Glenn Kirschner: ‘Vladimir Putin Owns President Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump officials have been pushing false conspiracy theories linked to the Russian government. Glenn Kirschner tells Ayman Mohyeldin all the signs point to Putin having something on Trump. Aired on 12/23/19.
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Glenn Kirschner: ‘Vladimir Putin Owns President Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. For such a hard stance on “America First!”, Trump is awfully quick to put Russia first in any arguments…


    1. @Bob Marshel don’t like when things are said about your president? I’ll tell you what we will stop calling him Putin’s President in the same amount of time I stop hearing about the birther issue. It’s been 10 years of that conspiracy on Obama as someone said it to me today, and its been 3 years under Trump that Russia has been talked about. So you have minimum 7 more years to go to hear about Putin and Trump, that’s assuming your fellow MAGA Hats can stop making disproven claims about Obama. Fair is fair snowflake, but we have Trumps own words on Twitter from May when he said Putin helped him win in 2016. It’s still on his Twitter account btw…

    2. @Shmick Shmudney Bob is an ironic troll, just a few days ago I saw him post that Obama was born in Kenya but he is here crying about Trumps loyalty to Russia? He’s just melting, don’t mind him and his hypocrisy…

    3. @Rod Allen Simple. T hasn’t been the Pres long enough to control everything. Congress approved the Ukraine money. Not much T could have done, though he tried and in his effort got caught but still have Russia an advantage, an advantage with the delay of funds. And he’s done all he can to lift the sanctions. What I find the epitomy of trickery is how he gives Russia a big win, then goes the next day and imposes some sanction that P probably said was irrelevant enough, but plenty relevant to distract the American people from the huge give and have them believing, falsely, he’s tough on Russia. And there is so much more, including believing P instead our own intelligence people. Yeah, use your brain. Add it up.

    4. @Bob Marshel There are plenty of policies. The house has passed over 200 Bills to the Senate for ratification. Moscow Mitch hasn’t passed a single one of them. Pay attention to the facts before you post next time.

    5. Shmick Shmudney So you nutjobs impeach Trump for Biden’s corruption in the Ukraine. Pathetic. Merry Trumpmass

    1. @destin duhn putin can’t own democrats because democrats are pretending russia isnt a democracy altough in truth the usa and russia arent democracies but financial oligarchies

    2. @Arthur Heidt uh huh another talking point demonizing dems yet covering for Putin seriously I mean I’ve given good oral and enjoyed it but least I’m aware of it and willing. Seriously you cried fault with uranium 1 but this is cool 👍 gotcha dude,

  2. Trump is not taking advice from his intelligence agencies, rather he discards what they say, and credits what Putin says, , that says it all.

  3. Make that Putin owns the whole Trump Family…listen to Ivanka, Jered Melania, Jr …they’re all gose steppers or Gucifer steppers. How they lack the ability to imagine the effect upon their own children and the meaning of every generation descending…like, “Hi , am the great grand daughter of Putin, Hitler, Stalin, “….not a fun title

    1. I bet they have some real serious kompromat on Leningrad Lindsey. I have NEVER seen a 180 pulled so quickly ever. Most likely tapes doing highly illegal disgusting things.

    1. america always was a dictatorship, the rulers where sitting in the fed, democrats need to wake up or recognize that they can’t fool the rest of the world anymore

  4. I never thought a Russian asset could be elected president of the USA. This imposter and his GOP associates must go.

    1. @dantist no actually congress put sanctions on Russia in veto proof margins and his treasury then lifted a bunch by his order 8 months later.

  5. *TO BE FAIR TO TRUMP,* he was completely correct about *one* thing: We _do_ live in a world.
    EDIT: Disregard my comment. I’ve just learned that it was one of Trump’s aides who informed him that we live in a world.

  6. Dont forget Helsinki. Donald was asked if he trusted his Inteligence agencies, and he responded “I trust Putin”. That’s all you needed to hear to know he was Putin’s president.

    1. @Some Person ” Russia if you’re listening, I would like you to give some person a new brain. Her’s doesn’t work anymore”

    2. @auto biz seems like you should ask them for your own sake first, or were you done? I can never tell when you idiots can’t use punctuation…😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. This is just obvious.
    How many Presidents have bombed their own equipment and ammunition and given American bases to LAUGHING Russian soldiers?

    1. @Brain Drain Syria, recent. Wagner group took over SF bases. They were also the ones that attacked us in 2018, I believe, at the behest of Putins close friend and chef, who owns Wagner.

    2. @Brain Drain Yeah bro… Turkey even shelled SF positions and called it an accident, but military officials said they knew. Now Russia and Turkey control Syria.

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