Georgia Republicans Plot Voting Restrictions Following Trump’s Defeat | MSNBC

The Georgia House passed a bill that would limit weekend voting and put restrictions on absentee ballots. Nse Ufot, Chief Executive Officer of the New Georgia Project, and Latosha Brown of the Black Voters Matter Fund join MSNBC's host of "American Voices" Alicia Menendez to break down the threat to voting rights in the new battleground state.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Georgia Republicans Plot Voting Restrictions Following Trump’s Defeat | MSNBC


    1. @Angelaina Marie I totally agree! That is why Georgians must not allow these restrictions to stop them from VOTING IN THE 2022 MID-TERM…this is where the changes are coming…it is the State Legislation that make the laws regarding our Voting Rights. African American MUST start showing up like we did in 2020 and vote the Republicans out of their State offices. If that means packing your own snacks, water, chairs, etc., we must that to get them out!

    2. @free markets they are indeed that clueless. Some also believe the government gives undocumented people a laptop, ffs.

  1. So I can’t get into a Sam’s Club without the proper ID, but I can vote in an election? That seems strange.

    1. Registering to vote requires you to prove your identity and citizenship. At that point your signature is placed on file with the county clerk, and at the polls or on the security envelope of your mail-in ballot, the signature you present has to match the signature on file. That’s incredibly secure, which is why voter fraud is practically nonexistent.

      Requiring some additional special “Voter ID” on top of all the identification you presented when you registered amounts to an unconstitutional poll tax, provides zero security benefit, in fact opens security loopholes, and is primarily designed to suppress voter turnout by presenting needless additional roadblocks.

    2. @Ricky Tenderkiss The government literally gives you a “Voter ID” called a Voter Registration Card when you register to vote…

      If voter ID laws are voter suppression then that means Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, Conneticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire are all suppressing voters. All voted blue in the 2020 Presidental Election.

    1. @SlyFan1993 It isn’t, I’m just saying I don’t think Illegals vote. Why draw that attention to yourself by having to give your name and address?

      Like they found a couple hundred illegals registered in FL a couple of years ago, but that’s not enough to swing an election.

      I’m totally for election integrity, it’s just some of these issues they try to legislate against seem to be…non issues.

    2. @Austin It’s not just illegals. Many counties and towns during the election reported that over 100% of the eligible population voted, with some reaching 120%.

      There’s also the problem of ballot harvesting, in that people could steal other people’s ballots to vote, or ballots that were sent out for those that haven’t been marked as deceased.

      And I have to ask, why is election integrity a non issue? Even before Trump, these issues have be prevalent, and have caused many people to feel unsatisfied of the electoral process.

      If our right to bear arms requires a permit, why shouldn’t our right to vote?

    3. @SlyFan1993 Well I’d like to see a source on the 120% business.

      As for the “permit to vote” thing, yeah, there should be an accounting of voters and a process, no doubt. I just don’t see illegal voting being a material issue because 1. Every time it’s been investigated the number of illegal voters registered in the system is at least an order of magnitude lower than it would need to be to affect election results and 2. We already have to get permits to vote basically when we have to register beforehand and 3. Again, if I’m in this country illegally why in the name of everything holy would I give the federal government my name and address to try to vote illegally?

  2. Can we all just take a moment in aww, that they didn’t turn the comments and dislikes off for this video 😂

    1. @K L They called it a “cabal,” with Big Tech’s money, the MSM’s influence, and Dem operatives. They also said, “Trump was right in a way.” Again, though, they stopped short of calling the election fraudulent.

      Let me ask you similar questions as you posed to me: Is it typical of all Dems to ignore reality? Whether B’s dementia, his selling the country to the highest bidder that will line his and family’s pockets; whether he is owned by the Chinese Communist Party?

      You have to face it, Biden is gone finished; he’s not even half a shell of his former self, even from four years ago.

    2. @Rob Johnston
      “Again, though, they stopped short of calling the election fraudulent.”

      Again, you have poor reading comprehension skills. Nothing came close to voter fraud. The article described the efforts of multiple groups to strengthen democracy and return sanity to the public discourse. Trump cultists, of course, hate democracy and sanity. So it’s not surprising you’d find completely beneficent behavior objectionable.

      “Let me ask you similar questions as you posed to me: Is it typical of all Dems to ignore reality?”

      And by reality, you mean the fantasyland that the paranoid delusionals in Trump’s base live in?

      “You have to face it, Biden is gone finished; he’s not even half a shell of his former self, even from four years ago.”

      Eh? No idea what you’re even trying to say. Oh, I see. You believed that stupid ‘dementia’ thing? That was literally election propaganda pushed by the Trump campaign. They stopped with that ridiculous narrative after it backfired during the first debate. They had pushed the notion of Biden being unintelligible so much that it set expectations very low. When Biden came out and gave normal and coherent answers to the questions he easily hurdled the low bar that Trump’s campaign had set. After that, Trump’s campaign dropped the narrative. I guess you didn’t get the memo.

    3. @K L

      You quoted me, *”Again, though, they stopped short of calling the election fraudulent.”*

      And this is your reply, *”Again, you have poor reading comprehension skills. Nothing came close to voter fraud.*

      You made absolutely no sense with your reply. I stated that “they stopped short of calling the election fraudulent”!

      Then you stated, “*The article described the efforts of multiple groups to strengthen democracy and return sanity to the public discourse.*”

      Strengthening democracy includes blocking the President’s twitter by Big Tech, as well as blocking citizens voicing their opinions on social media?

      Democracy includes the mainstream media blocking all mentioning of fraudulent activity in the Dem cities?

      If the Dems believed in Democracy, then they would have assented to a congressional panel to investigate whether these charges were credible or not.

      Then you said, *”Trump cultists, of course, hate democracy and sanity. So it’s not surprising you’d find completely beneficent behavior objectionable.”*

      Wow, considering all the attempts by the Dems to block an open discussion of the evident voting irregularities, you have the gall to say this? 🤦

      As far as B’s cognitive decline, we as a nation need to keep an eye on his condition.

      He hasn’t met and taken questions from the press, so they’re chomping at the bit, and you might have seen them overwhelming him with questions, as he visited a hardware shop today. He kind of backed up, and became bewildered, because they were all yelling at him at once . His handlers ended up kicking out the press without his answering any questions.

      He hasn’t had a joint speech to Congress yet, and I don’t know how they’re going to work his teleprompter in, so he doesn’t have to think.

      He wasn’t able to remember his Defense Secretary’s name, saying, “You know the guy who runs that outfit.”

      After stumbling on his words, he’s said a couple of times, “What am I doing here?”

      He’s exhibiting extremely low energy, and he apparently goes to bed at 7pm. He’s having Kamala talk with foreign leaders which is supposed to be explicitly his job.

      I’ll back off and watch his actions. Really though, how much time does he have left, because even the Dems are worried that he has the football in his possession.

  3. “Plot” imagine how insane that is. There is no in between now; You’re either left or right, and they treat each other like rival siblings who are constantly fighting over a single toy, that being your tax money.

    1. Welcome to the USA, we are no longer united, just mostly divided!

      Thank you for being a competent weeb <3 Ily my friend.

    2. Ridiculous, if you think who wins is about tax money. Our country’s safety and quality of life is at stake.

  4. “PLOT” Sounds like a conspiracy theory substituted for news. When will news be just facts, when will they report on news regardless of party affiliation? (Hunter Biden lap top) so many more.

    1. Hunter Biden videos with young Chinese girls…Lin Wood showed pics of the video clips on Parler before they shut it down. Prepubescent girls. Sick. And they pretend Biden was legitimately voted in and how dare we protect the integrity of our elections….FAKE news

    2. @Mantooth has nothing to do with biased opinions in news, that is a given. The problem and the entire point being made, is that news “journalists” are incapable of separating their personal opinions from the actual facts, and are peddling opinion and propaganda AS the news.

      That is how a society ends up being completely brainwashed and believing things that are simply not true.

  5. It wasn’t all that long ago that we had one day to vote and somehow we still managed get to the poles to vote.

    1. Yeah, what’s all this talk about Democrats when the GOP is literally splitting in two. Hand me the popcorn.


    3. First of, all of Congress is an inherently corrupt swamp of career politician shills with no meaningful separation of powers and the ability to ultimately vote on their own salaries, bonuses, audits, term limits, lobbyism regulations, etc. This isn’t a partisan issue.

      Second, are you familiar with Operation Mockingbird? It “was” the infiltration of corporate media by the C.I.A. to spread controlled-opposition propaganda and divide/distract the public from establishment interests. You can read up on the declassified docs. on Senate(dot)gov, watch the Congressional hearing here on youtube and even the testimony of the former president of CBS.

    1. With the corporate media, Democrats NEVER plot.

      The bias is obvious enough from the language alone.

      What a joke of a news outlet.

    1. I came out of “Republicans plot…” clickbait amazement. MSLSD went off the deep end a long time ago.

    1. @Me Me Foreigners or US citizens? No one is holding a candle to every major US city on any given weekend

    2. @Me Me Some cities have the strictest gun laws in the country. Doesn’t stop criminals. Countries like New Zealand, Australia and Britain still have gun deaths even though most firearms are completely outlawed.

  6. OH, they PLOT to change the rules BACK to what we had when elections were SECURE and only for citizens, such TRAITORS! LOL!

    1. Where in the video did it mention that? I think Georgia (I’m pretty sure all states) require IDs to vote, so there wouldn’t be a need to reintroduce a new bill for that reason.

    1. Didn’t you hear? Demanding voters have a ID is voter suppression and racist

      Because we all know how hard it is to get a ID unless you are white buawhahahahaha

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