George Floyd's family reflects on the year since his murder | USA TODAY 1

George Floyd’s family reflects on the year since his murder | USA TODAY


It's been one year since George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.
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To millions around the world, the final minutes of Floyd’s life, captured on a shaky smartphone video, reflected decades of police brutality against Black and brown citizens and unleashed global protests calling for racial justice. The police were called out to investigate a report that Floyd allegedly used a counterfeit $20 bill to pay for cigarettes. Floyd's family shares their stories about the man they remember.

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    1. It’s been proven white people don’t try so hard to run away. They know right from wrong.

    2. @Habu Sake exactly. When the Left only calls for accountability in BLACK victims or only care about BLACK victims, that immediately invalidates the grief that anyone who is mourning the loss of someone to the police has. Rather than looking at police misconduct against Blacks, we should be looking at the issue as a whole; something that affects every race.

    3. @Habu Sake I was agreeing with you about whites dying more. Try reading.

      My point is why did you immediately interject with racism when I’m saying floyd died of an overdose? Does that make you 1. Not having the iq to interpret the conversation 2. A race hate baiter 3. A racist always thinking about color or race of the skin?

      I’m guessing you’re all three.

    4. Habu doesn’t take sides or show preference for race because we are all one race, the human race.
      Habu has left the building.

    5. @Natural 235 if they knew right from wrong the history of America would not be jacked up and neither would the present??? Did they know right from wrong when they went to the capital???? Stay online and talk this bs because we both know you aren’t brave enough to say it out in the open.

  1. Man, I’m sorry the guy died, I’m also sorry BLM did all the crimes they did before it ever went to court.

    1. @Jackie Bennett
      I got no problem with the cause except that it’s like only black lives matter. I’ve damn near been killed by cops more than once and I wasn’t even committing any crimes.

    2. A lot of cops are just trigger happy and let me tell you something, they don’t give a damn what color you are.

    3. @Habu Sake I get that your saying like all lives matter but I’m saying that blm is popular just because of you know the fear that comes with being pulled over. But in this case blm,alm, Asian, everyone matters

    4. Well, I’m not gonna argue with y’all, I mean, I know a cop is more likely to shoot a black person, unless it’s me it seems like.
      IDK why but these damn cops in this tiny hick azz town where I live just pure hate me.

  2. There is a simple resolution to this problem….don’t break the law and commit crimes and you will not have a problem with the law! Maybe it’s time to address the real problem…..

  3. The real purpose should be staying away from crime then you don’t have to run from doing the time.

  4. George Floyd was not an angel, to suggest otherwise is blasphemy. I don’t understand why anyone would give Floyd absolution, find inspiration nor call him a hero. What did he do for America or mankind .can we find anyone else; a politician, military hero,president, civil rights leader, family member– anyone more deserving. And it is always Black people people, I have not seen nor heard anyone White,Asian or Latins herald the “virtues” of George Floyd. And what does taking one knee, not saluting the flag or turning uour back when the national anthem is played have to do with any of this. Its plain socialist and not American. I am sure the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan appreciate you not saluting, taking a knee or protesting for them and against the war.

  5. The family reflects on how their lives drastically improved large settlement from the city no more dealing with the problems a drug addict brings

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