Will He Flip? Feds Target Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg 1

Will He Flip? Feds Target Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg


Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade reacts to the criminal investigation into the Trump Organization and reports that investigators are looking into the finances of the company's CFO Allen Weisselberg.
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    1. @Your Name microwave popcorn sucks. There’s nothing like popping fresh in oil, and yes, drizzling with real butter.

    1. @J give mommy’s phone back kid … Not sure what was more pathetic that comment or liking your own crying post

    2. @DND SoundEFX Sad orange donkey. Dehumanization is a fantastic way to project ones own self perceived vision of supremacy.

    1. @Wayne Burton : Oh, is that what it was? I thought she was just being sarcastic and passive aggressive, in the manner typical of trump’s Karens? But, I’ll take your word for it

    2. @Wayne Burton My night will be busy. I want to eat, also, meth is over. I am going to burn something so to protest against the police brutality, also, I will loot some home of the white supremacists. BLM!!!

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra . Seems to be several criminal code violations in your evenings agenda. The police have not, as yet been defunded.

    1. How many times you going to post this same comment? You liberals sure like attention don’t ya? I guess that’s expected from weak victim types..

  1. Bush J.r.: Ok Donney, just say “don’t be a flip-flopper, Weasleberg,” while giving him a nuggie.

  2. FAAAAAAARKKKKKKKKKKKKK, I just want to boycott all Trump related news until an actual swat team is storming Mara Lago (but that’s just wishful thinking)

    1. I agree. Wanna see action! 5 years of hearsay and conspiracy is not exactly “news” anymore lol.

    2. It’ll be funny when Florida Governor Ron DeSuckazz tries to “shield” him from extradition to NY

  3. I bet Allen Weisselberg is hiding from the same hit squad that took out Epstein before he could testify against Trump

  4. I hope Weisselberg takes into consideration the fact that if tables were turned, the Stable Genius would have flipped faster than pancakes on a hot griddle!

  5. Trump will try to get off on an insanity plea. – “Who knew my kids & Allen were all insane?! You can’t blame me, I’m genius!!!”

  6. He better does, because the trumps are already setting him up to be the only one to blame:
    Ivanka claimed in a different investigation (the one revolving around the shady inauguration of 2017) that she does not know Weisselberg! She actually filed this statement! And she did so, to distance herself from him. Wait for the other Exec Kids to follow the example.

    1. All the Trumps think they can lie with impunity and everyone will believe them. So people do, but not the ones who count. Weisselberg the CFO isn’t a new comer to TrumpInc. He worked with Fred Trump for years while Trump learned the ropes. They socialized together. There are plenty of photos of them together starting when the were tots. No one believes Ivanka. And they’ll add perjury to her charges.

  7. Accusations make people move like they’ve learned something. Constant,makes people think they have to.

  8. They attacking Trump because they don’t want him to run again. Next time it maybe harder to cheat at the polls like last time.

  9. Ok here we go yet again. Media has all the anti-trumpers in a frenzy getting all giddy hoping Trumo goes to jail. Yawn. Wake me up in 2024 when he is on the ballot.

  10. Lemme guess they got their evidence from an anonymous source and his last name is Steele?

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