Gas Supply Panic Sets In As Effects Of Pipeline Hack Drag On | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow reports on gasoline shortages in some locations as people stock up and top off out of concern that the Colonial Pipeline still hasn't restarted after halting operations in response to a cyberattack several days ago.
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    1. @MontanaMountainMen Question who Started And Let The Russians Hack. Orange meatball With The Face of A Ham

    2. @Patricia Saluti if you have information on how Trump let the Russian hack the system you should tell the authorities. That is a huge security threat….You’re not just making it up, right?

    1. @GratefulHippieChic no they’re upset over recent US sanctions as pushback for what they did all these past years and in the 2020 election but yes I’m sure they’re upset about that too lol just separate things lol

    2. @grobozo yes & we now know that you all go down too! All the propaganda about the US having the resourses to have people survive underground for years etc etc is all pure bluff! If you fire nukes, your total & complete destruction is guaranteed. Are you REALLY ok with your government choosing to do that to you & your family & friends?

    3. @Mark Ray and they still got cult followers thinking they are doing good for the country lol. Still blaming the past president for their current president horrible decisions.

    4. @Alexis Dimes ok, you’re probably right about that. lol But it just seems so suspicious that it happened in Georgia.

    5. @Me Here Yes complete nuclear annihilation of the human race is the best thing that could happen, long overdue. If I could help it get started I would.

  1. Man, that’s f—ed up. Even more glad that I have a Prius right now. That plus work from home I barely ever have to get gas these days.

    1. @William Steed So will everyone. We’re all in that boat. But I don’t have to worry about the buying gas part for a very long time.

    1. Same. Did you know that was planned, and that there was no shortage? I learned about their big ‘meeting’ many years later. It’s an interesting story but it will make you so mad you could kick a kitten through a fan.

    2. @GratefulHippieChic Not planned per say but your right, there was no shortage. The problem was the fuel wasn’t released from the strategic reserve. There ended up being a terrible glut after the 70’s ”shortage” (Oil war and Arab oil sanctions on the US) and the reserve was even sold on before reaching its use by date. Im reading ”The Prize” by Daniel Yergin right now (”The epic quest for oil, money and power”) which covers this period in great detail. Never thought i’d be interested in the history of oil companies but here i am lol

  2. Haven’t they learned by now that anything connected to the internet is vulnerable to hacking.

    1. That’s one of the tools the Democrats used to steal the elections in Nov and early Jan.

    2. SHOCK REPORT: Inflation Surges – Consumer Prices Jump 4.2% – Fastest Since 2008 (VIDEO)

      WGAL – Lancaster/Harrisburg
      Gas prices reach highest level in nearly seven years. Yahoo News

      “Hiring was a huge letdown in April, with nonfarm payrolls increasing by a much less than expected 266,000 and the unemployment rate rose to 6.1% amid an escalating shortage of available workers,”. This is the worse miss on numbers since 1998. ! million job growth was expected. reported CNBC.

      Just 4 months in folks!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

    3. @David Ashton You seem to have forgotten that O doubled the US debt of ALL previous POTUS in just 8 years. I’d get that memory checked if I were you.

      I’ll bet you’re loving the doubling of the gas prices in just 4 months. I drive for a living. Oh and now we have the worse job numbers in 25 years and hyper inflation.

      Go Joe!

    4. @Terrance Jones What I described is basically the “call back” principle: bank calls you telling you there is a problem with your account, you call back to make sure you are actually talking to someone from the bank before sharing any private information. For networked equipment connection, you phone into the office for someone to setup an SSH tunnel into your computer to pierce through the outbound-only firewall that protected equipment is on, you use that SSH tunnel to do whatever you need to do and the tunnel is gone when you close the session.

    1. @E Garza, I hope Trump doesn’t run again.

      I’m not sure why every time someone says “Biden”, the response is always “Trump”. I guess Biden’s failures are indefensible so the only option is to look at the past.

    2. @E Garza, is it not allowed for you guys to say something negative about a Democrat? You guys will try to defend every dumb thing they do like you did it yourself. Like the border encounters are up more than 10x over this time last year, but I’m sure your gears are already turning to try and work out how to defend that, or at least blame it on a past President.

    3. @bryanatwku
      I use Trump name to grab attention.
      Biden handling of the border was a mistake for the party because they’ll have a harder time to get reelected. That’s why republicans are worried. He singled out one group for America’s problems. He blamed China for virus because he had no control; had states fend for themselves. Now, Trump rhetoric is used to attack Asians.

      “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat.” “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans” – Trump quote
      S&P 500
      1. Reagan +118%
      2. Clinton +210%
      3. Bush jr. -40%
      4. Obama +182
      5. Trump +67%

    4. @bryanatwku
      “Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers” by Miriam Jordan in New York Times Dec 6, 2018

      “Border chief explains why there have been no ICE raids at Trump properties” by Riley Beggin Aug. 11, 2019

    5. @E Garza, the Obama inherited a mess of an economy. The economy was pretty stagnant during his two terms with some mild success at the end. When Trump took over, we seen great economic success and actually hit a record low unemployment. Then Covid happened. We would have been better off just completely ignoring covid than the overreaction that we did that crippled the global economy. We started recovering until Biden took office and now the economy is getting worse instead of better. Unemployment is terrible and increasing. Inflation is completely out of control. Not only did we lose our energy independence, but we are getting fuel shortages everywhere now. And this is only a few months damage.

      I’m happy to see you acknowledge the southern border is a failure for Biden, but it isn’t bad “because they’ll have a harder time to get re-elected.” It’s bad because it’s wrecking the economy and escalating crime throughout the country. US tax payers are now directly funding cartels to smuggle drugs and people over our southern border. Thanks for that.

  3. There’s no gas left anywhere near my NC town. I waited forever and there was only 93 octane at 3.99 a gallon, hope it improves quickly!

    1. @Savage OG still cheaper than gas in Canada, its 1.20 a liter not a gallon. Its as high as 1.40 a liter in some parts of Canada

    2. camt you jus twalk or get a push bike, here in the uk a lot of people dont drive. we just walk and cycle places my gran used to cycle 3 hours to the capitol, lancaster here in the uk and back again

    1. Tell America to actually pay us and give us funding and things like this won’t happen. The only time people and companies like you care about cyber security is when this happens. Than y’all blame us.

  4. Hey, if COVID breathers don’t bother you, this should be a piece of cake. I’m waiting for Tucker to tell us if Dr. Fauci was behind it.

    1. Lets recap: War in the middle east, Chinese aggression everywhere, rapid inflation, border crossings up 500%, rampant crime, gas shortage… I wonder what the next disaster will be?

  5. When people start freaking out that the Hernando de Soto bridge closure over the Mississippi is going to throw off the “we’ll truck some fuel in” plan off the rails, tell em they’ll just take I-20 to Jackson instead.

  6. That two week figure to get deliveries back to NY is very misleading. It assumes that the pipeline empties completely, and fuel to NY has to start all over again from Texas, neither of which will actually be the case.

  7. “Thank you Mitch McConnell, for blocking Cybersecurity bills since 2019!” – Vladimir Putin

    And he wonders why we call him “Moscow Mitch” …

    1. @Congolese Capitalist Some of these companies have not been able to migrate from a Windows system from 3 generations ago because their custom software did not run on the newer systems. Our unemployment systems are an example as well.

    2. @Jay Gray Yeah…& in other news; water is wet..The Left loved Russia when it was the USSR & people were being purposely starved, worked/tortured to death in Gulags, etc…but now that it’s getting back to being the normal, not ashamed to be the European/Christian country it is.. the Left wants to bomb it..

    3. @Ronald King you come up with alot of excuses and blaming others rather than accept the fact of whos administration this happened under.

  8. *IT IS INCONCEBABLE* that they run these things on the open internet instead of a dedicated fibre network.

    “We can afford a giant pipeline but not a fibreoptic cable”
    Im an author – my manuscripts are kept on 3 separate USB drives at 3 separate physical locations so I can afford to lose the computer to ransomware.

  9. This is just the beginning of the damage that they are going to do. We’re to busy hating each other based on skin color to pay attention to the real threats & danger that exists.

    1. yup. Not sure they actually intend damage as such though, as opposed to just making it clear they have that power & then using that as blackmail to get you completely out of any world affairs they don’t want you involved in

    2. you do know russia and the eu and the uk arnt enemies, Russia is our ally and the we do 12.8 BILLION dollars worth of trade with russia. lol you have to look at it this way, we in the uk and europe are you BEST american ally, we are also allies of russia

    3. @cyberash3000 I live in Atlanta and god I wish we had better relations with them. It’s cleaner then our shale and fracking oil.

  10. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍺.
    Me, plan B: fuel can be distributed faster when it is transported via a semi-truck(18 wheeler).👍.
    Me, pipeline 5 mph, semi-truck 90 mph.👍.

    1. would seem more logical to me than a plane for something of that weight! I dunno, maybe there’s not enough tanker trucks available to do that without interrupting supply elsewhere? Seems too rational to have not already been done

  11. Wow. I’m in South Carolina. Gas stations are running out and NC ppl are flooding us to get gas

    1. @Apache Worrier yes bc a pipeline went down then. God y’all come up with any reason to mention him 🤣

    2. @Kelly Mc
      If everything was someone’s fault then, but nothing is someone’s fault now, you’ve been brainwashed.

  12. So Colonial intentionally shut down their own lines as a precautionary measure? This is kind of an important detail in this story.

    1. This. The hackers allegedly have sensitive data being held ransom but that has nothing to do with the pipelines being shut down. Was that a request of the hackers as well? Why would colonial shut it down otherwise? Lots of unanswered questions

    2. @imawiseman101 There could be a legitimate reason, and it could be connected to the ransom attack, but a little clarification is in order.

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