1. @ObiWantzCanolis And Mom Garden Journey Woke is knowing what is happening. Not what Republicans try to tell us.

  1. As a Mod Dem, I respect Hogan. Unfortunately, he’s trying to communicate some decency to the lowest mentality oxen on the planet.

  2. I live in a Maryland inner suburb of Washington D.C. Jamie Raskin is our representative.
    Gov. Larry Hogan has done a great job overall: he did not support marijuana legalization or abortion rights, but those are basic Republican policies, and he didn’t go on deranged rants.

    1. Amen. I live in Maryland, too, a registered Democrat but voted for Hogan. He is one of the few Republicans who have a spine. I hope he runs for President, I would vote for him.

    2. @Edward Kibirige I expect him not to blame democrats for a problem which lies at the feet of his own party’s descent into authoritarianism. I like the guy but deal with your deplorable republican base. Don’t blame Dems.

  3. “Unlimited Power in the hands of limited men (tRump/Putin) always leads to cruelty.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  4. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your 👀 eyes and ears. It was their FINAL, most essential COMMAND.” George Orwell 1984

  5. This right-wing extremism is an ongoing threat. Vote these nut biscuits out of office. VOTE BLUE IN 22 & 24!

    1. right, because high employment, low taxes, low food prices, low gas prices, low crime, low inflation is sooooo threatening.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

  6. Glad that Mr. Tapper asked about the delaying of the deployment of MD National Guard on 1/6. DOD wouldn’t authorize early action by Gov. Hogan at the time. This is a peice of the 1/6 puzzle that deserves more scrutiny.

    1. @Carly Jack
      Complete and abject, firsthand fear should never be termed as “absolute hysterics”. Representative Raskin lived – and managed to survive – the first; you are living the second.

    2. Only reason he couldn’t mobilize the Natl. Guard was that Maryland had no jurisdiction, DC is separate and had to be done with a presidential order.

  7. I’m much less concerned about the economy than I am about the future of democracy. I will be voting a straight Democracy Party ticket because I have been watching the Republican party for fifty years since I first registered as an Independent. The Republican Party’s future has become the past.

    1. Absolutely, wisegeorge. Our grandparents lived through a Great Depression and WW2, suffering privations we can only dream about. I remember 2007 when the housing bubble burst & we were losing 750000 jobs “a month” & credit froze (couldn’t get a loan). We just lived thru 2 yrs of pandemic that cratered our economy, so this current economic “crisis” is nothing in comparison. We will get through it and it will end, like every one before it. I don’t think this country is made up of a bunch of whining, weak marshmallows but tougher stuff and have confidence we’ll weather it fine. That doesn’t worry me. An attempted violent coup by a sitting president and his henchmen that nearly destroyed our democracy going unpunished “does” scare me and is infinitely more important.

      Jan 6th never really ended. We have an ongoing coup still happening. Trump and prominent members of the Republican Party “still” haven’t acknowledged they lost in 2020 and have done everything in their power to assure they’ll win in 2024 by gerrymandering on steroids, stacking state election jobs with lackeys beholden to the party instead of the Constitution, and passing laws to actually make it legal to throw out any election result they don’t like. Their stated goal is stay in power indefinitely by any means necessary. Is anyone Ok with that? because now is the time to make a choice and take a stand. We’re at a pivotal moment in American history, every bit as important and dangerous as WW2 and the Civil War, only that the evil won’t be done with blood in the streets but soft subjugation through voter manipulation, apathy and cult worship over a fascist authoritarian. That is if we let it. I for one will never vote Republican again until the stench of Trump/Trumpism is eradicated. Maybe some have no problem with it but I don’t vote for traitors.

    2. @Waris4thewealthy Exactly. The economy will recover. 1/6 accountability is about the preservation of our democracy, because once it’s lost we may never regain it.

  8. yo! Larry! just a reminder to you and all those republicans who can’t stand what trump has done to your party, all those enablers in the trump White House were put into cabinet position with the approval of the republican establishment in congress.

    1. For as much as I appreciate Liz Cheney’s part in the committee, she still voted for all his crazy policies.

  9. What kind of party you want to be?
    You could try being honest.
    You could try having respect for all Americans. How about letting women decide what happens with their own bodies.

  10. the sick part is that everything this governor did to try to stop the attack on the capitol was actually him working directly against the sitting president of the united states. if trump’s coup had succeeded, hogan would have been severely punished for attempting his own coup against trump.

    1. Not really a counter-coup. More this: “Defending the Constitution of the United States of America Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic.” That is, doing the right thing.

    2. @Paul Bernhardt who? who was “doing the right thing”? trump or hogan? wouldn’t that depend on the eventual outcome? if trump had succeeded in retaining the presidency, he would be the legal potus and hogan would be the criminal who tried to depose the potus.

      because history is written by the winners.

    3. Hogan knows right from wrong, and to have a “coup” you actually have to be overthrowing a government, not just stopping a coup.

  11. I consider Hogan to be a sane republican but, when he tried to blame dems for telling the truth, it was pointed out that it was the republican voters who chose his opponent. Also his fact that only 20% of Maryland voters are republican and only a fraction of them were able to elect this looney tune politician, is a sad commentary on the American electorate.

    1. @Heather O. Exactly. Overwhelming budget surplus, helped get Marylanders vaccinations and PPE (when tRump refused to do so), and stood up to trumpism. I am a Democrat, but I voted for Governor Hogan because he was concerned for helping ALL Marylanders regardless of their party affiliation.

    2. I moved from Washington DC to Maryland shortly before COVID arrived so Larry Hogan was already the governor here.
      My impression of him had mainly been good. The way he stood up to tRump and took control of the state’s COVID response is the main reason for Maryland’s low rate of infection.
      Every time I have heard him speak in the past he seemed Intelligent and thoughtful. I’ve known Maryland my whole life and it is a wonderful state and they would never have one of those horrible monstrous rabidly right wing anti woman republicans so I was really disappointed when he expressed his views on abortion. And now I’m really glad he’s not running and I hope our next governor is a Democrat.
      Because my view on abortion is this:
      If you are against abortion don’t have one.
      I was pleased, but not surprised to hear how few republicans there are here remember, I said Maryland was wonderful.

    3. @joels5150 You do have a point. Could the apathy be due to there only being 2 major parties? So Independants do not really have a party they can vote for. I am Conservative but wouldn’t vote for Trump. In this instance I’d vote for JB as I thought he would beat Trump, his experience & reputation would benefit USA after Trump. But plenty wouldn’t vote for Trump but also wouldn’t vote for DNC. Therefore by not voting, they are a] affecting the election result by a passive non vote & b] exercising their voting g right, not to vote. I disagree with the Oz law saying you must vote. If there isn’t anyone you would want to vote for, by not voting you are still giving your opinion. (Maybe tye Oz laws allow you to scrub your ballot so it is defaulted but records you voting? That would be ok then. By not voting for Trump the non voters still helped him lose!

  12. Salute to all Republicans who stood for the TRUTH, their Oath, the Law and restoring Democracy!

    1. I’m hoping to use more than one hand to count them on. Then maybe I’ll give them two salutes.

    2. @Janzzen i never said that im a Republican nor rooting to vote any of them. Im just happy that there still good few Republicans who believed the TRUTH and the Law.

  13. We can only hope that the voters have had enough of this Republican insanity & show up in great numbers to make sure democracy will prevail!! VOTE BLUE!!🇺🇸

    1. Action is the antidote to despair — Joan Baez NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION Help the TRUE BLUE TIDAL WAVE in 22 and 24
      get active in the campaign of your choice, knock on doors, hand out flyers, put up yard signs, make phone calls, donate, engage in conversations

    1. Larry Hogan & Phil Scott (Vermont) have done outstanding efforts with Covid response, far, far superior to DeSantis.
      Kudos to them, people like them should be the core for conservative voters, sensible people who believe in both their country & constitution.

  14. Did I just witness a GOP leader who is a grown up? I didn’t realize there was such a being anymore. Rare as unicorns. He sounded like he listens to all the people, not just the republican agenda. Hearing that my rep voted against the right of birth control (and she is a child-bearing age woman) had me so sick this morning I had to get up and go work in the yard to work off my anger.

    1. Hogan is the Republican Governor of Maryland, a reliably blue state, for two terms. Term-limited, and hence the primary.

    2. Yea Larry Hogan was a gift in Maryland for a bit compared to other Republicans, but imo any Republican is still bad for the people atm.. I am glad he stood up to the crazies

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