Georgia Senate race sees record number of early voters

CNN's Dianne Gallagher speaks with Georgia voters who stood in line for hours to cast their vote in the crucial Senate race between incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker.
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    1. @Joe Mama they dont care because there is no twitter legislation in the house about twitter, they only care about the railroads.

    2. @J R Thats not true christian republicans took away roe v wade not democrats, which was a right according to the former supreme court.

    3. @blankety blank Roe v Wade was BS to begin with. It wasn’t even a codified amendment. If democrats try to run on that, we’ll have a 90% republican takeover, guaranteed. Stop thinking that democrat politicians are thinking of your best interests. All they care about is lining their pockets with taxpayer dollars!!! BTW, cancelling Roe v Wade only kicked the regulation to the states, if you don’t like it you are free to move to a different state.

    4. @J R It was a constitutional right like contraception and interracial marriage according to our former supreme court, the right to privacy.

    1. @ANIMATION WEB 3 most lefists and liberals will stay on Twitter as well as all the normies who dont follow politics. But now, millions of conservatives will flock to the site. Millions. Its a net boost no matter how you look at it.

    2. @ANIMATION WEB 3 u absolutely blo. Vax mandates, the border, Afghanistan, energy costs, food, 100 billion to Ukraine, I’ll just stop now. Yeah lefties blo..luckily they will soon stop reproducing.

    3. @ANIMATION WEB 3 Do you think musk bought Twitter for the revenue lol. He just released today files of tweets deleted at the request of biden during the 2020 election. That’s election interference by a major corporation.

    1. @Archie Ryan: That’s the outdated meaning of liberalism. The new meaning or reality is that it is fascism in real policy but its old meaning is implied to voters to cover their fascist actions and agenda. Children will be fair game for abuse by the government under their Woke policies and parents will be barred from protecting their own children. Pay attention to their creeping legislation against traditional values.

    2. @Arche Ryan You are clearly stating a fascist comment, wow! Liberalism isn’t wrong, however, pushing liberalism while censuring and denying other political viewpoints is. e.g. liberal Marxists are worthless pieces of sh*t

    3. @Say What? that’s always what Rino’s say “that definition is outdated we’re changing it to mean republican good democrat bad!” 🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🐑

    4. @Say What? you’re literally the only Party going after peoples rights. Trump wanted to ban guns. “Take the guns first, due process after” and the right to safe abortions. And you’re going after religion (unless it’s Christianity if course,) gay marriage, and LGBTQ next. All you guys do is try to enforce your christian values on the free people of the US. And we’re tired of it and stopping you from controlling our lives. And you can’t stand it

  1. The fact that Graham et al support this obviously unfit candidate says volumes about the lack of a moral center in their quest to maintain power.

    1. @noemi barrios These people forget that they put a 80 something year old man in office That doesn’t know if hes coming or going and used Twitter and Facebook to cover up scandals that would hurt his election, And they are talking about unfit.

    2. @noemi barrios police investigated her claims and found no damage to the supposed foot, but back the blue unless they do something against you I guess.

  2. I am in Metro ATL, Don’t believe the polls, if you did not vote during early voting please vote Tuesday!
    All hands on deck!

    1. @A. Fire Neither is a good candidate they are just a rubber stamp for the party. With a warnock vote Democrats can pass even more devastating bills as if the last 2 years wasn’t bad enough

    2. @J R Good thing, us on the Left are NOT Liberals. We are Progressives, and it’s pathetic that you all still get this wrong. Fascism is a Right-Wing ideology. That’s not an opinion, that’s just what it is. Get with the program. Also, Reagan was a terrible President. We are still paying for his mistakes.

    1. @trumpLostThankGod Georgia is still a lean Republican state Brian Kemp easily won re-election. Georgia does vote for Republicans but they don’t vote for Trump Republicans.

    2. Elon musk just proved on Twitter that Joe and big tech colluded to censor the truth about covid, mask and his deals with communist China. Biden literally broke the first amendment law. Impeach him now!

    3. Went out in 30° weather 12/1. One guy was in shirtsleeves. We made the line a yak-fest. The line of about 80 went quickly. When I got out it was another 80 people with more arriving. The poll workers were very efficient and people didn’t lag mostly I think out of respect for those in line.

    4. It’s always important. Nothing less than Democrats ruling over everyone with no push back or opposition would make you people happy.

  3. I think the worst thing that could happen now is for Warnock voters to get complacent and think their vote isn’t important. This could really destroy his chances, and it’s happened so many times before

    1. @W.A Walker isn’t a pretend reverend at prestigious Martin Luther King’s church like Warlock. Also, there’s no proof that Walker paid for any abortions and if he did, it was over 30 years ago. Let me guess, you believe someone named Jane Doe who refuses to show her face and only came out during election time? Warlock knowns about abuse. Ask his ex wife!

    2. @Dave Again, I agree with you. But there are very specific things to do. We need to end Citizens United, the SCOTUS decision that basically allows corporations and organizations to give unlimited amounts of money towards politicians of both (or any) party running for office. Companies and organizations will ALWAYS be able to outspend ordinary people, so their will, not ours, is what we ultimately see on the ballot.

      Fortunately, public opinion has influence over corporations, and to a lesser extent some of these special interest organizations. So there is a parity to some extent. But politicians are people. They do what they need to do to get elected. As long as the system is messed up, so are we all…

  4. An old saying I remember: Blind obedience to incompetent leadership is not Patriotism, if you vote strictly for Party alone then you are choosing not to think

    1. @FerretJohn Um okay, Hitler was a socialist fascist which equates to today stupid liberal. Do your research before you spread disinformation you fascist!

    2. @J R Hitler was a Far Right Authoritarian, what he called himself is irrelevant. Maybe you should stay in school and learn some more, education is a good thing.

    3. @FerretJohn Facism is a big government authoritarian system. Explain how that is right wing? Hitler and Mussolini both called fascism a “left wing movement”

      Who mocked Reagan the media propagandists for the liberal establishment? The same media who praised the Soviet union and just celebrated gorbachev life?

    1. @btonedefable There was a video in 2020 of someone literally pulling ballots out from underneath a table at 1am.
      The people who brought this up have had their lives destroyed.
      It blows my mind how you people can entertain the fact this is free.
      Open your eyes

    2. @Cory Ulrich Evidence or it didnt happen. Or as I like to say your blowing hot air out one of your ends and its not the one you eat with btw.

    3. Well I wouldn’t live anywhere where a black man is in charge, 🤢
      so thank goodness I’m not in Georgia!!🤣🤣🙄

  5. Just remember everyone, anything polls or political pundits say about a race means little to nothing. What does mean something (Quite a lot actually) is if we vote.

    1. @Shaun W Democrats embrace big government authoritarianism but cnn told you the Democrats opponents are the fascists. Or rascist, homophobic, xenophobic whatever gets you worked up

    2. @Lara I love how the Democrats are trying to retcon the Reagan presidency as if his presidency didn’t create the largest economic boom that lasted until 9/11. What is your complaint against Reagan that isn’t from cnn

  6. In Oregon, we vote by mail. I sit in my house, have a cup of coffee, read the voter pamphlet at my leisure, put the ballot in the envelope, no postage necessary, and drop it off at the post office. I have voted like this for 25 years and cannot understand why states like Georgia make their voters stand for hours to cast a vote.

    1. @Lexy Swope Well, a brain-dead idiot is currently president, so yeah I get it. Though, Reagan actually lead the world out of an actual problem that was solved for good. Reagan was 1000x better than anyone in the last several years.

    2. @danielYou completely ignored all the points they made, so you could vomit out whatever reflex insult came to mind.

      But yeah, we get it, you’re cool with senior citizens standing outside for hours just so they can vote.

  7. We have compulsory voting in Australia and it is such an easy timeless exercise (only a few minutes at the most). I have our whole family registered for postal voting (due to occupation) and we do it on our dinner table. I think the US of A couldn’t cope with this as it’s a big effort now when only around 50 to 60% vote. If you are away in Australia on voting day you can vote absentee.

    1. @J RBecause if Reagan speech writers say it – It must be true. What a joke quoting this nonsense as if it has any truth to it.

  8. That woman at 3:10 going down from MASSACHUSETTS TO GEORGIA TO VOTE
    my hero for the day

    1. @J R “Republicans are the dumbest voters out of both parties and that’s why I love them. I can kill someone in time square and Republicans would still vote for me”


    2. @J R “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”- Sinclair Lewis

    3. @J R besides since when does any Trump era Republican quote Reagan anymore? Reagan is rolling in his grave right now at the state of the GOP.

  9. Damn, I can’t believe she flew all the way down just to vote… It’s sad that some people won’t set aside 30 mins to vote at a polling place down the street.

  10. Damn. That lady who flew in from Boston is amazing. She gave me chills. Makes me proud to be an American 🇺🇸 🎉

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