GOP Is Moderating On Policy, Radicalizing Against Democracy 1

GOP Is Moderating On Policy, Radicalizing Against Democracy


"The fidelity of the Republicans to the anti-democratic forces, the willingness to throw out an election out—that is the defining feature. That is the litmus test. That is the big vote—nothing else," says Chris Hayes, discussing what the Stefanik leadership vote says about the modern GOP.
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    1. @Scotch Barrel In January , 2019 , Brian Tyler Cohen had about 70,000 subscribers . Now , he is at about 1,200,000 of them. (Another guy who is very good ,
      although not nearly as popular , is Christo Aivalis . )

    2. EVERYONE needs to join this effort. The american people have way more power than they realize. if we can inform enough people it will happen.

    3. We should defund them all. Infrastructure bill to buy NBC/Comcast billions in new fiber lines – if that’s not state sponsored corruption then what is?

  1. Someone needs to explain to her that Trump is not a president anymore. What is the Republicans afraid of with Trump? God help us all.

    1. First Republicans white washed the Mueller Report. Then they white washed the first impeachment. Then, they white washed the second impeachment. Now they want to white wash Jan.6th. The pattern is the modern Republicans party is willing to throw out the rule of law and the Constitution to satisfy their LYING RACIST CON MAN MESSIAH. Anyone that still supports the FORMER President is a FAKE Patriot, FAKE Christian, and Anti American. You should just leave now.

    2. @Google User Desantis won’t even get Trump’s number of votes if he should run. Desantis matter is even going to get worse as he is planning to protect Trump if indicted. Any one who is going to run with Trump won’t win. Trump is a cancer.

  2. The same people who delighted in telling Democrats to “get over” Hillary losing in 2016.
    Are the same people who are re-counting Arizona’s ballots in 2021.

    1. @Fletcher Christian Just when you think their stupidity can’t surprise you anymore than it already has, _this._ I saw someone being interviewed about it joke that they should just release some pandas & see which ballots they eat to save time. I constantly find myself torn between horror & feeling like I must be smarter than I give myself credit for.

  3. Black Sabbath “The Mob Rules” is something I prefer instead of the Gang Of Putin’s version.

  4. She wouldn’t be invited to an interview on NewsMax that in itself tells us something. There is no interest on that side of the loony bin to think about truth. How can Republicans rule? Republicans have no agenda.

    1. Yeah I love that song, but it is disconcerting to be living here. The best thing one could probably do is move somewhere far away from people, Americans.

  5. What’s going to happen to the GQP when The Traffic Cone of Treason gets arrested in NY or GA, or for colluding with Russia in 2016? Bill Barr and Rudy Guliani are not going to go down alone. It’s like a live “Weekend at Bernie’s” playing out right in front of us. “Move along, nothing to see here…”

    1. _”The Traffic Cone of Treason.”_ LMFAO! Oh God, some of my soda went up my nose. I’d never heard that one before. Haha, love how it’s capitalized like an official ‘title’.

  6. How is Chump going to endorse anyone from Block 9? Pubs are going down and to the slammer with him.

    1. Atleast he’ll be able to add being the second presidential candidate to get a sizeable vote from behind bars.

  7. Reminds me of the school bully who says, I’m playing no matter what and first pick, pass the ball to me or you’re for it. And he’s absolutely rubbish! Then the game is lost. Hopefully in2022 and 2024 game will be up, and trump’s ball is burst.

    1. Wow, I’ve had very similar experience in high school, we simply decided to give the ball a break and kick him instead.

  8. If they’ll bend the knee to Blogger Don just imagine what they’d do for a Klondike bar. Cheers

    1. Not if they do not win – those Repug-li-cans can lose too and we can help that happen – vote.

  9. Stefanik’s promotion has nothing to do with policy. It’s all about the giant orange sloth hiding in Florida.

    1. I think the GOP think if they didn’t pick her, then they would lose even more suburban women to the Dems.

  10. they are screaming at everything and everyone in order to stay relevant: they are in the minority, they need to be seen in order to continue to line their pockets

  11. MSNBC I have to hand it to this newscast station. Bravo to your network. They’re always fact-checking that’s what makes them number one!…

  12. The former guy has definitely got something on them all. I wonder if it has something to do with Epstein.

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