Support For A Third Political Party Surges | MSNBC

Partisanship has gotten extremely poisonous. Lawmakers have gone from telling constituents “check out how I helped you” to saying “check out how I hurt them.” NBC’s Joshua Johnson asks, would a third party focus on building a better “us” or just a new way to hurt “them?”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Support For A Third Political Party Surges | MSNBC


  1. Our electoral system has room for exactly 2 competitive parties. This isn’t based on ideology. It’s based on the rules of how our elections work.
    A third party will either die, or replace one of the existing parties. And during that process, strengthen the party most opposed to what it stands for.
    So by all means, add an alternative conservative party.

  2. I’m all in for a new political party! Millionaires & Billionaires should not be able to be law makers.

    1. @Raven Wright Yes, we do! And how much!
      Democrats are my party, so I can talk about them
      They look more republican every day. They seem to hire unqualified people with no backbone, just like republicans. It’s getting harder to tell the difference between the two. They don’t fight hard enough, for me, for Joe Average. They are too willing to compromise with people who have no interest in compromise, to what end? Dems better get off their ars if they want me to continue voting for them. Hear that!!!
      I love ya, but you’re f n up!

    2. If a politician tells lies they should be sacked on the spot, Fined a good percentage of their personal money, You would see how quick they would stop lying.

    3. Why not just do what Trump did. Instead of splitting the vote he re did the Republican party back to the way it should be.

  3. Regardless of the number of parties, the notion of party allegiance over country allegiance has to stop. Newt Gingrich promoted the idea that to win, the other party must be painted as an enemy and needs to be pummeled at every opportunity; even with lies. That is precisely why I have been an independent voter for all my decades of voting.

    1. I’ve generally re-registered to either vote for the candidate I support in a primary or to give support to a smaller party like the Green party.

    2. @Jasse Walton you don’t have to register as a Dem or Rep. I’ve never registered as anything.

    3. @Jasse Walton In some states (not all), you have to register to vote in the primary to elect party candidates. After that, everyone can vote in the general election for whoever they choose.

    4. @No Princess Zone I vote for the candidate that I think will do right by the people. Period. Does that mean that you vote strictly along party lines?

  4. What I want is fiscal responsibilty combined with just social policies, and an outright ban on corporate and institutional financing of political elections. Lobbying allowed only in full public view, eg congressional hearings.

    1. @Eric The party of a viewpoint that is quite literally not viable in a single nation state on the planet?

      Freaking COMMUNISM has a better success record then libertarianism. Il hard pass ty.

      You want zero regulations to the point of feudalism, you go right on ahead.

    2. @Eric Rofl, freedom/liberty to have corporations rule over you maybe. Rooting for the rich to enslave you and calling it “freedom”. Classic

      Your entitled to whatever failed ideology’s you want, doesn’t make them any more viable in reality.

      Thank Christ most people are not so foolish to take seriously that trash.

    1. @icy purple So you’ve never heard of shades of grey. Everything is either all or nothing or black or white with not a hint of color. I would feel sorry for you but…NOT.

    2. @MrPhilbert i’m just saying what the UN and the World Economic Forum are saying! it’s all about Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030🤘

    3. Never understood “anti government party” as even being a thing honestly.

      Like hiring a arsonist to a tree nursery.

  5. There seems to be 4 groups within the 2 parties. Far right “conservatives”, Republicans, Democrats, and “Liberals”. The left has come together for the sake of the party and it seems Republicans are having a hard time, ironically, bc they’re cancelling each other.

    1. @Patrick Timothy What Covid relief? I wouldn’t call a bill with less than 10% going to the people, a “covid relief bill”

    2. Not “liberals”. Leftists or progressives. The word “liberal” has been corrupted by the corporate Democrats.

    3. @Beth Waller Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans or Democrats… Who cares… I’d rather be looking at boobies.

    1. Don’t conflate Trump with the Republican party. He happened to be a registered Democrat and switched over in order to run. Trump is his own party.

    2. @Rita Poon Ah, I see you haven’t been watching the news for the last four years. You should catch up on what’s happening so you’ll be informed.

    3. @Stunt Panda Then inform me. Tell me what it is i need to be informed about. You can’t bc when pressed Liberals can’t argue their point.

    4. @Rita Poon The irony is Cult of Trumpists can’t argue their point. Point: Moscow Mitch says T****** is guilty of inciting the Jan 6th insurrection but doesn’t vote to convict and even says he would vote for him again. I can go on all day but I bet you can’t even come up with a single counter argument so until you do what’s the point?

    5. @Stunt Panda Uh huh. How did that impeachment trial work out for you? Twice aquitted. Dems getting busted for manipulating video evidence. Trump isn’t going to go away sweetie. Young Republicans are coming up the ranks. The Dems lost seats in the House this time. You idiots keep it up, you will lose the House in 22.

  6. We the people, For the people. We need to be extremely careful whom we elect because there is a lot of deceit going around these days. Too many politicians claim they’re something they are not.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Still blaming Trump for you being a failure? Go hoarde some cats and make up a new gender.

    2. @Drip & Sizzle Yes, you are right as far as that goes. You are not going to convince anyone without giving specifics of what certain people actually do. Being general about a thought is not persuasive. Because I agree with you, I was hoping you would convince others by giving specifics.

    3. @Mary Raines chump is clearly near the bottom, he ranks near the two guys that came in before the Civil War, and Andrew Johnson just after the Civil War

    1. Progressives (white progressives in particular) need to show that they are a reliable voter base, bc right they definitely are not. Black women alone a more reliable voter base than white progressives…

    2. @Lem Lovel Pffft, no. The dems are a center- right party with a few progressive center -leftists in it.

      The usa has 2 right wing parties in charge, its just that one is SO FAR right, that it looks positively liberal in comparison.

    3. @Rita Poon Scares who exactly? progressive policies are overall liked by most Americans. Poll after poll has shown that for decades.

      The only people who are “scared” are people on the far right who have been brainwashed to think anything to the left must = communism.

    1. @Bob Tahoma Bernie Sanders and AOC and Cori Bush and the rest of the Justice Democrats and progressives have done rather well with small-dollar donations from average citizens. It’s the way political campaigns *should* work. By the people, for the people. Corporations are NOT people!

  7. Right now it’s mostly about donors asking elected officials: “what have you done for me lately”

    The US system is based on the British system and that promotes having only two parties. You need to change your election system to get a stable system with more than two parties and that isn’t happening anytime soon.

    1. I’m not sure where the British system promotes having only two parties… Their system is used in Commonwealth countries and we sure as heck have more than two parties.
      Besides, the US system is VERY different from the British. The Electoral college, for example. Lack of Crown representative, too. Titles given to elected people.

    2. @Maryse Flore Australia government is also based on the Westminster system. We have about five main parties and lots of smaller ones. We also have preferential voting, which means the two major parties end up either governing or in opposition, but other seats can be won by a smaller party or independent. It gives some balance and the smaller voices can be heard.

    3. @Maryse Flore You may be right I’m thinking of a system where the country is divided into subsections where the biggest party in each section gets all the votes.
      Such a system promotes big parties since you have to be the biggest in a voting district to get any votes at all.
      I’m not very knowledgeable about the voting systems in most commonwealth countries, so I could be wrong. I know Australia has proportional voting for one house but not the other, so there at least it is better for multiple parties.

    4. We have multiple parties in the UK but our outdated first past the post system means that we end up with elected dictatorships where usually only one of the two big parties wins all the power. For example, the current corrupt Tory government got under 50% of the total votes across the country, yet they have an 80 seat majority in Parliament. Now they do what ever they please, give tax payer money to their chums and are completely unaccountable. At this point the UK is as corrupt as any third world state.

  8. This blue collar Democrat would love to see and Independent Center party! You control the center, you save this country!

  9. “Playing on the fears and frustrations of the people, without larger plan to govern”. You already have that in GQP

    1. 3rd party ? How about a grassroots people’s party ? No more billionaire playboy bunny party , spend so of that money on your citizens who pays your income from taxes we pay 💰

    2. Mika the Dems don’t spread fear? They are the sky is falling party. Climate change fears with no plan. Ask Texans about wind energy!!! Let’s not even talk about cutting pipe line then gas soars! You may want to rewrite your little “funny” line!

    3. @Lisa Riggs you should be asking Texans about the 75% of energy that wasn’t generated by wind. The rest of the world does wind power without problems, perhaps the issue is more to do with the management of the state. Maybe you could look into that and compare it to other nations which don’t have problems.

    1. @Raven Wright
      No… not the electoral college it self.
      I’m explicitly referring to first-past-the-post elections. (winner-takes-all).
      One possible solution is ranked-choice voting. That wouldn’t change the electoral college. Those are 2 different issues.

  10. As a Canadian I find the argument of a third party somewhat amusing. In our last federal election here I counted ten parties listed on the ballot. As is we have at least 5 parties represented in Parliament.

  11. Everyone needs to be keeping an eye on politicians at whatever level they are at from the PTA to the President. Engage in and be careful of local elections rather than just once every 4 years – and if your don’t like what they are doing – tell them!

  12. I want a Progressive Party. At the moment, I’m an Independent who feels that no one represents me.

    1. “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reigns of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” George Washington September 17,1796.

  13. The terms Conservative, Liberal, Moderate have been so polluted by the media that really have no meaning anymore. Ask about policy and the country is much more progressive than any poll shows.

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