George Conway reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s text

Conservative attorney George Conway reacts to texts from GOP leaders to former President Trump's White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on January 6. #CNN #News


    1. Uh…maybe it was a “joke” or she could claim that she never actually used the word “martial”.

    2. I’ll take Groucho,…i mean my Gazpacho! God, just stick with Harpo and Curly! They had more brains than full Nazi MTG!

  1. It’s so weird to see George Conway attacking trump on CNN, and his wife Kelyanne Conway, attacking Biden on Fox news.

    1. @Judy W. I could never understand the logic behind you never trumpers. Djt never wore a conservative patch on his shoulder but most of his decisions were pretty conservative in nature . When you compare him to his opponents I think we made the right decision whether we want hrc or jb . Djt was the right decision. Djt was a conservative without saying outright he was a conservative. Pro life.. anti war… American business friendly. I didn’t think he was perfect but way better then 44 43 42 and 41. I think think problem many republican voters have is their looking for a candidate that reflects them exactly issue for issue. But it reality you have to let some things go so you don’t end up with another progressive in the white house. I assume you didn’t vote this last election because you didn’t like Trump and you weren’t going to vote Biden and that was really foolish

    2. Ps McCain sold out the conservative movement. He betrayed his followers when he did a thumbs down gesture. 👎 all because of personal animosity

    3. @Robert Nussberger well maybe if Trump didn’t say McCain WASN’T a war hero, among other things, he would have got the vote he wanted.

    1. That’s is literally false. I don’t care less about them but they don’t even rank in the top 10,000. Wtf are u talking about?

  2. So many despicable people. I hope that they are held accountable at least in public for the rest of their lives. Like literally wherever they go, someone tells them to their faces how despicable they really are.

  3. Everything is projection :
    The exact criticism someone blames another actually ends up being the character of the person pointing the finger. Is projection just in all humans?

    1. Yes, bc most humans are essentially “not very far along”..I mean seriously that’s not a mistruth. Projection is unconscious, a prod from our inner self that really cares about us and is like..“hey hello”

  4. If trump believed it was ‘leftists’ he would not have said “We love you, you are very special”.

    1. @M Hall He obviously has been eating very well. That’s not political, just snarky about his much more padded physique. 😅😅😅

  5. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein

    1. “Never believe everything you read on the internet.” – Abradolf Linkler, Reichspraesident of the United States of Germany.

  6. Some judge needs to quell this ‘executive privilege’ / ‘attorney – client privilege’ BS once and for all. Clearly, crimes were committed, so there is no basis for hiding any evidence whatsoever.

    1. Attorney-Client Privilege is necessary. In this case, it’s an unfortunate cost of the freedom we gave

    2. As well as the convenient amnesia under oath. There must be a way to stop that nonsense. It’s making a mockery of justice.

    3. @RC Hobbyist Extreme When did any one of these people invoke executive privilege? Come on man; focus!

  7. People get jail time for a speeding ticket or drugs, but these miscreants can do things like this, and they’ll get nothing. It’s them and us.

  8. This sounds like teachers trying to calm down the high school shooter, and yet, in this case, the shooter walks free… why??😊

  9. To think that these guys are lawmakers and policy writers. The whole time thier on TV talking about crime when they are the real crooks. God help us!!

  10. The thing that stands out to me re all of the known texts to Meadows, is that not one of them said something like “tell the president this is happening and send help”, from any source, whether police or other such security. It’s a constant .? Tell him to call this off. To me that indicates every one of those who texted to call “this” off indicates they all knew it was Ts plan and each of these people were involved.

  11. Doesn’t sound like she thought it was antifa and BLM at the time like she lied in her hearing. Hope the judge is seeing this. That I don’t recall, remember, know shouldn’t fly.

    1. It’s cute that you think the judge didn’t already have his verdict in mind when he first walked into the courtroom. This is a big fart in the wind. I’ll be absolutely floored if the verdict goes against MTG.

  12. Does she ‘recall’ just weeks ago when she & Bobo tried to interfere and intently interrupt yet ANOTHER Constitutional mandated process, The State of the Union address?

    1. Yeah cuz the Dems are so innocent of that sort of thing.😂😂
      Don’t you remember Nancy Pelosi’s antics when Trump was giving his State of the Union address(ripping up her copy of the address for everyone to see)? Not a very good role model or leader for being the Speaker of the House!!😦

    1. We don’t always have to throw the truth in people’s faces, but denying our truth is cowardice (whether to others or ourselves).

  13. Once you attain a certain level in any society, it’s seen as “unseemly” to punish you the way an average citizen would be punished. Frankly, the public who accept it, deserve it.

  14. Marjorie realized the whole thing was a mess, starting placing calls that made it seem like she wasn’t in on this, otherwise she was telling people to ‘flood’ the place and made all kinds of disparaging remarks about Pelosi.

  15. If these 2,000+ documents were the non-scandal ones… I can only imagine what the 1,000+ other documents he has say within their text.
    Edit: Time for subpoena power!

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