George Floyd's lawyers and family provide update on Derek Chauvin trial (LIVE) | USA TODAY 1

George Floyd’s lawyers and family provide update on Derek Chauvin trial (LIVE) | USA TODAY


Jury selection was delayed Monday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin while an appeal proceeds over the possible reinstatement of a third-degree murder charge.

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  1. Just don’t riot for 3 months straight if he gets off on the murder case. That’s nothing but a bad look

    1. @Trent Miller 11 nanograms of fentynol plus meth and opiods …11 nanograms is 3x lethal dosage ….as a someone whom has been prescribed fentynol I know the dosages ….taking over 2 nanograms can kill you ….Mac Miller died with 2.2 nanograms..

    2. @MadDuckling awss tough guy behind a keyboard …casino milaca minnesota come find me … bet you don’t run that mouth in person boy …come play on the REZ with me I need a boxing bag aka ur face

    3. @rudyyy60 so he didn’t get murdered by the cop we saw standing on his neck? You may be one of the biggest bootlickers I have ever encountered. Also, you cannot spell and come off as very stupid because of this.

    4. @MadDuckling they know it exists they just don’t care. They have inhumane responses to other people’s tragedies, or anything that will make them change their hateful ways

    1. @neverdavenever Didn’t you hear about his biggest accomplishment? Burglarizing an innocent woman’s home and holding her at gun point. That takes a lot of skill and preparation, so they call it an accomplishment.

    2. @PonyStation I just noticed how many dislikes this video is getting. I guess a lot of people aren’t buying it.

    1. All slave-owners offsprings don’t deserve Land Nor businesses opportunities definitely they do not deserve to be in politics & law enforcement

    2. @Brandon Simpson you forgot they will buy everything they don’t need. They go broke in couple of years.

    1. @Sonny Ankau yeah sure. Suree. Hahahaha i have a video of a cop being helped up back to the front by protestors. The truth’s out there buddy.

    2. @Daniel Faraday how bout the or the war on drugs? All the black family locked up for years over a plant?

    3. @Sonny Ankau Conservatives were not out rioting. Christ sake brainwashed sheep. The First arrest was the Leader of Antifa! Who was quickly let go after. There were no guns (aside from police) and the only deaths were Trump Supporters. Not condoning what happened everyone involved should be punished to the harshest extent of the law, but Antifa and BLM should be tried as domestic terrorists because they are! Billions in damages Billions! Looting, robbing, arson those are mostly black owned buisnesses that empolyed people in their community so many lives ruined! Not to mention 1000s of casualties police, secrete service, civilians many deaths grotesque beatings of normal citizens. People in those citys lived in FEAR of being murdered on the street in front of their families and being robbed. The media did not cover the peaceful riots it was a 3rd world war zone there are many videos out there I recommend looking into it!

  2. lets all be come drug addicts and over dose an fight the police it will be OK we want have to take responsibility for our on actions

  3. Even if that man hadn’t of put his knee in the other man’s neck he was already going to die he had at least lethal dose of fentanyl in your system cops didn’t kill him fentanyl did

    1. There’s no way that cop didn’t hasten his death drugs or no drugs. Cop lost his cool , just look at the non caring expression on his face while he was killing him. Nuff said

    2. @Colt1968 95 That was an acceptable technique used over 240 times by that department and resulted in just over 40 losing consciousness with only George Floyd’s death. 3 to 4 times the lethal amount of fentanyl was found in his system so he overdosed, nuff said.

  4. Could not watch the above fake news, how many new cars, large screen tv’s etc, have they purchased, good times for the above group. pu

    1. @Nick Fuentes keep showing your true racist hate and using that fake account to type with and hide behind buddy.

    1. @Sir Babz Your opinions make your opinions less than mine.. and worth ridicule. I mean.. are you really trying to pass this comment off as an equally valid opinion? That’s just sad friend.

    2. @MadDuckling Oh, no, I was just sort of criticizing your comment….. it seemed a little harsh and definately not on point… just my opinion…. I don’t see the connection between the person’s comment and that they may live in a trailer park

    3. You don’t start using drugs for no reason. Someone in the immediate family does too. It happens more than enough that is why he was off the charts criminal. Drug dealer rapist drug addict. They won’t have that money long. It’s already cursed

    4. @MadDuckling came from a manufactured home community it was cheap living without neighbors litteraly inches from u … I saved BANKKKK now own a stick built home on edge of town plus a lake lot with a year round usable cabin …
      Probably pay more in taxes every year then you make in a year …scrapping cars n hotshot trucking …dot rapes us so does the government 4 full-time employees Probably make more then you do …

    1. @Katie Davenport geesh you have a lot of pent of aggression in you. Maybe you belong in prison as well because your thought process is dangerous. Thankfully your crazed decision doesn’t matter. Black Lives Matter the mantra derived by speaking out against unprovoked and unpunished murders of an innocent black man. It isn’t however the first time unprovoked murder has been protested. The world just happened to get a view behind the curtain. I personally have advocated, protested and supported change in laws. George Floyd was a criminal, the place for criminals is jail NOT murder at the hands of a murderous cop.

    2. @Lynn Glover or had the murderous cop been fired a long time ago maybe George Floyd would have been arrested and not killed

    3. Or all the other violent crimes. He was a violent criminal and drug addict. Not a racist statement just facts. I saw the video of the officer too and I think the officer did an amazing job keeping the peace with a known violent felon who was clearly high out of his mind no question if you watch. They gave him chance after chance, now his death it is terrible it was unnecessary and due to poor training. The officer did what he was trained to do. There was NO racism involved shoot if that was me I would of ate pavement in 2 mins in not 20(and thats stretching it). Again not condoning the officers response at the end, but he went above and beyond for a long time before that. All he had to do was comply I understand not wanting to being a career criminal and high af he was probably afraid of another strike with possible lot of time. This man was not the man to rally behind for a movement smh. Also he died later at the hospital and it was recorded as an overdose and covid death. Im sure the knee to his throat didn’t help and the officer should be retrained, but fire him or put him in jail? Look how nice he was the whole time! In Southie I have had white and black cops diesel tatted up monsterous men yoke me up out of no where for “looking suspicious”.. I was with my stepfather who happens to be black lol if anything I would say that’s racial profiling.

    4. @Sean Fitzpatrick the end game should have been an arrest not murder. More than half people being arrested are at least initially resistant. That restraint he used was almost 9 minutes long all the while obstructing George Floyd’s airway. They already had cuffs on him and actually placed him in the vehicle. The officer was a power tripping dangerous man that shouldn’t have remained in the post on to protect as soon as he killed his first victim. You being stopped in Southie doesn’t give you insight to the racism of BPD they have a long history and present of their behavior. When he picked up off of the concrete his body was lifeless and was pronounced dead in the ambulance. Both autopsies cited his death as a HOMICIDE

    1. @Jamie Hunter you have to admit that some cops are racist point blank period. If we can’t agree on nothing else but that statement alone to be a fact just look at black history and what has happened you will understand he was not doing a service or protecting nobody at that time he was racist and you know it

    2. @Sexy Lady I did when I first saw the news story and utube videos and I actually was out raged and cryed for him. But after seeing the body cam, the autopsy report and hearing more information surrounding GF and the situation… I DO NOT think there was racism involved.

    3. @Sexy Lady  @Sexy Lady  Finding a racist in my generation or the children of my generation was so rare. But all this fingure pointing and assumption is most certainly causing a divide.

    4. @Sexy Lady He did say he couldnt breath for about 10 mins before the knee over and over. Has anyone actually seen the video?? Its 30 mins of this cop talking KINDLY to him reassuring him while dudes a violent career criminal thank god he did not run into you. The guy was high out of his mind its very clear! The cop went above and beyond for 30 mins until finally he put him down(by Georges request btw he wouldnt get in the car) yes the knee was excessive and they need to do some retraining, but this movent is insanity watch the whole video.

  5. 27 million bucks!!! George Floyd’s family just won the lottery! They should have stood there with an oversized check!

    1. Same for the female in Charlottesville va riot. She died of a heart attack and her mom house got paid off in full ! Democrats

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