Gohmert Infection Highlights Weak Coronavirus Rules In Congress | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Jeremy Backup knowing Crystal Meth Gibbers, that Dutch report is almost certainly 3 months old.
      And possibly refers to something totally unrelated.
      I didn’t see a link…

    2. @Crystal Giddens Once again I catch you in a lie; in actuality the PM and one health professional have said that masks do not work, they have said this for too long and now they cannot change their stance as it would look bad for them politically. The Netherlands actually has instituted compulsory mask wearing on public transit and just like in America they told people that masks didn’t work at the start of the crisis so that front line workers could get the PPE they needed. Also, what the ruling political party has determined is that cities and localities can determine for themselves if they want to put a mask mandate in effect. And major urban areas are mandating the wearing of masks.

  1. Gohmert must have dined at Karma restaurant, where there are no menus, you simply get what you deserve. 😂

    1. Missed pun opportunity: “Gohmert must have dined at Karma restaurant, where there are no menus, no entrees…’just deserts.'”

  2. Q: Do republicans not wear masks because they are idiots or because it’s a form of technology that is too advanced for them to comprehend?

    A: Yes.

    1. Not wearing masks is emulating Trump who is incompetent in business, entertainment, and politics.

      Louis is a follower.

    2. They can’t tell which way up it goes in the same way that they can’t tell their a### from their elbow !

    3. It’s because they are MAGA Cult Magots who follow the Con-Man president. Vote, people Vote….Stop the Madness of this Administration.

    1. Yes and no. American elections are biased (I was going for rigged but now feel it is too strong). Gerrymandering, voter suppression, voter roll purges and other tactics are used to shape the electorate to return specific parties for specific districts. When the electorate decide they want a change they have a bigger hill to climb to enact that change.
      I think this vox video is worth a watch.

  3. The people that go into politics (or any position of power) are mainly those who do not want to follow rules, but love to impose (their) rules on everybody else

  4. Possibly exposing yourself to infectious diseases may not be clever but it’s not a crime.
    Possibly exposing other people is Reckless Endangerment. That is a crime.

    1. Politicians and corporations are not held responsible for any crimes. It’s only us working class that are imprisoned.

    1. No Trump didn’t allow him to get on the flight. They said earlier he was supposed to be on flight back to Texas w/ Trump but once he tested positive! He stayed behind! Smh! Trump doesn’t give a shi-!!! 🙏🇺🇸

  5. We’ve all heard of “negligent homicide”. But poor Goobert is dumb enough to potentially succumb to “negligent suicide.”

  6. Gomert is such a clown, not a funny clown, but a psychopath, masquerading as a congressman. It’s not like he hasn’t proven himself to be a total fool, time and time again.

    1. “I can’t help but wonder if I put some germs on my mask and breathed it in, I don’t know”
      What a moron.

  7. The Trump virus came after Trump’s 4 years of highly infectious stupidity
    pandemic. heal the nation, vote, VOTE, VOTE!!

    1. Biden loves masks – because only wears it when he leaves his house – even then he has been displaying difficulty talking with it on – by the way where is Biden??? Haven’t heard from him for days now. Oh well he has been MIA throughout this thing anyway!

    2. @tcnascar1 – Biden isn’t yet the president (unfortunately) and he is doing exactly the right thing by avoiding as much contact w others as possible. We know hypocrite Trump cult members would all be howling that Biden is out spreading Covid if he did what 45 and Pence do, going around w/o a mask and telling people to use hydroxycholoquin or whatever fake BS cures 45 is promoting like the big con man he is.

    3. Youdontneedto Seemyidentification – The hypocrites are everywhere – especially on the Democratic and on the left! Biden couldn’t handle whats going on right now – thats why he is hiding in his house! But not to worry they are writing a script for him to read the next time he is asked questions on Cnn or msnbc! Or maybe not- Joe its time for your warm milk and a cookie before you head to bed!! Joe? Joe? – ah he fell asleep in his chair -I guess he is all tuckered out!!

    4. @tcnascar1 – Trumpanzee cult members are a special kind of stupid. They can’t even see what the brazen life long fraudster has done to destroy America from the inside out. If they stopped drinking the toxic oraneg Kool-Aid. It’s not Bidens job to be out and about. He’s doing what everyone should do, and avoid mingling w crowds when possible. Idiots like Trumputin and Pence are convinced by theor own lies that its OK to risk it w/o a mask. Extremist lunatic Louie the Gomer just got his Karma, and it’s likely lazy dolt 45 will too. BTW have you had a cool, refreshing Lysol cocktail today, they’re wonderful in this hot weather lol!

    5. Youdontneedto Seemyidentification – We’ll come November -if Trump wins – there will a lot of you on suicide watch!
      A lot of “ protestors” are not wearing masks – but no one is outraged about that are they! No – the are more concerned about what law enforcement is wearing rather than all the destruction that is occurring at these “peaceful protests”. Some kind of backwards!

  8. We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” -Benjamin Franklin I think he had Trump and Screwy Gohmert in mind.

    1. I tend to disagree: these two don’t have to work hard. It comes naturally to them to stay stupid.

    2. Biden loves masks😷 ,” I would rather see you in a mask😷 then on a ventilator😖” bideN2020 make America safe and free again 🇺🇸🇺🇸 vote our the evil gop and Russia China Trump virus 🦠

  9. It seems like KARMA finally bit Louie the Gomer hard right in his science denier party butt ha ha. WOMP WOMP!

  10. “GOHMERT PYLE” is another one of the administration blow hards’ that should be charged with endangering the health and welfare of others. All responsible should be criminally charged.

  11. America’s dumbest, loudest, spittle-fleckiest congressman who berates his staff for wearing masks while infesting them with the rona. This is what liability lawsuits were meant for.

    1. @Aaron Pincus regardless of if you support or oppose someone to wish them dead is just wrong.

    2. @Bruce Bridges agree. However, you better believe that if he survives, it will be spun as “Coronavirus not that bad” and will embolden them all to behave more irresponsibly.

    3. @Bruce Bridges I’m not saying spun by Louie Gohmert. I’m saying spun by the whole Republican echo chamber. And yes, that is what is currently happening, but I’m just saying that you’re telling people (rightly) to be better than to wish people dead just because you oppose them. Meanwhile the other side will have zero qualms to spin his survival as “Coronavirus is harmless” minimizing and ignoring the tens of thousands of lives that have been lost. Or they will say “hey look at Louie, Hydrochloroquine worked for him!” It’s right to take the high road, but just know that the other side won’t.

    4. @snoski as Forrest Gump says stupid is as stupid does. I can fix stupid but I heard that you can muffle it if you use enough Gaffer tape

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