Sen. Van Hollen: Trump Violated Another Law With Ukraine Aid Hold | All In | MSNBC

Sen. Van Hollen says Trump violated the Impoundment Control Act by withholding aid to Ukraine, even if we believe Trump’s “fanciful” version of the story. Aired on 12/23/19.
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Sen. Van Hollen: Trump Violated Another Law With Ukraine Aid Hold | All In | MSNBC


  1. There isn’t a law that Trump “hasn’t” violated as of yet.

    He wears that as a badge of honor, crook as he is.

    1. @Kevin NYC They already have.
      And they will add the rest when they give him that second impeachment later on.

      Sadly though, the common public can’t keep all of Trump’s crimes in mind, so the democrats keep it Simple with the first one so the events doesn’t play out like with the Mueller Report.

    2. @Marc Emson well i am a commoner but i do recall they were not charging a crime. are you saying that this was the plan all along because they know the voters are stupid? i just want to understand better.

    3. @Marc Emson I think we need to consider the impact of a continuous never ending investigation against any sitting President. I think this sets a very dangerous precedent for the role of the House as law maker. It’s seems like it makes an even greater mockery of America. We are just setting things up for further abuse.

    4. @Kevin NYC what his first impeachment is about.

      1. Abuse of Power while in office.
      2. Obstruction of Justice

      Both are against the Constitution and if left not punished, will only set a dangerous precent that “The president can do ANYTHING he wants, and nobody have the right to stop him”

      This is not a president, it would be a “dictator” then.

      Would that be better in your opinion rather than keep investigating and punish corrupt conduct in the office?

  2. Trump Didn’t Release All Of The Aid, Trump Said He Release Aid in Full Trump Lie He Still Need To Release What Is Owe To Ukraine, Before He Stop All Aid To Ukraine Trump And White House Working On That They Plan To Cut Ukraine Off From Any Aid !

  3. If the “president” is re-elected and the Senate retained by Republicans they will work to pass legislation to:
    > continue to maintain male oriented politics;
    > continue to refuse to pass bipartisan gun legislation;
    > slash spending including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid;
    > continue to destroy the Affordable Care Act;
    > continue to imprison innocent children and their parents;
    > continue to increase the deficit;
    > allow Russian oligarch “trojan horse” investments in American companies;
    > allow Russian oligarch “trojan horse” political contributions to Republican candidates;
    > enable the “president’s” nascent dictatorship to destroy our Republic.

    Voters must not vote against their interests.

    1. john norris trump doesn’t care about any of you especially since you don’t have any money he just needs your vote and then he’ll move on and leave all of you looking crazy

  4. Trump your Russians Trolls & Bots trying to insult and Attacking and you thinking that’s help you? Oh No I dont believe you I don’t trust you!

  5. POTUS45 is a Pathological Liar, also known as Mythomania and Pseudologia Fantastica. It is the chronic behavior of a compulsive or habitual liar who lies for no apparent reason. Except, where Trump is concerned, his monumental and persistent lies affect many lives. Gag him and lock him up, for humanity’s sake!

    1. Trump wants to force hospitals to tell you what they are charging you so you can make better decisions as a patient. This could revolutionize the sector and drastically save money. Something we should all want. But are we talking about this?? No. He is the first politician to make this happen because everyone else is paid by the lobbyist. Trump is the only politician in my life that is free from lobbyist. Its just frustrating we cant have an adult conversation in the county anymore. We could accomplish so much if we just turned the TV off for a little while.

    2. @Kevin NYC “There’s none so blind as those who will not see…..” words attributed to JC who cared so much for humanity that he sacrificed his life for us. Trump and millionaires or billionaires like him care only about themselves. They are not concerned about us mere mortals, our hospitals, drugs, schools etc. By their DEEDS ye shall know them. Are you going to play golf in Florida this Christmas? I’m not, can’t afford it.

    1. @Kevin NYC People with a conscience and – unlike wankers such as yerself – those who actually give a crap for the rule of law and order.

    2. ​@Some Guy MSNBC is Trump fan fiction. You people could write entire novels from the storied you dream up in your head. Its pretty amazing actually. Now you have Trump stealing money. Im looking forward to 2020 now.

  6. Trump has two parts of a brain: ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

  7. Just looked it up. To clarify the ICA 1974 basically requires a president to ask Congressional permission to withhold appropriations and gives a window of 45 days for permission to be given. If it’s not given, president violates the law.

    Permission was not asked. That also violates the law.

  8. Can you say C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-R-A-C-Y ? Trump has dirtied so many people in so many areas, you are in a ‘nuclear meltdown’ where the goal is simply to contain it.

  9. When is the media going to slam the fact the Ukraine still has not got all the funds! That is the biggest talking points. OMG! Slam Trump with that all over the news. Its a fact!

  10. I wondered when somebody was going to get onto this. This law is the reason why two OMB career officials resigned, they were afraid they were violating this act by following the directive.

  11. [t]Rump has been violating laws even before he could walk and talk. It’s the story of his life. The man is an ogre and reeks of sulphur! Send him back to Hades!

  12. Humans might survive the climate crisis. Okay, I’m lying. Do you wreck your children’s happiness by telling them the truth about our religiously supported greed and conceit and inability to change as a species?

  13. We are sick and tired of this game. Trump is not a leader. He is a traitor and attacker. Shame on America. Very sick.

  14. 🤔Trump Is A Living, Breathing Political Crime Spree And This Vomitous Administration And Its Hypocritical Supporters Are Completely Rotten Through And Through!🤔

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