Georgia Tech student celebrates her work on Mars rover 1

Georgia Tech student celebrates her work on Mars rover


Georgia Tech senior Breanna Ivey helped test out the mathematics and coding on NASA's Mars Perseverance rover while she was on the team as an intern. Ivey tells CNN's Fredricka Whitfield about the experience and shares advice for students of color interested in pursuing S.T.E.M. sciences. #CNN #CNNBusiness #News


    1. i made a nice complation of what the media doesnt want you to see, check out my last vid it’ll make your day better

    1. @William H Umm, yeah, most of us do support homosexuality and abortion, proudly I might add, because theres nothing wrong with being gay or a woman choosing what to do with her body.

    2. @Paul Drusbasky Agree, religion never said we are alone. However, God said he named every star in the sky. So he has an intimate and personal relationship and knowledge of ALL he has created including the planets, the solar systems and universe(s) that he created. Humans are made in his image. However, every creature and “thing” is personally known, made and loved by God. Even the stones will praise him. He even made a donkey speak. Jesus was born in a manger so he was born for both man and animals and even bugs to witness and praise him. He was born for all our redemption and even the planets and Universe’s redemption.

    3. They’ve been doing this for over a decade, don’t you think if there was signs of life they would have found it already? Use your brain.

    1. Cost of sending another contraption to Mars to take pictures that are basically nothing more than a passing curiosity to most = $3B
      Cost to completely solve hunger in Africa on our own planet = $5B

  1. She is a role model to everyone – brilliant, thoughtful and forward thinking! Can’t wait to find out more as her future unfolds.

    1. We have always known we are not alone. Everything visible came from the invisible – Hebrews 11:3. Jesus made all things. Mars is a devil

  2. Breanna Ivey, you are NASA. I hope you feel the joy you deserve for being a part of this amazing accomplishment. Congratulations!!!!!

    1. @Pedro Sanchez Trump was the most scientifically minded president! When he suggested to inject bleach into the body to cure covid I was so impressed…

    2. @Pedro Sanchez And there are some other races who can’t be helped at all, they are too slow, yours is one of them .

  3. What a beautiful smile on an intelligent woman! She was obviously happy to see it land. The part of this project that she was involved in hasn’t yet begun … she helped verify the programming for the movement of the rover as it goes across the surface of Mars. The rover hasn’t started roaming the surface as yet. Bring her back for another interview when that happens!

  4. “Georgia Tech University”?! It’s the Georgia Institute of Technology…and CNN is literally down the street…SMFH.

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