George Floyd’s Cousin On Congress Missing Deadline On Police Reform Bill 1

George Floyd’s Cousin On Congress Missing Deadline On Police Reform Bill

On the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police, his family is meeting with President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, as well as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. George Floyd's cousin and President of the George Floyd Foundation, and Reverend Al Sharpton join Geoff Bennett to discuss.
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    1. Sure glad the Demonrats didn’t block everything for the last four years.They gave Pres.Trump a lot of support!!!! LOL

  1. I find it funny every time somebody talks about Reverend Al sharpton Jesse Jackson and others. These people were out there fighting for civil rights while you was not even born most of you would talk mess. It shows me how America really is.

    1. The people who keep screeching that Sharpton is a race baiter are the same ones who worship Baby Cheesus, who actual racebaiting got people assaulted or killed.

    2. I’m sorry to tell you sweetheart I watched them and I’ve actually met these people in real life then nothing but race baiters and they only out for themselves bottom line.

    1. @Danger Close crime in LA decrease second year in a row.. lowest in 21 years FACT CHECK ME
      Evidence BELOW from the LAPD
      There were 253 murders in 2019, making it the 10th year in a row the city had fewer than 300 homicides. The homicide rate was the lowest since 1962.

      L.A. saw 65 fewer shooting victims last year — 945 — that’s the lowest number in 21 years, officials said. Property crime also declined by 7.4 percent in 2019.

      Today is “one of the safest times in Los Angeles,” said LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

      Officials attributed the decline in crimes to a variety of strategies, including gang intervention, community outreach efforts and more hours of patrols.

      Moore said the department has continued to invest in resources to train officers on de-escalation techniques.

    2. @Danger Close it’s easy to own people like you.. because you’re carbon copies of the others. You all use the same talking points…the same cities…the name narrative…the same approach..
      And get shut TF down all the same..

    3. @Zyda Bermudez you didn’t own anyone lol. You’re behind a screen spouting off bias that you search for in your echo chamber. Your kind make me laugh. Gibs me dat

  2. Friendly reminder that on Jun 5, 2020, the Stable Genius said, “Today is a great day for George Floyd” in response to a better than expected unemployment report being released.

    And nope, not making that up. 100% what he thought was a competent thing to say from the White House podium.

    1. @Danger Close I just DEMOLISHED you in another thread…want me to do it here too…or.???

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 I just DEMOLISHED danger close in another thread for saying that same thing.
      Comment to me again….I’ll do the same to you…
      DEMOCRATS aren’t hurting America…they aren’t perfect..but they are the best we got…it’s REPUBLICANS destroying disrespect to you…but this isn’t the debate you want

  3. Sad thing is theirs even a reason for a debate should have been open and shut from the door.

    1. REPUBLICANs don’t want it.. and Biden has to play politics..if he does it without them…they’ll probably pass laws that will counter it…for now leave it up to the states… alot of states already defunded and reformed..but it won’t become a NATIONAL rule without the right wing.

  4. When l rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh oh no way, it’s a miracle, I noticed the BLM muraI in a brown dye

    1. I’ve seen this everywhere & I have no idea what you’re trying for. Are you putting down BLM or trying to lift them up with a weird analogy? I’ve asked you before to explain this & I’m still waiting.

    1. Yes…the millionaires & billionaires are receiving too much government welfare…shut that spit down!!!

    2. @David Eby TANF doesn’t last a lifetime. Maximum 24 consecutive months, total lifetime maximum 48 months.

  5. I was under the impression that this would not take so long to pass legislation. I thought we had a sense of urgency.

  6. Celebrating the life of a violent felon with a lengthy rap sheet? No thanks. Interview the woman who George
    held a loaded gun to her pregnant stomach during one of his home invasion robberies as to how she feels.

    1. Trump and his crooked gang are more responsible than anyone for the Death caused by the covid19 mismanagement during all of 2020. They also are the reason why the house and Senate are not 100% vaccinated. Pro-life party if you are a virus.

    2. @Michael Dautel I hear Trump’s mishandling of the Virus is why the death toll has started to climb so high in other parts of the world. Pandemic, not epidemic.

  7. Can police presence or force make one feel protected and served?
    If police does their duty with service in mind to protect us as individuals, like offering taxi service at 4am because no taxi around, like biking around asking if cat on sidewalk with you is ok, no guns, no fear of people, then, we can be One Nation, protected and safe from all harms.

    1. Should police be called when someone tries to use a fake $20 bill? Should that person be arrested ? Is that a service they should provide to businesses.

    2. @john os it’s the kindness of the police going into any scene that matters, and of course $20 is just so small, no one needed to treat George Floyd like a threat, you know?

  8. This bill is not addressing the root problem of policing. Police protect red lined communities, and abuse the impoverished communities.

    1. What does that even mean? Why would police put their lives at risk? You aren’t too smart,eh?

    2. @mike sweeney Police have thousands of encounters with citizens ans non citizens everday. With that many encounters there will be bad things happen in rare instances. Twice as many whites,armed and unarmed,are killed by police as are Blacks. There are bad apples. Police have a thankless job and are put in situations where they have to make life and death decisions in a split second. If that cop makes the wrong decision,ppl watch it over and over in slo mo and critic what the officer did.

    3. @David Eby First slave catchers = police. Jim Crow law enforcement = police Redlining Beneficiaries = police. Mass Incarceration net slingers = police. Civil Rights Suppressors = police. Status quo keeping, again equals police. Over and over again beating the elderly, blind, autistic, crippled, inebriated. Murdering children in ghettos way more than wealthy suburbs(Red lined communities).

  9. Until this kind of police brutality starts happening to white people on the same scale, nothing much is going to significantly change the perspective of those in charge.

  10. Democrsts are always so weak and ineffectual. Too bad they’re all that stands between America and the end of it’s drmocracy.

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