Georgia Lt. Gov.: Outside Fringes Have Controlled The Messaging On Voter Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Georgia Lt. Gov.: Outside Fringes Have Controlled The Messaging On Voter Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Yeah… the real problem is timing… as in this bill should NEVER have been proposed. These Republicans want to grab power without putting forth any policy or agenda.

    1. Look straight into the camera and lie! A real Republican skill. Trump lost because more Georgians voted for Biden. The truth.

    2. it’s like they are asking for people to turn out in high numbers and vote them out of office.

    1. @JM B so you ask why should people have to wait in lines for long hours? You don’t have to wait in lines for long hours. You can request an absentee ballot in the comfort of your home that they can match with your verifiable address and you have signature verification on file. That’s how I vote in Florida. The great republican state of Florida. We don’t have these problems here. We don’t have voter cheating. You request an absentee ballot, it is mailed to you, you fill it out and vote for a Democrat or a Republican politician. You mail it back. It’s verified with your special ID, and signature verification. So explain to me why you have to wait in a long line? Go ahead I’m all ears. This alone the absentee ballot voting stops any and all cheating and you can vote in the comfort of your own home. So this one voting option stops any fake Democrat calls of voter suppression racism or not having access. Boom, we just destroyed your lies and communist fake news. You all want to cheat. That’s what this is all about, and again, they should be the law in every state in America. That’s one thing about you Democrats, if you can’t cheat, you get very very angry and call it Racist. Well, we are putting an end to your cheating so that way we can verify and know for a fact he’s voting in America. Do you want illegal Migrants and dead people to vote. And you want duplicate ballots. That’s not happening again in America. He will not be allowed to cheat ever again. That’s why we will win the house and senate back in 2022. The cheating stops forever

    2. @FACTS ONLY wait, you mean to tell me it’s actually safe to vote by mail? but supreme leader told all of us it was a fraud! oh, I know, only republican votes by mail are not fraudulent. Got it!

    3. @Kemuel Sanchez Exactly. Let’s remain consistent, right? A good vote is a Republican vote must be their motto…

    4. @HS Thanks for not answering any of the other points I made. At least, we know where you stand – not on Siknick’s side, obviously.
      Were you at the Capitol?…

    5. @FACTS ONLY you are suggesting that georgia elections, where votes where counted 3 times and no evidence of fraud was found, and election run by GOP officials was fraudulent. You say it was fraud because you fell hook line and sinker for the big lie. Bit georgia GOP leadership is smarter than that. They know the real reason they lost: BECAUSE MORE PEOPLE VOTED. Republicans aren’t the majority and to cling to power they only have one trick left in the bag: prevent as much people from the other camp from voting.

  2. *He never answers question why this law at all if there weren’t any irregularity in the last election*

    1. @MrCoughupalung THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. The water bottles did not say “Vote for Biden.” Trump supporters lie just like Trump does.

    2. @Justa Fang
      6 to 8 hours to vote, now that should be against the law, that is the part that needs changing

    3. @MrCoughupalung
      Another, I get my information from YouTube, then I spread it around as true facts

  3. That was one of the worst soft ball interviews ever! Even counting all the Fox dross. Pickup your game Joe.

    1. @Bass INC ”Irregardless of how”.

      You lost all credibility before you finished your first sentence. 

      If the officers death could be a lie….then the MSM called ”insurrection” …..could also be a lie.

      You believe it…because ”they (MSM) said so.”…..hook….line….and sinker.

      Without question.

    2. @HS NOBODY

      as you say may very well be the view from the storage tunnel you have chosen for your cranium cavity.
      I on the other hand get plenty of oxygen to my cranium cavity.
      So your shill is wasted here.
      I know a DrUMPf jan6 incitement pep rally and failed coup when I see one.
      I suggest you BIOYA.

    3. @HS NOBODY

      is the FBI going to find you living in your car hiding from your shame.

      “…we love you…
      you are special…
      go home now…
      I denounce violence. ”

    4. Joe is still GOP cultists who still prays some new racist blood will move in and get the party back to its old world ways again.

  4. Way to sit on the fence and see where the numbers land. Stand for nothing fall for anything

    1. @HS yes that lone man with a history of mental illness died at the Capitol, the Jan 6th attackers are being charged with light charges so far.

    2. @HS the president of the United States didn’t provoke him . TRUMP INSPIRED THOUSANDS of other people January 6th AND THEY RIOTED ,YOU DO SEE THE DIFFERENCE, I HOPE SO???

    3. @HS Revolver news….ah yeah, thats a rightwinger gun hugger biased idiotic “opinion page”. Easy to see through your crap.

  5. The beginning of the Ballot is Bad. What makes them think they can have control, & decide who to fire & get rid of for there purposes Only!!!!! The people Control The State!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tech Savvy They only want these changes because they can only win by cheating!! Retrumplicans can’t put forth good policy so they have to cheat!!!!!!!even when they cheat they do a bad job and can’t win!!!!

    2. Stop voting in selfish, lime light seekers? There sicko’s the repulsivans party keeps voting in are not for YOU? idiots. They are ALL for themselves! Period

    3. I live in a democrat state with a democrat super majority in the government. My city is literally a giant crime wave,you can stab somebody or get caught with an illegal firearm and be out on the street in less the a day. The last time the city was run correctly was when we had a Republican mayor. Democrats are out of their minds. They’ve destroyed the local economy with the lock downs that haven’t worked and lock people up for wanting to open their store. But if you hit a cop with a brick. No big deal. This is what they want for the entire country and is scary.

    1. @Gilbert Gaines They legislated made it illegal for even the clerk to collect ballots anywhere but the clerks office.
      10 years ago the judiciary upheld this WITH standing for democrats.

      democrats collected ballots at democracy in the park, many crates of ballots weren’t even turned in the next day, breaking chain of command
      they were so sure this wasn’t illegal, they made sure to mix the ballots in with black votes so they could not be distinguished.

      a lawyer knew this was HIGHLY illegal so he voted at democracy in the park and begged the judiciary to not count his OWN illegal vote

      the state supreme court says, the lawsuit smacks of racism. in legal terms, what level of racism is “smack”, and why weren’t democrats smacked 10 years ago when they sued and made it illegal

    2. @ihatecrackhead First of all, How is mixing votes illegal? How do you mix a vote? Second, WTF do you mean they mix in the black vote? What does that even mean in general?

    3. @Gilbert Gaines votes collected go in specific boxes, to tell where and when they were collected, you then break the seals and mix them with other ballots

      ballots collect off site, in drop box and in person are kept separate by location(incase they are thrown out later BY A JUDGE) EVERY MORON TRYING TO BE A POLL WORKER IS TAUGHT THIS) there is not a single reason to mix them together except for fraud

    4. @ihatecrackhead You think that Democrats have to do this to win? In districts that are heavily black. So you are trying to say that southern black people will vote for a racist Republican. When southern black Americans will not got to a movie theater. If a black man is the co-star of a block buster movie. Yeah I have been to the south. Black Americans in the south do not flirt with racism what so ever.
      So your delusional conspiracy is impossible. For the simple reason it doesn’t need to be done. Black people in the south vote democrats period. Because the KKK party is in the Republican party.

    5. @ihatecrackhead GTFOH with that BS! Why do black people need to cheat in voting? We are voting Democrats anyway. What is the point to change ballots that are already voting Democrats into office?

    1. @HS Yes I did, and it was equally as horrible. I don’t see it being over looked, but it just happened yesterday and there hasn’t been as much coverage because barely 24 hours have passed and there hasn’t been nearly as much time for the story to spread, and the trial of Derrick Chauvin is front and center. As to the cause of death of officer Sicknik I really only have seen the guy with the flag pole, but I haven’t seen a coroner’s report.

    2. @Mastodon1976 would you prefer CNN or MSNBC?
      Listen very carefully to the CNN MSNBC narrative…..what is their agenda?

  6. Does it in any shape or form limit voter access to the polls? If yes, then the law is bad, Case closed

  7. Joe: “reasonable, salient question”
    Jeff: “verbal diarrhea, cleverly disguised as an answer”

    1. Yes, just the last question alone… Duncan NEVER addressed the concern that the Georgia legislature can take over the voting boards of counties. I don’t care if they have a process. They can appoint 3 members now, which means they control the state voting board.

    2. @Madison Heights which basically means they can place who ever they wish to put in office they want. The Republican party.

  8. And what about the removal of ballot boxes and a crime to give food and water?
    how does that prevent fraud? unless you think a bottle of water will make a person change their party?

    1. *what about the removal of drop boxes*

      Drop boxes were removed when the special order establishing them during the last election expired. Had GA not passed this law, there would be _no_ drop boxes now, and then liberals would scream.

      *…crime to give food and water?*

      It is a crime to pass out gifts to voters at polling stations. I’m pretty sure every state in the country has such laws. As to water, poll workers are not prohibited from passing out water (just so long as it doesn’t say “VOTE BIDEN” on it), and self-service water dispensers are still available for people to drink at. And the prohibitions only apply within 150 feet of the polling station, anyway.

    2. @Steven Sohlstrom You’re either a troll or uneducated trump cult follower. I’d add more but realize it’s a waste of time. PLEASE drink the Kool aid:)

    3. @Steven Sohlstrom
      It doesn’t matter if you offer me $1 million to change my vote, because I’ll just go in and vote the way I want to anyway and then tell you what you want to hear! Don’t be ridiculous…

    4. @James Holbrook Everyone has their price. You are likely paid 8 cents an hour in China to spread hate and misinformation on social media in the US. If not, you are ign’orant as Pshitski and a cheap as hellyeah!

  9. Couldn’t help but notice that the Lt. Governor slipped right past answering the most important question, the one we’re most concerned about, the provision that allows the Legislature overturn an election. Could it be he doesn’t want us to know the answer? 🤔 Joe let him get away with it too. 😐

    1. @CB0X no. PA literally bypassed the steps needed. But please continue to be ignorant all the while thinking as yourself as a virtuous lefty

    2. @Alex Mark ignorant of what? I just said you can argue that the states didn’t have a right to send out absentee ballots to everyone enrolled to vote, that includes PA. But again, the Supreme Court ruled that this move was constitutional so you no longer have an argument unless now you think that Trump’s own hand picked Supreme Court are also virtuous lefties?

    3. @Martine Reed riiiight. I’m going to believe a person who is ok with winning an election “by any means necessary”. Or the old man who admitted to putting together the largest voter fraud in history? Na I don’t think so. Democrats cheated. It’s gonna be a blood bath in 22

    1. What rules did they change. You seem to forget the left changed the rules not Republicans in 2020. They were changed not by legislators but by the AGs and others which is against the law. This was done in GA. By the way the law isnt racist. 70% of blacks favor IDs.

  10. You totally misunderstood the messaging of me shooting you in the leg, each bullet had ‘i love you’ written on it.

    1. @David Shue …Read my comment again…slowly.
      Do you realize that Biden and the Dems are lying about the Georgia voting laws?

    2. @hugh jorgan 7,000,000 more votes 2020 3,500,000 more votes 2016 lost two Senate seats in Georgia lost 50 plus court cases in multiple states….all verifiable facts but keep lying to yourself..

    3. @Alex Hamilton don’t speak for me. The Georgia law allows the GOP legislature to replace county election boards for any reason and replace the chairs of the board (currently appointed by the SOS). So when canvasses occur, the GOP can literally put people in place who will agree with their outcome. That is a power grab. Joe explicitly asked the Lt. Gov about it. The Duncan did not answer him.

    4. @EllaMenoPee2003 You are right! The new law strips the Secretary of State of his seat and his role as chair of the state election board and endows the State Legislature the power to fill 3 of that boards 5 seats. Essentially giving the legislature control over the certification of elections and voting rules in the state.

  11. Joe is a Republican. This interview exposed his loyalty. That was the most soft ball interview I’ve ever seen.

    1. Every time I think better of him he disappoints me. Republicans—not only can they NOT govern for the people–they are incapable of doing the right thing. And I was a Republican (Reagan) for 20 years. Disgraceful.

    2. Joe left the Republican Party and is now an independent. He has had some harsh words for the GOP over the last year… but certainly not here when he is actually face to face with a real person. This was a horrendously soft interview. I’m pretty disappointed.

    3. @Jeff Brailsford that was all for show. He knew Tang would be a disaster, & Tang insulted Mika so Joe couldn’t, in good conscience, defend Tang for 4 years. Joe is a Republican through & through. Watch how his entire demeanor changes now that Biden is in office.

  12. Lt. Gov, is just repacking the untruths. They are the very example of voter fraud and suppression.

    1. @Darryl The Decided Brewer statements written in bills are factual in any court . Now listen, a 🐖🐷 is a pig. YOU got pictures! And a stated fact. Have you learned anything ?

  13. Amazing how he immediately dodged the very first question. In that little speech he gave, he never actually said WHY it was necessary at all.

    1. The orders establishing mail-in voting and drop boxes during the last election had expired. This law was necessary to codify both in GA election law, or GA would no longer have either. And liberals would be screaming about how racist that is.

    2. @Nathanael Culver lmao, that’s hilarious. How do you people make comments like that and not hurt yourself from laughing at how ridiculous it sounds?? And the reason that it was neccessary to criminalize water distribution? Are you truly believing that everyone is so stupid as to not see the big picture? If Georgians were honest and just said straight up, we won’t ever let a democrat win in this state, even if we have to stack the deck… at least respect the honesty because that’s what is happening but these bs claims about codifying the law…. how gullible do you think everyone is? I mean it’s not like people in Georgia think they are smarter because well it’s Georgia and laws like this prove how dumb they are.

    3. @Daniel Hostetler *And the reason it was necessary to criminalize water distribution?*

      Umm, read the law. First, “water distribution” was not criminalized. It is a misdemeanor. No one is going to go to jail.

      Second “water distribution” is not prohibited at all. Polling stations are authorized to set up self-service water dispensers, and poll workers can distribute water. What is not allowed is passing out bottles of water with “VOTE TRUMP” or “VOTE BIDEN” plastered on them, or to bribe people with gifts of any kind. That’s electioneering and vote-buying, and should never be permitted.

      *Are you truly believing that everyone is so stupid as to not see the big picture?*

      Of course not. But I’m beginning to believe that _some_ people are.

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