the Benghazi hearings again. We know what a waste of time that was. You can expect to see republicans lose even worse in 2024 after they prove they haven’t got a clue how to govern and how they have zero interest in passing any legislation that can actually help the American people. Meanwhile, traitor Trump will hopefully face the justice he so well deserves. Trump lovers like you will continue to look even more foolish as you come to realize your hero isn’t any better than Benedict Arnold. Rupert Murdoch has given up on Trump. It’s just a matter of time before Hannity and the rest of the sell-outs on Fox throw him under the bus. This gets better every day.

    3. @Russ K oh so the banking records mean nothing back to your parents basement sport and try supporting yourself like most of us do

    1. @trumpist “how about all the police killed by criminals released with the cashless bail ”
      innocent until proven guilty.

      funny how you ppl don’t believe in that.

    2. @V for Wombat I wish you were right but since 2020 the US has went to crap. You must be a rich white liberal to be this out of touch.

    3. When trump goes to prison where he belongs! Should have been in along time ago! 😡 Crook Trump stealing from all tax payers!

  5. If Merrick Garland still has the ability to accept what the special counsel says or not accept it then why is he even there at all to begin with

    1. Bill Barr appointed Durham special counsel and it’s still active. Why is Garland’s special counsel an issue?

    2. @Orlando Soto not sure that’s the strategy…I think it’s more to ensure that it’s not seen as a political thing. Independence is good as the independent council will have the freedom to prosecute.

    3. @John Avzaradel yet Garland clearly said that the council will be free to prosecute. I’d rather go with what he said instead of interpretation. Also, just because someone challenges you doesn’t mean they are are being rude towards you. Perhaps you shouldn’t read too much into text that cannot be interpreted with emotion.

    4. @Orlando Soto no denying. It’s a mess. However I don’t agree that what he (Trump) has done is political. It is a breach in National Security. If they let this one slip, that sets a very dangerous president in that country secrets can never be safe. There are reasons beyond politics why it’s in the best interest of the country that he should be held liable for this. It’s just my hope that there are enough patriots that will make a stand. The same goes for Jan 6.

  6. That was the whole reason why Trump announced his candidacy. He’s done this before he knows how to delay the investigation…

  7. If I ever have legal problems I want five hearings set up to decide if the court should carry on with the prosecution as well. I’m going to tell my attorney I demand the Trump Treatment, so I never actually stand trial until long after I’m dead.

    1. Garland is sending in the clowns to keep us entertained while he finds yet another way to delay any action on his part. Keep the fools dancing!

    2. P.S. — Just because a Federal Official is no longer employed, doesn’t mean he/she can’t be investigated for acts committed while they were acting as a Federal official. Impeachment may not fit, but they can still be investigated for wrong doing. Congress investigated Jill Stein — and found nothing, Congress investigated Hunter Biden in 2019 and found nothing to speak of. What are all those house committees doing investigating the CDC, et al.. ?

    3. Is not a president accountable to law? Tell me , is truth and honor and integrity not something that should be demanded from the oval office? I’d like to hear a reply from Cruz, Greene, McCarthy, McConnell, Lake, etc, etc. Etc. Or any other denier.

    4. @alan chappel The Constitution says nothing about congressional investigations and oversight, but the authority to conduct investigations is implied since Congress possesses “all legislative powers.” The Supreme Court determined that the framers intended for Congress to seek out information when crafting or reviewing legislation.

  8. … one day we’ll be told… ‘well, we’ve tried but there is no sufficient evidence to charge the Florida man’… “the stable genius” will tell us the justice has been served… and the life will go on…

    1. @shelby lane
      Then you better go arrest all the other former Presidents too little fool!

    2. @Harold
      Name the crime jackass! (U are aware the jackass is the logo of your tyrannical party don’t u? Very fitting!)

  9. This is TRIGGERING !!! It is like a bad marriage being strung out in the courts, and you are tired of paying for it.😉

  10. The announcement should have been indictment. How many more times will he keep us in suspense by saying there will be an announcement? How many more thousands of announcements will there be before an indictment?

    1. @Saki
      Oh, by the way, you’re also lying about what party you’re supposedly affiliated with & that you regularly vote republican. We See You!
      Libtard Troll! “Saki” says it all!

    2. @Harold maybe he is, how would anyone really ever know just how many illegitimate children the big orange baby has running around? On top of the 5 kids he takes credit for, he could have sired more kids out of wedlock than Hershel Walker for all we know.

    3. @Geman1512 #1 A March 2021 Editorial Review by AllSides affirms a rating of center for Reuters, an international media outlet.

      While some on the team noted a very slight Lean Left bias in Reuters during our March review, the team unanimously agreed that Reuters’ content was Center.

      Some on the team said Reuters has a bit of a Washington, DC/New York City elite bias in its coverage, but that the outlet did not display common types of media bias such as sensationalism, unsubstantiated claims, slant, or omission of source. The team, which includes people from across the political spectrum, found Reuters used full quotes — not misleading, partial snippets — and sourced quotes from both authoritative institutions and from everyday people it interviewed for articles about local stories.

      # 2 I never said that you editorialized anything, I simply stated that reuters and the Associated Press do not editorialize. Are you completely bereft of the ability to read?

      # 3 Day of reckoning? Really? As mortals, we all will have a day of reckoning, but it is pathetic and sad that you believe you are in a position to judge others. My reckoning will come before the Lord. Good night.

  11. “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”
    ~ Abraham Lincoln

    1. To which Clown Trump replies, “I am bound to win through means foul or fair, this much I know, I will raise hell to ensure I am victorious, no matter how many laws I have to break or lies I have to tell.”

    2. Indeed, that is why Lincoln was the GREATEST President. He would not let a bold-faced would be usurper continue to sow mayhem for the grapes of wrath.

    3. @Eric Caledonai Funny. Lincoln fought for the rights and human dignity of everyone. Can’t imagine any Republican in Congress championing human rights for minorities, they are more likely to be scheming to deny minorities the right to vote, or building a wall at the border or putting immigrants in cages. The antithesis of what Lincoln stood for.

    1. @Corey Ham
      What delay? The House will starve this bogus investigation out before it gets started! Republicans possess the purse! Garland & biden will both be impeached & removed from office to take office in cell block D!

  12. Yes, this is taking foreeeever. But I’m glad it’s both the documents at Mar-a-Lago and “anybody” involved with Jan 6th—which, I hope, indicates a raft of Congress members are not safe from prosecution, something the Committee didn’t address. And, having a special counsel may hold down expected violence. Yay! Cheer up everybody! Let’s go! Let’s go!

    1. *something the Committee didn’t address _publicly_ . I think there’s a lot they’re not telling us to protect ongoing investigations.

  13. It’s unprecedented for the Department of Justice not 🚫 to arrest a well known criminal in a timely manner no matter who it is ‼️

    1. They sat on their hands when they knew Hunter & Brandon were on the take. Tight lips when Hillary was using private phone & a bathroom server. Did they arrest the dem politician who was stealing national archives by stuffing them in his pants.. NOPE. They Pelosi get rich yet Martha Stewart got arrested for basically the same thing.

    2. Unprecedent NOT to arrest? More like unprecedented TO arrest. This is pretty much PROOF that some people ARE above the law.

    3. There’s no crime to arrest Trump for . Garland is washing his hands and pushing it on to someone else.

    1. He’s only been accused of some of them just like Biden and the rest of his game have to be proven guilty in a court of law not by the media

    2. Accused of….those are key words! Accused of by who?
      Trump Haters!! Whata big mistake this is by Garland & the dems! You can only cry wolf so many times & that wolf comes for you!
      Enjoy fools!

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