1. Wow!!! A lot of hostility from these replies… people seem really angry… but it’s thrown towards the wrong people…

    1. @Jambo 🤙 ok bright spark let’s make it simple the country which the lady is leader of

    2. @Jambo 🤙 bcz u know exactly which country I was talking but being white makes u bright 😎🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Corey Tomlinson did you just assumed their gender? Not very woke of you! Do better next time and try to learn geography and be more inclusive!

    4. @Jambo 🤙 me being woke u saw the interview on CNN u knew exactly what I was saying but yet you made a comment to insult me shows what exactly is in your mind remember the mouth betrayes the thoughts of the mind

  1. She seems like such a together, reasonable lady. Why do all of our politicians seem to be such slimy prats in comparison?

    1. @хорошая жизнь Of course ^^ And we so totally belive you that you speak for every single one human in that country and you arent gonna allow other idea to be spoken without going REEEEEEEEEEEE or RURURURURU. Because I belive you are actually a nice person 😀

  2. Go for it Moldova🇲🇩. Pretty sure Ukraine will help you as soon as they can 🇲🇩🇺🇦. Try and join NATO. 🇦🇺🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  3. Madame Gravilita has all my admiration, she is brilliant, eloquent and benevolent, that the type of leaders we need to eradicate toxic regimes or administrations

  4. Wow they had received hordes of Ukrainians and 85% say they would keep doing it… despite being such a poor country, their generosity is immense. I hear American opinions all of the time, saying that if gas keeps going up, they don’t care about Ukraine, that Russia can have it, even when the gas price increase is a marginal part of the average American income. We all can do better in this world. Hope peace comes soon.

    1. Yes, when Jewish Ukrainians were turned away by Poland, they went to Moldova, and were allowed in.

  5. Best wishes for the people of Moldova 🇲🇩 Thank you for the assistance provided to Ukrainian refugees. ✌ Thank you Prime Minister for your time and insight

  6. A very powerful world-leader leading a small country, we need more such capable and powerful leaders in much larger countries.

  7. Despite English being her second language, she understands and speaks it at an advanced level. Impressive.

  8. The war😪 in Ukraine 🇺🇦 is meant to open your eyes to the reality in the financial system. Real estate firm and other businesses are also closed too only crypto holders are spending money with ease..

    1. My first investments with him profited me $40,000 ever since then he keeps delivering. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to do it.

    2. Every comment session on youtube has something nice to say about Mr Logan Willie.I just sent him a message I’m looking forward to his response.💯💯

    3. Access to a good information is what the investors needs to progress financially and generally in life . Here’ is a good one and I’m grateful.

    4. He deserves more accolades, just the same way I was going through comment and I saw this. I gave a try and bet something I never regretted

  9. Why Do We Need A Real United Nations That Sees And Represent ALL People ?
    🇺🇦 That’s Why!

  10. She is a great and brave as a woman being a leader and does thing for her country and people for peace.

  11. Well now, this is interesting. Get Ukraine some jets! Maybe Ukraine and Moldova can work out something mutually beneficial, like some runways and other supporting facilities.

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