Revelations deepen sense that a grave moment approaches for Trump

Latest revelations from the special counsel’s probe into ex-President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents deepen a sense that a grave political moment is approaching. An exclusive CNN report that appears to point to a core weakness in Trump’s case is reinforcing the possibility that the 2024 presidential contender is in a heap of legal trouble. #CNN #News


  1. If I had a nickel for every time I heard “the walls are closing in on Trump” I’d have a whole bunch of nickels.

    1. “Look: he said this at our town hall. See we did a good thing.” – CNN

      No one: Tru, gud jawb. Ya. * light applause *

  2. Not sure why Trump thinks it makes a difference whether it was declassified or not.
    He is not permitted to keep White House documents period.
    He CAN look at documents from his administration in a SCIFF, but not in his private residence and certainly not golf club.

    1. I guess in a closet at a college or in the garage was where he should have put them. Maybe you wouldn’t be talking about it

  3. All I know is if I had some interesting information and I wanted to share it I would totally be like it’s been classified now

    1. Such as those who don’t see how 45 came to power using tactics similar to the Reich’s.

  4. I remember in an interview with Sean Hannity, Hannity asked trump if there was a process to declassify documents. trumps response ” there can be but they don’t have to be”.

  5. Even if he could declassify them just by saying it, this does not change their ownership. They belong to the government regardless whether they are classified or declassified — these are two completely separate issues.

    1. You are correct, the Presidential Records Act doesn’t have anything to do with classified or declassified; it is just about preserving history. The question that is probably going to come up is whether there is a grace period between a person not being President anymore and turning over the documents, and would copies of the documents be acceptable.

    2. He absolutely can declas anything.
      The President, and only the President, has planary powers over national security matters, including document classification and declassification. The Supreme Court articulated this in 44US518 Navy vs Eagen 1988….. the Executive office is the final word on classification
      US Constitution Article 2 Section 2…his authority to clasify, declassify information and control access to information….
      It exists quite apart from any Congressional grant.
      Read it and learn something

    3. ​@MICHAEL so Joe who had documents from when he was a senator and vice president should not have had documents

  6. Trump: “Sure you sent these to me, but I never read anything when I was President.”

  7. So when he says he currently has no classified documents and then immediately follows that by saying that they automatically become declassified when he takes them – is that his way of saying “Yes, I still have classified documents, but I consider them declassified so I can answer NO to your question.” ?

    1. Trump was working with the archive team for months before. Why? Yet Biden has classified documents in his garage 😂

  8. I bet if you went back a few years and looked at Vladimir Putin’s Google search history you would find a search for “what loopholes are untested in the American legal system”.

  9. From the NARA website: “A declassification marking should look like an official stamp that indicates the name and office of the person who authorized the declassification action”. Everyone saw the photos from the raid. They weren’t stamped declassified!

  10. When Trump says “records automatically get declassified when I take them” and he also says that “he has no classified records” in the same breath, is that not an admission that he still has many dangerous records [that belong in archives] in his possession because of this automatic declassification?

  11. Why do we intensely criticize government officials when the system we are under does not regard trustworthiness, integrity & humility as supreme values? Are those who do the criticizing any better than those they condemn?

  12. God bless you John. I’m so glad you haven’t been made to love trump and you are still you. I’ve been a fan for over 30 years. I hope you find a good home with the other 3 or 4 others I really like there. 👍

  13. He contradicts himself saying he did not take the documents claiming they were packed and sent there by mistake and at the same time claiming he declassified them by taking them.

  14. Allow me to explain this in a mere handful of sentences (former military guy here). When a document is declassified, all of the agencies involved in the document (NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, JAG, etc.) are given a copy of the document to review the details of the declassification effort. For example – the CIA might be fine with the declassification…but ‘page `124’ of the document might include a reference to an undercover IRS investigation that can’t be declassified just yet. So, the IRS will redact (black out) one of two sentences to keep a $56 million effort to remain a secret. All agencies are copied on the action to ensure a tiny sliver of crucial info remain confidential to protect a spy, a clandestine effort, a prosecution, etc. The mere fact that Trump claims the moment he receives the document he can ‘wave his magic wand’ and make it all instantly declassified is so ridiculous that it doesn’t merit discussion. It’s a farce to end of farces. Don’t believe me? Reference – 44 U.S.C. 2101 to 2118; 5 U.S.C. 552; E.O. 13526, 75 FR 707, 3 CFR, 2009 Comp., p. 298; Presidential Memorandum of December 29, 2009 “Implementation of the Executive Order, Classified National Security Information,” 75 FR 733, 3 CFR, 2009 Comp., p. 412; 32 CFR Part 2001. Have a nice day. 😶

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