GOP lawmaker says Donald Trump is a 'loser president' 1

GOP lawmaker says Donald Trump is a ‘loser president’


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) gives his thoughts on the state of the Republican Party, speaking truth, and former President Donald Trump as he hits the road again at rallies.

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  1. People were leaving in droves after about the halfway point of his rambling, senile speech. When you’re a one trick pony…

    1. @Susan Hewitt
      After all the real truth I have posted you’re the sniveling skidmark controlled by demons.

    2. @Susan Hewitt
      I’ll just get deleted for posting truth and make another one so I can rag on you ridiculous cesspool bunnies

    3. @Garett Anderson ANOTHER graduate of Trump university
      . major in elecution effervescent
      Minor in underwater basket weaving. Fox FLATULENCE at its finest

  2. Even Q people were bored to death by 45 ohio rally.
    Trumpism is rapidly fading after just 6 months.
    Bring it in 2024, we will end it FOR GOOD!!!

    1. @Deborah Freedman ‘defund the police’ was actually, is, a great and important idea, but the right wins the propaganda war and totally misrepresented the underlying idea. And, like you, people believe the right. Originally meant with defund the police was that Republicans want social injustice and keeping the peace by force of a strong and brutal police while normal people want social justice and the police only for police work.

  3. I’m mean, he lost the popular vote to Hillary Rodham Clinton. If that isn’t the definition of a loser then I don’t know what is.

    1. @John Mags False equivalence is the lowest form of stupid> Clinton was a better candidate than any Republican but Teddy Roosevelt.

    2. @look whats happening now Practically speaking, I agree with you 100%. I also had to live through four years of utter madness.

      However, as a matter or philosophy, your statement disturbs me, simply because it has potentially frightening consequences. I firmly believe that people should be allowed to vote for who they want. If we cross that line once, that we decided the the circumstances justify the means, it become easier and eaiser to find justifications for doing the wrong thing.

      I wish that Donald Trump had never become president. But, he did win, by the rules of the game as they have been set, and I would have been happy to just say, fine, we lost, give him his four years. What I find really offensive is that during those four years he abused his power, made mockery of the Office of the President, not once, but over and over again. This should never have been allowed to happen. There must be a way to get a president out of office if they break the rules, a way that is not dependent on who controls Congress or the political leanings of the Supreme Court.

    1. @Joe Conner and Bidens speeches are coherent and truthful? I’m not on either side as I’m an independent but surely I thought you people were brighter than to believe a career politician that has never done a thing to help this nation. Every year them people lie to you to get elected and every year you all fall for it. Then we all suffer with higher taxes,gas prices ,insurance prices,food prices, massive unemployed, larger national debt ect… That’s nothing to be proud of.

    2. @Brad John I’m also a registered independent, Trump got Elected because people didn’t like Hillary! Biden got elected because people didn’t like Trump! Politics has always been the lesser of two evils! But Trump set the standard for President so low, that you need to reach up to touch bottom! After 4 years of that creep, if people are still defending him, then to me, they’re nothing but a bunch of pathetic losers!

    1. @Don nawzd … yeah not a real tough guy like Old Treasonous Bonespurs, king of the chickenshit snowflake bigots…

  4. trump’s prophecies and predictions —
    > Mexico would pay for the wall,
    > Coronavirus would spontaneously disappear
    > he would be easily re-elected

  5. “Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is.” (Churchill)

    1. @Don nawzd he is the only member of the GOP who is a patriot the rest are cowards and you must be very gullible

    2. The same fake news clowns that claimed Russians colluded with Trump for four years with no evidence are now trashing a completely transparent professionally conducted audit that was open to video and in person observers. The process of the audit documented the chain of custody of every single ballot handled during the audit. The process was explained in detail on every step and yet the imbeciles at CNN, MSNBC, and all the other fake news networks screamed as though their hair was on fire.

      When ballots for Maricopa county election were printed there were 667 different versions that had to be created. This is done in order to match the voter registration requirements for each precinct in the county that includes all of the local races such as judges, school boards, and all sorts of minor offices within that precinct. As auditors are counting these ballots the numbers of ballots for each precinct is compared to the totals that were tabulated. Each one of the ballots that were handled by the auditors was scanned with high resolution cameras and those images are run through software that distinguishes precinct ballots. In other words if anyone made fraudulent ballots by copying a given ballot and it was used to jack up the numbers then they are BUSTED!!! The fake news narrative of biased audit evaporates and onward to the next fraudulent swing state election. Perhaps Georgia.

    3. @Benji Lando Why so much hate?😕Benji. you are either sick or ignorant, not to say stupid to be polite.

    1. Adam Kinzinger is à lightweight stooge for the Chinese News Network CNN, He is a loser & someone that got disavowed by his own Family, now all he has is Crazy Nancy 🧟‍♀️, & Crying Chuck 😭 PATHETIC 🤯

    2. he is the only good republican left. the rest are all traitor-in-chief cult members, christo-fascists, GQP wack jobs, and conspiracy theorist idiots.

  6. He didn’t even win the first time. Without Putin he would have never set foot in the WH.

    1. @Realpeopleneverpost IM so happy *Thousands* of Isis fighters were wiped off the face of Earth

  7. Adam is a decent guy. He’s not afraid of Kevin McOrange or others. A smart and decent guy. I like him.

    1. Adam is the only republican i will listen to now. the rest are all liar-in-chief cult members and flunkies.

  8. This is incredible news!!! Seriously, we have a Republican Lawmaker telling the truth! This could be worth celebrating.

    1. That is a rare occurrence worth noting but too many of them have that adversarial relationship with the truth, probably a prerequisite to join the party. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤫🤫🤫🤫😂😂😂😂😂😉😉😉

    2. The only one, the rest of the Republicans still following the clown. They do not love the country.

    1. @Dixon Uranus It’s true that trump supporters are worse (great name for them by the way), but the Christian nationalists have staying power like the Taliban. They aren’t a flash in the pan with a humiliated one termer as their only “success.”

    2. Don’t called them Christian nationalist …. You don’t have any idea how much political correctness demage to the nation.. because of this in India we are suffering … To much open mindess distroy culture .. same times you need nationalist who think about country…. Donald trump is an idiot but he always put American first

  9. This is what I really want, going back to disagreeing with Republicans based on policy, not trying to fend off a self obsessed tyrant in Trump…. It’s a historical shame for the U. S. We’re a joke.

    1. Trump is a true HERO <3 and our REAL president because he got the most votes and more than 50% of the americans know the truth!

    2. Drumphs definitely responsible for the what-happened-to-America view we externals have.
      How could such a corrupt, racist, bigoted misogynistic psychopath get to the WH?
      Unfortunately, a stain decent Americans are going to have to live with for many a decade.

      PS: Some sort of record re Charlotte 👆🏼
      A joined-2-hours-ago !!! Troll

    1. You made your political stance part of your personality. That’s is identity politics.

    2. If you like corrupt, backstabbing unamerican opportunists like Schumer and McCain then yeah he’s certainly living up to a standard. Jesus. Kitzinger is the slimiest.

  10. Who’s paying for this rally? Doesn’t he still owe millions of to cities for previous rallies?

    1. Really gonna need some donations when his org goes belly up. But hey not the first time this great “Businessman” has gone bankrupt or has failing hotels and other organizations. Experienced I would call it, or uh, something like that. 👍

    2. @vincewallett What are you bitching about..Biden wants to give police money and the Republicans said no Thanks..

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