1. “It’s a stupid waste of time.”

    Translation: ‘This does not personally impact me so l don’t give a hot sh-t.’

    1. @CCJJ160Channels ask caitlin jenner if thats right…iam sure she does have republicon friends like her in other states…

    2. @flamingo boot – so that makes it a stupid waste of time? That’s a rather myopic approach to governance

  2. People used to think that abortion right is guaranteed. Of course, it is not waste of time.

    1. @James James If guaranteeing basic and essential rights was left up to the individual states, there would probably still be slavery in some states.

  3. The one senator who hardly shows up to his job says that a vote on same-sex marriage is a total waste of time? Little Marco, come on.

    1. @Grace Munich In other words, you are not in Florida…:). I am and have been observing Val Deming since she was potentially a VP nominee. Cool and smart lady. Far cry from little nothing Marco.

  4. I wonder if Rubio thinks reversing Roe v Wade, by the Republican Supreme Court, was a wast of time?

  5. I don’t understand why the government has any right to tell people who to merry and who to love.

    1. @Judith Wake I understand that you people are miserable and need to mind your business about what people do in their lives…. THEIR LIVES…. this person is basically why people like you…. shouldn’t care if a person marries the same sex. It’s not effecting your life. Many of us in this world understand what this person is saying in the comment.. except you !… but we don’t care what you think.. that’s the best about this situation

    2. @David D separation of church & state is a thing, at least it should be. I could care less about your Christian beliefs

    3. @Lanie Parker Please spread the word. Cornpop is a good dude. He kept that hairy-legged lifeguard away from the children. That’s why joe doesn’t like Cornpop.

    4. Why do they have a right to tell us which cars we can drive or when and where we can own guns?

  6. I know at least one senator who’s a waste of time. There’s probably about 45 of them. Rubio, if you’re listening, take a long walk off a short pier! And, the Supreme Court is now a law making body in the US.

    1. I wonder how the GOP would react if this law affected heterosexual marriages? Has anyone put THAT question to them? If this isn’t about their religious ideology, they should be able to answer this question with no problem.

    2. No. The judiciary is the law-interpreting body of government. It is because that 49 states and the District of Columbia use Common Law as its legal system, the courts use case law when an issue is not covered by statutory law.

  7. Imagine being a Conservative who claims to have fought for your freedoms, and then taking those freedoms away when they go home.

    1. @ST7A Bad Karma Well what do those LGBTQ Conservatives think about the GOP proposing banning Gay Marriages?? Does it just make them so Peachy Keen Happy???

  8. This will motivate millions of women to come out and vote. Thank you, SCOTUS, for giving dems and progressives a massive boost. Expect a tsunami of donations for the blue cause 💰

    1. Timmy you make a good point. But I still believe most people are going too think about all the extra money there spending each month.

  9. The same people who yell “the govt can’t tell me what to do with my own body ! ” the same people who deny women’s bodily autonomy.

    1. Lmaoooooo
      Keep triggering the queen vladz trolling clowns buddy you’re doing great 🤣🤡🤣

    2. did ever if a baby inside a womb is alive?? can feel hurt ?? did ever ask that? or just pretending it’s not their?

  10. This won’t just be about regulating Americans in their bedrooms. They will come after worker’s rights and anything else that favors the oligarchy.

  11. Justices who decided to reverse abortion rights told congress during their job interview that Roe was decided law, and then months later after getting onto the bench took that right away. What makes ANYONE think they won’t go after more rights no matter what they are saying in this moment? Codify!

  12. Gonna have to correct the Senator here: marriage actually confers *THOUSANDS* (not hundreds) of state and federal rights upon spouses. These rights range from adoption and child support, to pensions and death benefits, to hospital visitation rights to Social Security benefits. I’m an attorney, and I researched this very issue when I was in law school and fighting against Prop 8.

    Marriage, in the legal sense, is a _contract_ between two people, a union of love and companionship to be sure, but first and foremost it is a legal relationship through which both parties are given rights and privileges by the state. Thus, if we were to deny same-sex couples the right to marry, it’s not merely that they would be denied marriage certificates — they would instead revert to second-class citizenship, because the government would actually be denying them *thousands* of rights that are otherwise given without any impediment to heterosexual spouses.

    Republicans know this. Marco Rubio, an attorney and a United States Senator, knows this. And I sure hope that the next time Rubio heads to South Beach, that the LGBTQ+ community reminds him of his oath of office — which includes defending the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

  13. Ok so i listened to what rubio said about this. It seems to me he’s partially if not completely blind to see what’s exactly happening inside his own community and to see what would be needed for these people.

  14. All I can say is
    1. Hope none of these Rs daughters, wives, sisters or mom’s are never raped or have problem pregnancies.
    2. Rs need to keep their dams noses/& our gov out of other people’s bedrooms and medicine cabinets.

    1. Didn’t the last president call him “little Marco”? He must not be much of a ladies man.

  15. “Of course, it’s not a ‘real threat!'” said everyone who thought Roe vs Wade would not be overturned.

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