Glaude: Our History Of Police Abuse Will Not Be ‘Resolved By One Verdict’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Glaude: Our History Of Police Abuse Will Not Be ‘Resolved By One Verdict’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Professors Eddie Glaude and Melissa Murray join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Attorney General Merrick Garland’s investigation into potential patterns of misconduct in the Minneapolis Police Department. Glaude says Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict only brings us to the “heart of the contradiction,” and Murray says the investigation is an important step, but there are limits to what the federal government can do because “most policing is quintessentially a local activity.” Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Glaude: Our History Of Police Abuse Will Not Be ‘Resolved By One Verdict’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. By pitting us against each other, blaming immigrants, blaming liberals and especially blaming people of color and Black people in particular – the plutocrats have divided us and gotten away with it.

  2. Adam “Lil Homicide” Toledo and Makiyah Bryant are innocent. I couldn’t even type this with a straight face LOL

  3. We will never begin to address racism until we educate this nation to where we all know what has taken place between black and white people over the last 400 years. Not to point fingers but to gain knowledge of what has happened and what the effects would be on the people who endured.

    1. @randal gibbons Probably not just schools, but churches, it seems the curiosity of wanting to know different people would automatically come natural, but I guess not.

    2. @randal gibbons You’re assuming that white people don’t know about the plights of blacks or don’t care as a whole. We see that all day long, I turn on the news and what do I hear on King5 News? Another segment on face the race. Critical Race Theory is being taught in school, movies like Mississippi Burning, Green Book, ect. You have people on tv talking about it all the time. Social media all the time is people freely talk about it. We’re reminded a lot more than you think of the past, believe me.

    3. @randal gibbons If a person is driving 150 mph on the expressway, that person has raised the odds considerably that they are going to get into a horrific crash. Adam “LiL Homicide” Toledo and Makiyah Bryant by running around a firing a gun and attempting to plunge a knife into someone, raised the odds of getting killed themselves. By a cop or someone else. Common sense. You should develop that

    4. @randal gibbons How hard is it for you to just put their names in google and find out? Why am I responsible for educating you? If you cared you would go and inform yourself about their deaths.

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  5. dr. glaude tells how enforcement of who is not accepted as meriting respect in a free country is actually accomplished. so it’s not a caste system with constitutional sanction. since such a thing can’t by definition be allowed by law. but it is de facto a class system, and therein lies it’s truly ugly abilities to effectively claim even property is more sacred than certain individuals. (yes that would be kalief browder as evidence) but here’s the thing, the guest on my right can’t see this overreach in federal terms. in other words de facto yes, de jure no. now, let’s just play that reality out via just one aspect : if the constitution can’t stop property being sacred over an individual. than how is the economy not going to be looking for ways to support doing so? systemically in other words taking rights away through policing becomes a basic part of the business model. long story short : de jure is clearly where this country is when it comes to merit being defined by ENFORCEMENT. so shouldn’t someone who signed off on, paradoxically, a FEDERAL crime bill be responsible for repairing the damage implied by executive order, if not more immediately? but does he even realize though the damage he’s done?

  6. So very much work to still do. Just read the ignorance and hatefulness oozing from so many of the comments below.

  7. What about black peoples abuse by the Democrat party? Oh that doesn’t matter. Must be slavery doesn’t bother anyone anymore either. How about people obey law enforcement and not get shot or killed. There’s an innovative idea. Obey!

  8. There are police officers like Chauvin in every police department all across the country. AG Garland needs to investigate every police department in every State.

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