Don’t Call It Trump’s “Big Lie.” It’s An Attack On America | MSNBC

MSNBC's Brian Williams asks Baratunde Thurston and Bill Kristol if we should stop using the phrase 'The Big Lie' as shorthand for Trump's attempts to overthrow the 2020 election which led to a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill.
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  1. Go to YouTube and educate yourself about narcissist and their talking tactics.

    We can heal our country

    1. @Ash Roskell O I am angry.. But I think what I should have said in the case of the GOP voters is misdirected anger based on fear, bias, and assumptions as well as unfounded stereotypes.. The us vs them crap I will clarify in the future… And yes it’s terrifying and unfortunately I do not see this ending well…

    2. @Elizabeth Moore : Forgive me, as I understood you completely, but used a somewhat disingenuous, “tactic,” to get your attention. I agree wholeheartedly with you, and I hope you can see that my quick take says as much? Indeed, that the GOP are counting upon and weaponising that, “anger,” once again. Only, this time it will be far more cunningly directed, by smarter people than trump, who have figured out ways to build, “strategy,” (Seditious Conspiracy) around him. Trump will trump, so they’re building everything around his very predictable personality. I retain hope. As you must, because you’re commenting? The question is, how many of us are willing to DO anything? Wether we all inundate our representatives, join the protesters, or join pro-democracy action groups, we must ALL contribute something. Whatever the outcome, I will not go to my grave, believing there was anything I could have done to help, that I left undone. However tiny it may be. Those drops add up, in the bucket, and we need to fill it, but quick. Please forgive me if I seemed obtuse? And for my, “manipulation?” I’m not a fan of passive aggression, but I’ll do anything to get people to share and explore their thoughts with me. It’s a question of urgency. Personally, I have a list. I go through it each day, ensuring I tick off at least one item, by the end of it. One thing that I did, to challenge the growing threat of fascism in America. ✌️

    3. @Alex Kilgour : They say they do, but they all have different theories as to how deep the cheat was, what the nature of it was, who did it, and on who’s orders, etc. The idea is not to really, “convince,” anyone of anything. Their, “strategy,” is to cause as much CONFUSION and DIVISION as humanly possible. That’s how it works in Putin’s Russia. And, that’s how he gets to be a dictator, in a country that props up elaborate infrastructure, to make it appear that there’s a bunch of different parties to vote for. When it seems that absolutely everyone is corrupt, what difference does it makes if you get your own corrupt guy, or someone else’s corrupt guy, to run the country? Everyone just throws up their hands . . .

    4. @Ash Roskell I suggest everyone reading this thread take the time to read Ash’s comment.

      This is really what’s happening.

    1. The Border Patrol just released the numbers for April. There is a 1,044% increase since this time last year. That’s no typo. Literally more than ten times more.

    2. @Visually Appealing even if he said that, it’s not taking away your right to defend yourselves. you can still defend yourself with swords and crossbows.
      which would work about as well as rifles and shotguns against the US military.

    3. it isn’t treason. treason requires an enemy we are at war with.
      it’s sedition.
      sedition is betraying your country without betraying it TO someone.

    4. Isn’t a case of “oh you’d lose anyways you shouldn’t even try.” If that’s your mentality regarding defending yourself and others, that’s sad.

  2. This is a conflict in America of those who are guided by Truth, and those comfortable to be divided by loyalty in one Pyrrhic victory after another since the civil war.

  3. Lynn Cheney should have mentioned the peaceful transfer of power & trump abandoning it and the picture of President Biden and his wife standing on the steps of the White House with no one there to greet them made it around the world

    1. @Sun Moon Trump never showed the gravitas our other modern Presidents have, and his magas admit they like that about him. It’s unfortunate they don’t understand that his lack of impulse control and ability to manage his own ego harms the office in the eyes of the rest of the world.
      The lack of a peaceful transfer you pointed out is a serious breech in Trumps ability to lead-no matter his REASON.
      BTW-Judy is from Canada, I wouldn’t worry too much about her trailer park comments, 😆!

    2. @Tonya Sweeney thank you 😊 it’s ironic cause I do live in a Trailer Park , does this make my opinion less relevant than someone who lives on a 5oo million dollar super yacht 😏

    3. @Sun Moon OMG-that’s hilarious because I’m from a southern trailer park myself!!😜 Air conditioned in the winter, heated in the summer-😆😂😅😜

    4. @Tonya Sweeney yes ignorant people use it as an insult , I payed for my brand new ” home ” $60,000 3 years ago in Boulder Colorado, the same sized condo just a block away sold for $425,000

    1. @TruthRadioShow I thought the traitors that attacked our Capital were Antifa? That’s what Q told me. 😂

    1. @Lunar Wuffy That was hilarious! However, Trump got his revenge by becoming President and trying to undo everything Obama did. How about removing the gender issue and say sociopath rich dude scorned. l may be insulting sociopaths because l think 45 is worse than your average sociopath.

    2. @Lunar Wuffy omg those are usually pretty fun events but they became so unfun during the TR45H administration. He sent spicey and other droogs to get shamed.

  4. Definitely time to stop using that phrase “big lie” they are actually finding ways to profit from it. Feeding egos because they know they made it up and so many fell for it.

    1. The Border Patrol just released the numbers for April. There is a 1,044% increase since this time last year. That’s no typo. Literally more than ten times more.

    2. @Ash Roskell I knew that as soon as I mentioned Lindell, the lefty loonies would pile on, trashing him. A well known false argument – ad hominem attack. They can’t refute the message, so they just condemn the messenger and hope it all goes away. They do the same with Giuliani and others.
      ‘We used to hunt down and execute traitors who pumped out propaganda damaging to America.’ This must be a reference to the fake news media – 24/7 false narratives.. brainwashing lesser minds – ‘Trump-Russia’, ‘Trump-Ukraine’, ‘There was no election fraud’, ‘Insurrection’, ‘a threat to our democracy’…On and on they go.
      They hide behind ‘freedom of speech’ protections. But when does freedom of speech cross the line into sedition? Evidence shows that the fake news outlets coordinate with each other using suggested buzz words and phrases they think will work best in their propaganda campaigns. The ‘Big Lie’ is a prime example. Evil.

    3. @Ash Roskell “He’ll be declaring he’s king of the potato people”
      maybe he is.
      have you ASKED the potato ppl?

    4. @Maharajji NKB ” They can’t refute the message,”
      sure they can.
      [1] why didn’t Lindell take it to the courts?
      Kimmel asked him and he said he was going to take it to the supreme court. but it doesn’t work that way. that court doesn’t hear cases like that.
      and STILL no taking it to the courts by Lindell.
      [2] if he has definitive evidence of voter fraud, why didn’t he take it tot he cops or feds?
      if he didn’t, then he’s obstructing justice.
      that is if he had actual evidence.

      he claimed he took this evidence directly to the last president.
      so where is the DOJ investigation into it?

    5. @JJ Tall says the TROLL with NOTHING to rebut, what’s the matter, sweety, don’t like hearing FACTS?

  5. ‘Taking a sledgehammer to the pillars of our democracy’ – this is high quality analysis from Baratunde Thurston . . .

    1. You don’t want any party to challenge the Democrats, you want a Democrats dictatorship. At least be honest about it.

  6. Baratunde (sorry I don’t know how to spell your name) I COMPLETELY agree with all you say!

  7. Baratunde Thurston for the Homerun! I don’t think I’ve ever heard it put so plainly & perfectly.

    1. Jeigh Neither, I totally agree. Baratunde Thurston nailed it. I would like to hear more from him.

  8. “If you tell a BIG enough LIE and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”


    1. @Not Here supporter of Antifa and BLM in Seattle, Portland,Minneapolis, Chicago, NY, and Kenosha. If this is how you and your administration treat your own people, then I will accept your title, hypocrites!

    2. The Border Patrol just released the numbers for April. There is a 1,044% increase since this time last year. That’s no typo. Literally more than ten times more.

  9. You know what’d be a better phrase than: ‘Big Lie’ – treason. Because that’s what it was.

    1. sedition in peacetime, and yes they are committing treason even NOW every day they repeat the lie to Americans

    2. define Russia’s 2016 actions as ‘Cyber War’,it comes a lot closer to the legal definition of Treason. And Russia hasn’t stopped,neither has Trump and his minions. Time to nip this in the bud with some hard time.

  10. Yes Brian. Taking short cuts can leave one stranded. A wise man once said “to call a thing by its proper name is the beginning of wisdom.” Call the attack by its proper name: treason or sedition.

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