GOP Is ‘Hopeful’ Trump Will Stay On Message While Campaigning For Georgia Senators | All In | MSNBC 1

GOP Is ‘Hopeful’ Trump Will Stay On Message While Campaigning For Georgia Senators | All In | MSNBC


Donald Trump will campaign in Georgia on Saturday to "help," but Republicans who care about controlling the senate are genuinely concerned what he will say. Aired on 12/3/2020.
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GOP Is ‘Hopeful’ Trump Will Stay On Message While Campaigning For Georgia Senators | All In | MSNBC


    1. @AwesomeBlackDude
      Dude you’ve said the same comments repeatedly tonight.
      What’s the matter don’t have a Netflix subscription?

    2. 265,000 Americans dead because of the Trump virus. Trumps lack of leadership is responsible for the virulent spread of the Trump virus. Covid-45.

    3. @AwesomeBlackDude because moscow mitch, the grim reaper, blocks everything that doesnt line his or his wifes pockets, do forget mrs moscow mitch is under investigation for kickbacks

    4. @B. T.
      That is so misleading what you just stated. So your only point is to shut down what these people are doing to struggling America who losing their jobs? Just calm down and Don’t worry I came with receipts

  1. He is gonna go to Georgia and talk about himself and how he was robbed in the election and how he won the election. Not gonna help those two stupid senators. . Either way win win for democrats.

    1. @islandbee Except that Biden has already broken 270. Even if Trump were to win Georgia, he loses. Pennsylvania put Biden well over the top.

      So, again, it’s wishful thinking on your part, but the reality is that Biden has more than 270, he will maintain more than 270 and likely his total will remain unchanged, making his victory one of the greatest in erican history by both popular and Electoral votes.

      So, again, you can cover your ears and ignore reality, but Trump is down. His era of ignorance is over. Sorry, boomer. You dinosaurs lost, the GOP is eating itself, and a large portion of Trump’s base will age out before the next election.

    2. @islandbee But even after you lose, unlike the last 4 years, we’re not going to treat you like you are less American. Misguided, angry, and uneducated, sure, but you are still a part of this country. Even after all of the damage you’ve caused, the hatred you hold for your fellow citizens, and how you embarrassingly supported a reality TV host as President and made us a global laughing stock, you will still have a place in our country.

      That’s the cool thing about progress: it makes things better for everyone, even people like yourself who probably don’t deserve it.

    3. @Will Knaapen – It’s funny because when the MSM reported that Joe Biden was the presumptive President Elect, you didn’t see Trump Supporters looting and rioting cities across America. If it was announced that Trump won, there would be cities in America burning down because of Joe Biden condoned BLM and Antifa groups. That was the reason why businesses boarded up. If this election was a legitimate free and fair election I would accept the results. Just like a majority of Trump Supporters and third partiers. The evidence being presented as recent shows hardcore evidence of fraud. Trump garnered over 71 million votes. Potentially more from votes that were thrown out or stolen from Joe Biden.

      Since I answered your question. Why don’t you answer mine? What are you going to do if Donald Trump takes back the Presidency on Jan 20th? Are you going to join the rest of your BLM and Antifa friends looting and rioting in the city? Or are you going to accept the results?

    4. @Will Knaapen – EC has not sent their votes yet. If they don’t send out their votes. There is a potential that no one gets 270 EC votes.

    1. @islandbee
      Copy and paste are such sad talents. Plus no one is here to take interest in your pathetic attempt to prove something thats been debunked. A b d don’t say it hasn’t, don’t be as stupid without proof. Just trust you nor Newsmax or Oann. Your link is probably infected with malware.

    2. @KEVIN LOPEZ – You don’t have any talent, other than spouting off the same denial of hardcore evidence. Your very ignorance and denial is malware and does nothing to inform anyone. You ought to ship yourself over to Venezuela vato if you prefer that type of government.

    1. @DG youtube Is Santa Claus coming? Are you going postal soon? Stalking Democrat? Trolling someone? WTF I’m on on the edge of my seat?

  2. “If we nominate Trump, we will be destroyed… and we will deserve it.” _~ Sen. Lindsey Graham, May 2016_

    1. That was before he was blessed with the orange mushroom. He knew his political career hinged on sucking up to Trump.

    1. The Election for their Republicans is pointless & futile in the up coming runoffs – its already decided !!! Your own King in the White House is telling you that day after day after day its all rigged – stay home & don’t waste your money & or end up with COVID-19.

    1. @Rick Jansen In Trumplandia all the food is from McDonald’s or KFC. In Trumplandia the only TV station is the Trump Network. In Trumplandia the entire country is a golf course. There’s a big wall around Trumplandia and the sensors at the one gate. Only allow the whitest of the pasty-white; to walk through the gate. No minorities are allowed in. There are no schools in Trumplandia; just Trump University…;)

  3. Trump’s rally speech, “Vote for Kelly Laughler and the chicken guy. Now let me tell you about all the voter fraud in my race for an hour and half.”

  4. He’s not going to be able to control his runaway mouth he never can. He will attack anyone in Georgia he thinks is less than loyal.

  5. As it’s said, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” The fleecing of Trump’s base on frickin’ steroids!

  6. Honestly, I hope he doesn’t. Go ahead and keep telling everybody it’s a fraud so that his own people just think it’s rigged and stay home.

    1. Funny you say that It’s being said that since the INTERNET boon the average attention Span of most Americans is that of a gold fish.

  7. Spanky McBoneSpurs is super scared. He knows that January 21st State prosecutors are coming for him and his entire mob family.

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