Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt of Congress

Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt of Congress 1


    1. Okay? So how about Eric holder? He was served with same charge but republicans didn’t bring to grand jury! You want fairness? Eric holder many others over the years!

  1. LMAO – It took the jury longer to select a foreman than it took them to find Bannon guilty!!!

    1. @Faysal El idrissi The rule in this country is we are innocent until PROVEN guilty. That isn’t fair?
      A man tried to stab Lee Zelden who is running for governor and he was let go on the same day. How does that happen??!

  2. There needs to be a result that is MORE than guilty, like “guilty with malicious POS intent” so the sentence can be higher.

  3. Awesome!! Couldn’t have happen to a more deserving person. Steve has been talking real reckless on his podcast. He would not rest until something like this happened. Hopefully Navarro will have the same fate.

  4. Give him the full two years.
    Next – Bring on Navarro, who has even less of a defence. This on videotape –
    Ari Melber: Peter, are you going to comply with the subpoena?
    Navarro: No, I’l standing tall on this one.

    1. Hold them ALL accountable! Let justice not only be for the poor and disenfranchised! Let equal justice for all, actually mean something! Let all politicians get the message that they need to see to the will of the people, instead of influence peddling corruption!!

  5. It’s interesting that you do more time in jail for a DUI than you do for attempting to take down the government. At least it’s something though.

    1. He wasn’t charged with attempting to take down the government. The sentence is for these 2 convictions only.

  6. Steve Bannon: “Hell, I even showered and shaved for my appearance in Court. What the hell else did they want!!??”

  7. He won’t get any jail time unfortunately. Heaven forbid we make an example of these people who say they are all about “law and order” yet are literally criminals!

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s going to get time and it might be the max because of his defiance towards the court

    2. @buckeye chuck also he’s a repeat offender who accepted a pardon. Let’s hope the judge considers that.

  8. Could you imagine a judge giving one of us months before we have to serve any jail time if convicted of a crime?

    1. It’s only in movies when someone is sentenced on the spot after a guilty verdict. It’s very common for sentencing to be scheduled months later.

  9. If we have to go through this much for a simple misdemeanor deposition non appearance what are we going to go through for Rudy’s prosecution? This is exhausting! Can the wheels of justice move more quickly?

  10. Love the guy with the BIG LIE sign. Last time it was Failed Coup. Who knew “going mediaeval” on the Court meant saying nothing.

  11. I’ve had a pretty tough day. Then I just popped upon this headline.
    Makes me very happy. Thank God for good news like this.

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