George Floyd’s Cousin: ‘I Want People To Remember The Life That He Lived' 1

George Floyd’s Cousin: ‘I Want People To Remember The Life That He Lived’


It’s been one year since George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by Floyd’s cousin and director of the George Floyd foundation, Tera Brown to discuss his legacy and how the family is moving forward from his death.

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George Floyd’s Cousin: ‘I Want People To Remember The Life That He Lived'


    1. @CShield Haha I doubt it, sounds like he’s likely to get a retrial. Either way at least a hardened criminal like Floyd is off the streets

    2. @CShield If it’s a fair trial then so be it. Then you had a criminal Chauvin take out another criminal Floyd. I won’t loose any sleep over it

    3. @Don Draper It was a fair trial and Chauvin is guilty. He’s been a criminal for a long time, and now he’s paying for his crimes.

    1. @ITHINKTHEFUCKNOT YOUTRICKASSBITCH Gaslighting. The racism is because of how you all are discussing the man. This amount of hatred for a criminal of any race or creed is uncalled for. You all are attacking the man George Floyd for how his likeness is being used and abused to fuel hatred.

      It’s working too, you brainwashed slug.

    2. @ITHINKTHEFUCKNOT YOUTRICKASSBITCH The woman lived and George Floyd spent his time in jail.

      You’re a disgusting human being.

    3. @ITHINKTHEFUCKNOT YOUTRICKASSBITCH I don’t have any idols at all, i can not stress that enough. I don’t believe in the fantasies that you do. I don’t have “faith” and have no need to idolize anyone.

      I am not a member of BLM or Antifa or MAGA. I don’t vote. I’m not left or right.

      I’m just defending a dead man that can’t defend himself.

      What trash humans attack a dead man? how humanity has fallen.

    1. @Humun correct, but to see his family well groomed after his death is sad. Where were they when GF needed some help, now they are promoting the “Legacy” of GF and they keep saying how great he is. If only they could be this caring when he was alive, he could recover from his problems. I hate to say this but what happened that day is a blessing that exposed how brutal the police, but I hope this kind of violence will end soon.

    2. It didn’t happen. The woman and her boyfriend were in the house, and neither was pregnant. The boyfriend says that Floyd was not the one with the gun, and the woman says Floyd had the gun. Nobody knows whether or not the gun was loaded.

    3. @Constituent A According to the official police report, Floyd is the one that forced the door open for the rest of his criminal buddies and he was the one that put a gun to the woman’s stomach.

    4. @Skippy Skipperson The police report states that she _tentatively_ identified him from a photo line-up as said person, and that her boyfriend identified him as a different member of the group. In any case, that was sixteen years ago, he served his time, and he had no arrests after that date.

  1. When l rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh no no, a miracle, I noticed the BLM muraI in a brown dye.
    P.S. White Money Matter

    1. @Friend – I’m just being honest. I think others might be feeling the same way. It’s not always about race and skin color.

      Matter of fact, I read the “justice in policing” bill, and I agree with all the provisions. Even though, it will have little proactive effect on behavior.

  2. Yes, remember that he was a junkie, held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach and resisted arrest.

    1. @Constituent A He held a gun to a woman’s stomach. I guess that’s okay with you, as long as she wasn’t pregnant.

    2. @Skippy Skipperson In point of fact, the woman and her boyfriend, who were both present, could not agree on whether or not he was the one who had the gun. The incident occurred sixteen years ago, and he hadn’t had an arrest since. Face it, you embellished the story for impact.

  3. You know your life is sad when the one thing you’ve done to redeem yourself is be at the end of a cops knee.

  4. i remember he robbed pregnant ladies and tried passing counterfeit money. How come none of these people gave him 20 dollars instead of letting him commit crimes. Now their god is dead and they are searching for the next martyr

    1. He never robbed a pregnant lady, and no one knows if he was aware that the bill Morrees Hall gave him was counterfeit.

  5. You should have a mural painted of G holding that gun to that pregnant mothers stomach during that home invasion. Really capture the essence of the man he was.

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