George Conway takes on Trump's trial arguments 1

George Conway takes on Trump’s trial arguments


Conservative attorney and Trump critic George Conway discusses the arguments presented for former President Trump on the eve of his second impeachment trial.

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    1. @victor armand Those aren’t crickets buddy, thats pelosi’s false teeth rattling around while she tells Americans that her ice cream is better than ours

    2. The people deserve a full audit..A full audit would put this thing to rest..But every state is refusing to do it.It has to make you question why.

    1. @Victor Johnson They claim that footage of them in the tent was B4 the speech….Donny gooniers jaw was working overtime though…lol

    2. @Adam Taylor you are correct with that. It’s aweful but true. It’s just all about hate and the majority embrace it without question. Because it’s what there programmed to do.

    3. The Democrat Party NEVER believed in the U.S. They make that clear every day. That goes all the way back to when Democrats lost the Civil War.

    1. His bone spurs started acting up his feet were hurting so he went to the oval office to watch his riot on Fox.

    2. @Mountain Man the political elites all supported it, Trump the first potus in 40 years who hasn’t started a new war, and all 99% of rioting was carried out by libtards and encouraged by democrats

    3. @Green party of Wakanda is simply a matter of basic addition. Get your calculator out and tell us all what the sum is of $1400 and $600.

      Then maybe a light bulb right above your head will flicker.

  1. Trump was impeached while he was IN OFFICE. That a murderer leaves the scene of his crime does not exempt him from indictment and prosecution.

    1. @Genesis Omega Hi Genesis Omega, I’m sorry you feel that way. It is an accurate assumption to state that the left is just as unbalanced as the right. You are unable to see the relationship because you are caught in the loop of hate.

    2. @Pat Mahinie -The left has there own fair share of problems, but placing them on par with the right is just downright inaccurate and stupid. Even a high school student is aware of the glaring differences between the 2 parties and what character defects they each have, but I suppose the real question is, why it is that is lost on YOU? Either you know what the differences are and just don’t care or you really don’t know but you do nothing to try and figure it out. Either way, both make you a problem to our country and way of life. You can call my stance “hate” all you want, but then I would be allowed to call you perpetually stupid as well.

    3. @Genesis OmegaI’m sorry to tell you this Genisis Omega, there was no Russian collusion. That was a story used by the media to manipulate its viewers.

      The summer riots performed by Antifa were instigated by the media on the left.

      The Trump administration’s response to covid-19 was bound for failure because the left was determined to make it fail through constant harassment towards the Trump administration.

      You should have put your country first. Instead, you put your emotions (hate) first. Your side is equally disturbed, I promise.

  2. They refused witnesses. That was no trial. That was a bunch of thieves taking money while refusing to do their jobs.

    1. @Carolyn M. sorry you are the one misinformed. The Senate had 52 votes against hearing witnesses, evidence and testimony in last impeachment a year and half ago.
      Than after NOT hearing any witnesses, evidence, or testimony they immedietly voted to acquit Trump.
      Get your facts straight please.

  3. Trump cultists then: “You can’t impeach Trump because he’s the president and has immunity.”
    Trump cultists now: “You can’t impeach Trump because he’s not the president anymore.”

    1. @Genesis Omega Your first & second point are technically the same. And you haven’t responde the question. “Why one part is in a criminal case and the other not?”.
      Ok if you could give me ur email I will send you videos that Twitter deleted of riots and blm people who beat a bussines owner until kill him. The same with one cop, etc..

    2. @Old Grappler Nope bro, I’m not a fanatic of any person. But when there were riots and people start a chaos in US why the media support and every left politician support that. But on the other hand is wrong? Could you respond that? No, you can’t. So I am the one who is wrong here? Or it’s you?
      C’mon man

    3. ​@Heaven Celestial
      Few out of hand police brutality protests (most of which are on right wing) =/= Literal coup to overturn the election which you lost. You are just as disgusting as maga freaks, if not more:/

    4. @Heaven Celestial yes, I can. nobody supported violence. however, there is a MARKED difference between protesting over ACTUAL prejudice and bigotry and sacking the capitol over an absolute lie that was propagated by the president intentionally. the fact that you dont get that marks you as either a FANATIC or a liar. which one are you?

    1. @Adam Taylor You might be right, but the logic of it is hard to understand. Anyone with a larger IQ than shoesize will realize Trump is unlikely to help gain new voters for the Republican Party. At the height of his popularity 45% of Americans thought he did a good job, when he left, the same number was 34%. 34% is not enough to win neither the presidency nor a Senate majority. The only thing it will win is certain electoral seats in mostly rural U.S. communities. Those Trump and the GOP has held with a large margin both in 2016, 2018 and 2020, still the Democratic Party has the House majority. Add to that Trump lost votes from Republican voters who either voted for Biden on an otherwise red ballot, or didn’t vote at all cause they disliked Trump and the Republican Party under him, how on earth is Trump going to gain new voters for the party, when he has lost them more support after the election than the many who didn’t vote for him in November, which is the main reason he isn’t president anymore. It doesn’t matter if the GOP lose all of Trump’s supporters should they vote to impeach Trump, cause thanks to Trump’s demonisation of the Democratic Party, non of the dedicated MAGA people will vote for any Democratic candidate. They will either vote Republican, or stay home. So the key voters will be those Republican voters and independent voters who voted for Biden in November. They will never support Trump, or people who behaves like him. So the more the Republican party remains under Trump’s thumb, and the more they praise him and bullies those with the guts and integrity to stand up for what is right and true, the more firmly they will cement the voters I mentioned to Biden and the Democratic Party. And those voters will not stay home! Cause they see Trump as a threat to the country far bigger than that of a moderate Democrat like Biden. So if the GOP senators are smart, they will rip off the band aid with one move, vote guilty in the impeachment, and use the next almost two years to win back as many of the MAGA people as they can before 2022. But more important, win back the Biden Republicans, and win the independents who voted for Biden and the Democrats. If they don’t, they will not have a chance to win Senate majority in 2022, and could even lose House districts which isn’t rural.

    2. Democrats will destroy America without Trump. Job killing, open borders, no deportations. They never help the people. Who censored free speech? Who uses the media to silence their political opponents? Who wants to put people in deprogramming camps that disagree with them…they’ll eat the very people who put them in office. I won’t argue with a commie.

    3. @Steven Shuler Biden isn’t anything near a communist – but Trump comes very close to a nazi. His rallies and how he speaks is near a copy of Hitler’s rallies and themes of speeches in the 1930s. The only difference is Trump spoke English, not German.

    1. @Willy Bones There is no far left as in regards to political offices held or appointed lifetime judges just some goofs on the internet that will never acquire any political power.

    2. @Jim I wouldn’t want you on a jury bud.
      And hopefully you wont have to go to court and face 12 people just like you

    3. @Bruce Leroy Seeing these nutcases like Marjorie Greene or that gal from Colorado and the majority of the GOP Senate in lockstep doesn’t fill me with optimism that nutters from either fringe aren’t either already in power or won’t gain power.

    1. @peaceandllov protected from the government. Not billy bob down the street who could knock your lights out for saying he has an Oedipus complex.

  4. Also, the crowd was yelling, “Take the Capitol.” , during a portion of the speech. Did Trump hear this? If he did, and he encouraged the crowd to march to the Capitol after hearing the threat, more evidence he wanted an insurrection.

    1. Being the President he is informed about national threats. He was informed that there was social media “chatter” by pro-trumpers about sedition/insurrection. Not loudly voicing out to his followers that anyone who has such ideas are criminal, unpatriotic and should be ashamed, makes him responsible. He didn’t even do it when the insurrection had progressed for quite some time. He as an adult should know that not doing so would actually give a green light to those “stand by” people to do what they did.
      Trumps best defense would probably be that he’s an imbecile who just can’t predict such things.


    1. He had all his ducks in order in the 2016 election. I remember he threatened with his not so nice biker supporters..threatened if he didnt win would not concede only would he accept the vote if he won.

  5. All The Senate has to do is to bring in all those people who said. They believed Trump’s words made them believe to do what they did in capital.

    1. @Shaneia Pearson being an optimistic person i believe that Trump loving enabling trash in government will pay for their actions.

    2. Plus all that requested a pardon because they thought they did what Trump requested… they literally said we did it cause Trump asked us

    1. Desperados hear still clinging slow rot mayby spring loaded Gold plated gulitines or altimers waiting for French help at base of statue they gave up foolish.

    2. @Simon North Reading some of the comments here, I really worry about the future of the country. When people aren’t able to understand the difference between rational arguments and cheap shots, and think they win the debate making fun of Biden’s age, it doesn’t bode well for democracy and informed political debate.

    1. He was the swamp!! That’s the joke of it all! He’s the King of the Swamp! One good thing he did though, all of the swamp rats came to light! My wish would be, Convict and then immediately investigate every T lackey that signed on to the big lie! Ahhh, a girl could dream… Lol

  6. For an individual who thinks he should not be responsible because his whole life was blanketed with money, he should be held responsible

    1. You sound like a group of people who are after money?

      Otherwise your statement is PURE



      Lets be honest

      This is the perfect time to bring up the truth of the corrupt system again.

      How can you judge a man or woman ( citizen …. ) when Your are supporting Mass Sickness and Murderer everyday?

      I am not aware of you people going after the heads of the Rich who Sell Cigarettes for example?


      Or Alcohol?

      Or Drugs that are altered and MADE TO BE ADDICITIVE?

      Or the Many Soldiers sent to do dirty work and come home Messed up because of what they went through and they know it was wrong —- BUT WERE JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS








      Question All Citizens

      “Status of the law”
      When a name is spelled in all capitals it represents a corporation

      Corporation – is neither living or breathing and can’t control itself therefore needs a controller.

      A citizen is not a man or woman but a corporation.

      The word man and woman are not written in any government law or amendment or constitution.

      The government is a “Business” “Business” “Business”

      This business has the definition of
      Govern – to control
      Ment – the control of ones mind

      Government – To control the control of ones mind

      Department – De ( take away ) Part ( a piece ) Ment ( The control of ones mind )

      Citizenship is a “Contract” “Contract” “Contract”


      Birth Certificate Utility Bills House Title Car Title – NAME SPELLED IN ALL CAPITALS

      News Media Hollywood movies school books college businesses government…..
      All tools used to complete….Mind Control….

      TEACH freedom means to be not in control but actually under control by your very enemies.
      These controllers don’t care about you, aren’t family or friends, and literally use you like a slave without any compassion.

      Teach from a young age and let the idea form with no doubt, when grown will have a very difficult time with the world and reality.

      How can a man or woman be free when they aren’t taught how to read, write, or speak for themselves ( Hire an Attorney or Lawyer + $$$ time and energy and you won’t know what you signed or heard or agreed to after )????????????????????

      Don’t Get into trouble because you couldn’t defend yourself if you wanted to or had to.
      And the lawyers and attorneys aren’t for you, they will go have lunch with the judge prosecutor and your attorney and laugh after they collect off another victim to the system which is obvious entrapment and slavery to many great people.
      This business is called prison

      There are terrible people and they are are in control and have way too much power and authority from the people.

      1% of the population own 70% of the worlds wealth and control the remaining 30% that we man and woman fight over.

      THE world isn’t proactive at all!


      Never made it mandatory as homework or a job to grow your own food and learn to build repair houses vehicles…

      But to be dependent on the 1% collecting of we slaves…

      Lie to you about Medicine and poisons…

      Cigarettes have over 3000 chemicals in them and are proven addictive killers….yet they are being sold still at every gas station.

      Alcohol is a killer and has been proven to be yet they create bars and entrapment of places to go and drink and drive where many have died and lost their families lives and are in prison for life not even remembering driving home and making a mistake.



      Depend on a proven group of people who are corrupt, greedy, liars, who will destroy all the man and woman and the world without thought of consequence ( because they wouldn’t do it if they did )

      Who rule your lives, families, and world and govern your minds??

      If this is what you call Freedom, What is Slavery?

      Define and prove what slavery is.

      Seems like what we are being taught is wrong and the opposite of what they are teaching us in many areas is a better decision choice then the above.


      Answers to the problems?



    2. @Peoplelie Freethemen My god… 4601 characters needed to write down a bunch of incoherent nonsense aka crap aka bullsh*t. You know what… you take the place of blonde KAREN T GREEN and dark KAREN BOEBBERT both, cause you really are the summit – highest level – pinnacle in throwing around stupid bullsh*t diarrhea without any cohesion or purpose. Just what the GOP needs the most

  7. Right off the bat there is a problem with George’s argument – “Congress will look at ALL the facts” … we already know 45 members of The Senate who don’t care what the facts ARE,

    1. Exactly. Trump literally could kill someone in public. He could kill a crowd of people in public, and the GOP senators would look the other way.

    1. Why are they not having witnesses? The house can call anyone they please and no one can stop them..The Senate will sit as a jury and decide if the evidence prooves guilt or not..Both sides are allowed to have any witness they want to call.. Just like in any court case.. If witnesses refuse, they can be supenoed. So who has chosen not to call witnesses..No witnesses means no trial.. You have to have witnesses to have a trial..

  8. Exactly. He did nothing to stop it. That’s far more than enough to prove he’s guilt. He refused backup which he had the power to provide as soon as the limited barriers were violated.

    1. trump needs to go to jail. He doesn’t deserve to be in this planet. All he did was ruin our country all because he wanted to exploit those who cannot fight for themselves. Oh and by the way, trump needs to know that he is no longer president. Him and his supporters need to get over it and let us be happy for one in a lifetime since we had to deal with trump for 4 years

    2. @Cony Budding I tried but couldn’t possibly agree more with that. He should go to jail. Let him live out his miserable life there.

  9. It actually doesn’t matter in the least what he _meant_ by “fight like hell,” it’s what the worlds resulted in that matters. If I yell “This movie theater is ON FIRE!” but say I mean it’s a really cool place, I’m still inciting a riot. And his attorneys know that. They’re just laying the path for Trump TV to carry water on.

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