Dr. Atul Gawande Talks Vaccination Efforts, New U.S. Intel Report 1

Dr. Atul Gawande Talks Vaccination Efforts, New U.S. Intel Report


Dr. Atul Gawande, a Surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital joins Geoff Bennett to discuss the recent U.S. intel report regarding coronavirus. He also served on the Biden-Harris Transition Covid Advisory Board
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  1. We were told that the vaccinations are 95% effective. Some people will test positive. President Biden and the team are doing a great job.

    1. Famous last words of the person begging for a ventilator . Since we now know that the virus was man made in a Chinese laboratory thus not natural you probably dont have any antibodies to resist the Chinese virus

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis It definitely came from a lab. Which means it’s been trained to adapt and the vaccines won’t stop it long term. The only chance we have is our immune systems protecting us in spite of what they did.

    3. If you’ve never been sick with Covid-19 and haven’t been vaccinated, then no, you cannot possibly have the antibodies for this virus.
      This is true regardless of where it came from and whether or not its release was deliberate.
      Let’s be clear though. While the lab-leak hypothesis has the possibility of being correct, it is still not yet proven. Bear it in mind the next time a right-winger tries saying “we told you so”; they never wanted to know what actually happened, they just wanted a Chinese scapegoat. What seems clear, however, is that even if this did originate in a lab, it was not released on purpose. I support a full and transparent investigation (read: not a witch-hunt) into finding out where this virus came from and how it got out. What I am not interested in doing, however, is watching idiots claim that they’re immune or resistant without prior exposure.
      You know how sometimes doctors will deny new patients if they smoke? Maybe we’ll eventually hit a point where people who refuse the Covid-19 vaccine will be deprioritized in a triage situation involving that virus. Perhaps that would be a fitting consequence for failing to get vaccinated. “Okay, sure; your body, your choice. But since you left yourself open when there was an option to protect yourself, we see no reason to bump you up the queue.”

  2. Just imagine how the vaccinated must feel knowing those special ingredients are inside them right now

    1. The real danger is getting those tiny COVID clots from a COVID infection that will travel through your body and settle in all your organs. You might think you had an asymptomatic COVID case, or you might think you have recovered, but those tiny COVID will be in all your organs working away for rounds two, three, and four. Cheers.

    2. @ruth depew Where do you get your WRONG information? SARS-CoV2 does not cause blood clots. The “vaccines” do. SARS-CoV2 causes a blood disease, whose symptoms are collectively labeled COVID-19, but there has never been a link that connects SARS-CoV2 directly to COVID-19.

      Get you facts straight.

    3. @TheBase1aransas you have everything all mixed up, he did NOT die from a stroke, he died from unrelated causes

    4. I’m getting vaccinated on Sunday, and while I’m not American, I can tell you that I trust the science. Science says that complications are extremely rare, that the technology is safe and that no harm is likely to myself from getting the shot. Ergo, I bow to the expertise of people who actually know what the christ they’re talking about. But hey, if you want to cast doubt on the vaccination effort because you got your degree from the now-defunct Trump University, go ahead. Just don’t mind the rest of us if we all stop, point and laugh at you.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Hahahahahaha….you are so naive. Just Google the following names: Ralph Baric, Shi Zhengli, and Peter Daszak. Shi Zhengli even thanked the NIAID for the funding. It’s clearly printed in her research paper.

  3. If everyone got a free big mac for a week or Starbucks Latte for a week people would line up around the corner. To save your neighbor

    1. Sun Dial unfortunately that is NOT true, Moderna nor Pfizer took money from operation warp speed, trump failed at the roll out.

  4. A research lab in Maryland was shut down in Aug 2019 for unknown reason. Why isn’t anyone investigating that??

    1. Yongho Minale because it already has been investigated

      Research on dangerous pathogens has been suspended at an Army lab at Fort Detrick in Maryland after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found biosafety lapses there, August 2.

      This is why they were shut down.:

      Here are some of the violations the CDC observed during inspections of Fort Detrick that year:

      Severity level: Serious

      The CDC reported that an individual partially entered a room multiple times without the required respiratory protection while other people in that room were performing procedures with a non-human primate on a necropsy table.

      “This deviation from entity procedures resulted in a respiratory occupational exposure to select agent aerosols,” the CDC wrote.

      Severity level: Serious

      The CDC reported that the lab did not ensure that employee training was properly verified when it came to toxins and select agents.

      “These failures were recognized through video review of laboratorians’ working in BSL3 and ABSL3 labs,” their report said. “[These] indicate the [lab]’s means used to verify personnel understood the training had not been effective, leading to increased risk of occupational exposures.”

      The CDC went on to specify that a laboratorian who was not wearing appropriate respiratory protection was seen multiple times “partially entering” a room where non-human primates that were infected with [redacted] were “housed in open caging.” They also observed a laboratorian disposing of waste in a biohazardous waste bin without gloves on.

      Severity level: Moderate

      In this violation observation, the CDC went into more detail on the incident of the worker not wearing gloves while disposing of biohazardous waste, writing that “biosafety and containment procedures must be sufficient to contain the select agent or toxin.”

      The corrective action they recommended was to confirm that relevant personnel have been trained to wear gloves to prevent exposure to hazardous materials.

      Severity level: Serious

      In this observation, the CDC notes that the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases had “systematically failed to ensure implementation of biosafety and containment procedures commensurate with the risks associated with working with select agents and toxins.”

      The violation specifically observed involved “entity personnel […] propping open” a door while removing “large amounts of biohazardous waste” from an adjacent room, “[increasing] the risk of contaminated air from [the room] escaping and being drawn into the [redacted]” where the people working “typically do not wear respiratory protection.”

      Severity level: Moderate

      The CDC reported that the laboratory failed to safeguard against unauthorized access to select against. They wrote that personal protective equipment worn while decontaminating something contaminated by a select agent had been stored in open biohazard bags, in an area of the facility that the CDC has redacted for security reasons.

      “By storing regulated waste in this area, the entity did not limit access to those with access approval,” they wrote.

      Severity level: Moderate

      The CDC reports that someone at the lab did not maintain an accurate or current inventory for a toxin.

      Severity level: Low

      The CDC reports that a building at the Fort Detrick laboratory didn’t have a “sealed surface to facilitate cleaning and decontamination.” This included cracks around a conduit box, cracks in the ceiling, and a crack in the seam above a biological safety cabinet.

    1. That’s an awfully strong word. Are you sure you know what it means and what it implies? When you answer, remember that the failed former president made a point of downplaying the virus, thereby ensuring that more people died. So of course, if you mean to say that politicizing Covid-19 was a republican-supported attempt at genocide, then at least there’s a ring of truth in that. Still, Covid-19 kinda doesn’t discriminate in who it affects and who it kills, while genocide is the extermination of a group of people based on some sort of ethnic commonality (killing a mall full of five thousand people is mass murder or slaughter, killing six million Jews is genocide). Again, I’m not sure you even know what the word meant, but hopefully this sets the record straight.

    2. @Gregg Chambers This is vaccine genocide, genetic armageddon, the genetic corruption of the human race.

  5. When l rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh oh no no way, it’s a miracle, I noticed the BLM muraI in a brown dye

    1. 7 Years on YT and 90% of what you post is about your brown-eye……I bet you bleached it orange by now, so tRumpies know were to put it.

  6. And those of us warning about the vaccines, currently spreading “misinformation and conspiracy theories” will unfortunately be vindicated too…

    1. You just go on telling yourself that, while the rest of us with basic math skills recognize the statistical insignificance of complications thus far. It’s not perfect, but it’s a long, long way from the danger you’re trying to make it appear to be. Covid infection numbers are down, vaccine numbers are up. I would love to see you argue this slice of objective reality.

  7. 331,450,000 total people in the U.S. of every age.
    People under 18 is 22.3 %.
    Subtract the number of children from the total, subtract the number who died after the shot from the total number of people, subtract the amount of adults who were diagnosed with accute respiratory infection that received the shot but not tested, subtract the placebo shots that most likely was given & you have your total of adults.
    On the U.S. Census cite, white is listed twice one approx 70 % the other approx 60%. I don’t understand that.
    The races it effects the most are already at a low number of people living.

    The numbers are only as good as the people looking for the cases & if they disagree that Covid-19 is something different then before or don’t want people to wear masks because of their political stance then an accurate number is not obtainable, only an approximation.
    And I know for a fact that testing is not being done on all patients with accute respiratory problems.

  8. You know, Trump wanted more info on the census but, I don’t see all races on there.
    I guess German, French, Ukrainian etc are just considered white ?

  9. Go on soundcloud or bitchutes websites and type: Jon Rappoport Creation of a False Pandemic.
    In 6 parts. You will learn something that the top doesnt want you to know. Amazing!!!!

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