1. all i can say is that john podesta and his fellow kiddy diddlers at comet ping pong pizza (james alefantis aka i love children) and his brother anthony(tony) podesta knew very well that trump wouldn’t win in 2020 because they have total control over everybody that screws and kills/eats children gg

    2. Yeah, how do we live in a world where corporations decide who our reps are? And who gets censored

    3. @super genius you still spreading that old lie? Wow did you pick the wrong screen name.

    1. @Thakoordai Tulsee show them what ? Opinion and not facts . Shes s fail ! Remember when she got his tax returns a few years back . She dragged out a whole show to show what ? Not a dang thing but her butt hurt opinions ! Madcow, and MSNBC are both huge fails ! Just a few fun filled facts for you !

  1. It’s about telling the truth what happened last election and not being afraid to say out loud what we all saw.

    1. @Kreative Kulture TV lol before the civil war No Republicans held slaves only the DEMOCRATS

      The GOP have been indoctrinating them for decades, and you did NOTHING to help them. And now you have the gall to make fun of them?! They are victims, and you are enablers. That is the truth.

    3. @Justin Fraioli Yes, he was. And so were some Republicans. In other news, of course Republicans owned slaves. Here are some of the most prominent: Francis P. Blair, one of the Republican Party’s founders, owned slaves while he presided over the 1856 Republican convention and was a delegate in 1860.
      Benjamin Burton, who served twice as a state legislator in Delaware under the Whig party before becoming a Republican later in life, also owned slaves, according to his obituary. In fact, his 28 slaves made him Delaware’s leading slave-owner.

  2. Hi, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you about your vehicle’s warranty that’s about to expire.

  3. Stefanik grovelled well enough over impeachment and the Big Lie, made my stomach sour watching her spew her nonsense.

    1. So a replacement less in line with Trump is drinking kool-aid and going back for more? you’re stupid.

  4. You can’t win, Vader. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    1. @ralph holiman Trump is a fantastic negative mobilizer for the left. It would be a disaster if he went away, then Democrats would actually have to do something. We’ll never shut up about him, because he’s just too useful as an adversary!

    2. @ralph holiman Yes, I spend lots of time thinking about the opposition. Given your first post, you do as well.

  5. Doesn’t “this other thing” suggest that t-Rump has some kind of dirt on each of these sycophants???

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