GOP lawmaker asked if she’ll visit jailed Jan. 6 defendants with colleagues

CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins asks Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) if she plans to visit defendants charged with participating in the January 6th attack alongside Republican colleagues Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and James Comer. #CNN #News


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      *для двиТСния, β€” сказал ΠΎΠ½. β€” Π­Ρ‚ΠΎ*

    2. @Ervin Stewart Because she knows he should be held accountable but sees a picture of Liz Cheney in her mind.

    3. Well honestly for the love of god how do these Politicians keep a straight face ? How do they manage to stick to the script ?

    1. Hello
      Since when has ANTIFA been organization? Thank you for your comment about her comparing the protest in 2020 to the insurrection. It is like comparing πŸŽβ€™s to πŸŠβ€™s.

  1. Mace….the perfect example of not answering a simple question while talking out of both sides of her mouth…..what a piece of……work.

    1. 🀣i don’t know many politicians who don’t do it. maybe Katie Porter who is my dream presidential candidate…blessings

    2. LOL! Her constituents need to hold her and her congressional colleagues accountable. Don’t just vote. Stay on our representatives and senators, like stink on rice.

    3. @Paul Braga Bernie Sanders doesn’t either. Agree or disagree with him he has been rather consistent about his guiding principles.

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  2. Damn she’s good at tap-dancing around answers
    Shows you can’t trust a politician when they can’t give a straight answer

  3. “We’ve got to move on from Jan 6” just as soon as the GOP has a reckoning that it happened and it was an act of deadly treason. All involved must be held accountable and pay the ultimate price.

    1. @Mark Still talking, Marky. Perhaps you shouldn’t let yourself be bothered by the opinion of others. Isn’t that why you keep trying to debate everyone? 😁 That’s sad boyo.

  4. Those locked up in the DC jail awaiting trial are lucky they are not down in GITMO, (where they belong) being ‘harshly interrogated’ for information on possible future attacks on America.

  5. If I ever decided to run in politics, I’d have to learn how not to answer a question. I’m sick of these people.

  6. She won’t answer any of the questions and the news lady lets her get away with it. Shame on both of them

  7. Can she hear herself? She compares getting her house spray-painted with violence and DEATHS of Jan. 6.

    1. @Cole Roberson yr concerned she got scared?

      Perhaps not as much as the cops that got so badly injured they died of their wounds. Death can be very scary, you know.

    2. @Darcy Fraser But several died of injuries thereafter.

      You have to be deliberately oblivious to avoid knowing this. That is willful ignorance. You are going out of your way to obfuscate. You should be ashamed.

    1. @bob mac this was as soft as it could get. No one voting for her will even watch this, so it’s useless, and it’s not good enough to be used in any negative ad campaign.

  8. “My house was spray painted! Where is the justice for that?”

    Sure let’s go ahead and forget about everyone who trampled on the state capital and the people who were killed in the process along with the formal presidential administrations involvement so we can try and find someone who spray painted your house because those two actions are totally equal.

    1. Donald Thomas, answering a question with a question is the most common, infuriating tactic politicians engage in. They know they can’t give the answer that they are asked for, so they “question the questioner” to avoid or delay giving ANY answer whatever.

    2. @Carol Edmonds You are right about that. That seems to be the norm by our politicians these days.

  9. Wow! Mace is a amaceing! She is so full of herself. This is the first time I’ve ever seen somebody compare the insurrection to having their garage door tagged.

    1. Pretty much sets the bar for their perception of the facts… Millions in damage , people died, 140+ Law enforcement injured… ” Do you have any idea how expensive it is to have the garage door cleaned ” ?

  10. DEAR JOURNALISTS: If they don’t answer your question, repeat the question. If they still don’t answer the question, don’t move on without pointing out that they never answered your question.

    1. @Alma I agree 100%! The journalist also let Mace skate by when she said the debt was caused by Democrats! Are you kidding? She also said Dems played a part in messing up Social Security and need to come to the table to fix it with Republicans. Mace is nothing more than a smooth talking shyster. I see right through her manipulation. I’m more upset with the journalist for not calling her out! This is exactly why I no longer watch CNN. At a time democracy is hanging on a thread, their journalists play footsie with the very people who are destroying it. Unbelievable!

  11. Who can forget her from begging Trump for forgiveness on air, and wanting him to back her. I remember. She might want to do the right thing, but power is what she wants more.

  12. No politician has given any thought to the conditions of jails and prisons until insurrectionists complained about getting consequences for breaking the law. 🀬🀬🀬

    1. Yea now it’s appalling it’s been appalling maybe since it’s republican supporters locked up maybe the jail system would change but don’t hold ur breath this is political like every thing else

  13. We should NEVER move from January 6th until THOSE responsible are held accountable. That means Trump and his cohorts. Congress included.

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