George Santos gets heckled by Congressman on Capitol steps

Embattled New York Republican Representative George Santos spoke to reporters after the House voted to move a referral for his expulsion to the Ethics Committee. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) then debated about Santos. #CNN #News


    1. @leg. It’s smart to focus on this guy to deflect from the disaster happening in Ukraine / the border / the financial impending doom . Yeah ! Santos is worse than Hitler ! Stay strong in the narrative, bro !

    1. And what they see they can’t respect. Santos is causing America to lose its credibility in the world. Not to mention, a total lose of credibility among most Americans.

  1. Any time anyone interviews or talks to Majorie Greene should just keep asking her about her views and videos on Sandy Hook

  2. That suit is not doing Santos any favors in dissuading us that he is not a complete 🤡. Also should have included the soundbite where he said “I can chew and walk gum at the same time.” 🤣

  3. Im voting for the guy who gave up a lot of his wealth to serve his country. Not the guy that gave up his country to serve his wealth.

    1. I think the CEO of Little Cesar Pizza, I don’t want to lie , but I read somewhere that he likes to stay very low key, pays rent for few poor people and gives to charity a lot because he thinks life is short and he will not bring the money with him🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. That was EMBARRASSING behavior…if it was the other way around, they would be accusing the Republican of racism. Bowman should be CENSURED for that. You should not be allowed to treat another sitting member of Congress this way…how do you maintain a civil workplace when people are treating each other in this DISRESPECTFUL way?

    2. ​@PRAISE GODif Santos was a Democrat, he wouldn’t be supported by the democratic party.

    3. @PRAISE GOD yes censured for using his right to free speech. did he insult santos personally? since when is holding a MEMBER OF CONGRESS accountable and calling on him to resign embarrassing? sorry you don’t speak for yourself and do as your told. learn to speak out when there is injustice. the people were defrauded here Bowman and any one of Santos’ colleagues or constituents have the right to display outrage.

    4. I love it when Bowman acts stupid and doesn’t want to recognize his party lost 85,000 migrant children!

  4. gotta love the GOP. Whine about everything except holding their own party accountable. Giving MTG a microphone or air time is one of the biggest wastes of time ever

    1. Because it’s fine if it’s there party all they care about are the other party and that nothing but lies

  5. I hope the judge in Santos criminal case looks at his brazeness, and the fact he committed fraud to get into Congress, and the fact he decided to drag this out, as a reason to take a couple of upward departure, and add several extra years to his sentence.

  6. Santos’s days are numbered, no matter what his fellow republican cult members say, MTG needs to go with him.

  7. Whenever I see Marjorie Taylor Green characteristically addressing her trademark issues I can’t help wondering why members of Congress aren’t subject to mandatory drug testing.

    1. Coz the true crazies are like that without drugs. If anything she needs drugs. Reallllllllllyy strong antipsychotics to start

  8. If the Republicans kick Santos out they’re going to have to kick MTG out too because she’s also an embarrassment to the party. 😅

  9. Oh GAWD! Who would *WANT* that job??
    I couldn’t imagine myself having to hear, see or be in the same room as MTG without wanting to punch her face in. It would be far too much stress to bury

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