Author: Barr called Trump's election claims 'all bullsh*t' 1

Author: Barr called Trump’s election claims ‘all bullsh*t’


Former Attorney General William Barr says he suspected Former President Donald Trump's claims on widespread election fraud were "all bullsh*t." His comments were made public after The Atlantic published the statement as part of an excerpt from "Betrayal," a book by ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl.

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    1. Arrows are flying on all direction. A bus will not be enough, need a train to throw all the Trump Adm under.

  1. And YET, he carried trump’s water for the WHOLE time he was AG and is Only NOW saying THIS!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!

    1. @BOYT PLANET Get over it, snowflake. 45 lost by 7,000,000 votes. It wasn’t even close, snowflake. Grow up, accept reality. Move on.

  2. So..why wasn’t Barr remarkably candid during his sycophantic time serving trump??
    So it was all BS!
    wait for it.. Barr was saving it for the book to make all mighty $$$
    He should be investigated!!

    1. @Thomas Glenn oh they had balls, but not where balls are usually hanging….that sack hanging in their mouthes, is where they had balls….except for Milley!

  3. 😆😆 Too little too late, Barr. You’re on record a hundred times backing Donnie. You embarrassed the office of the USAG and are a disgrace.

    1. @Rob Johnston The suit against Georgia is NOT ABOUT IDs.
      It is about Georgia Republicans designing an election process and laws that discourage and make it very time consuming & inconvenient for ‘some’ voters (that means Democrats) to exercise their right to vote.
      As a Georgian, I can tell you there is no problem with requiring IDs to vote. That’s been in effect here for years, along with signature matching.
      There is a problem, however, with a systematic attempt to keep ‘certain’ voters away from the polls by making them wait in line for hours to cast their votes.
      Are you determined enough to vote that you would wait in line for hours to vote? Thousands of Georgians did.
      Are you determined enough to vote that you would be willing to lose up to a day’s pay in order to vote? Many Georgians waited in line for up to 8 hrs. to be able to vote in the 2020 election.
      In Georgia, an employer cannot refuse a worker time off to go vote. However, that employer can dock a worker’s pay for time taken off to vote. So, the result is, in the 2020 election, it ‘cost’ Democrats more to cast their ballots due to long lines than the Republican voters who had short lines & only 30 min. waits.
      The suit against Georgia IS NOT AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. You don’t know what you are talking about. Georgians want free, fair and accessible opportunity to vote, as do all Americans.
      Also, do not try to speak for Georgians as for what we want. I am sure I am not alone in welcoming the suit against Georgia in regards to the voting law changes.
      Tell me why would the Georgia Republican officeholders (who designed the election laws, oversaw the election process and certified the 2020 results) change our election laws after the 2020 election?
      They insisted the results were correct (after 3 recounts with the same result), and repeatedly stated that we had “a fair election with no fraud”.
      Yet, afterwards they rushed to change election laws to “ensure fair and fraud-free elections”. Why would that be necessary if there was no fraud?
      The answer that no Republican will admit is: Because the Republicans lost the election.
      Despite all the manipulations & cheating that Republicans have done over the years, they lost in 2020 and they were shocked. They are terrified that they are losing power here despite their cheating. And they should be afraid. Georgia is truly Blue now and I believe it will remain Blue, despite the Republicans’ desperate attempts to thwart the will of the majority here.

  4. If Barr’s comments on CNN came after his informal investigations then he should be disbarred like RUDY.

    1. Even if you are fully vaccinated, please continue to double mask and observe social distancing guidelines, this according to Mariangela Simao from the WHO. She says that “vaccine alone won’t stop community transmission”.

    2. The comments are from the Author” who wrote a book with hearsay. Please.
      It’s Jonathan Karl the prince of the anti-orangeman cheerleaders in the WH press corp. Who could forget his encounters with Trump? Yeah. Zero Credibility.

    3. @Andres Herrera Except that a recording means nothing. How can we determine if someone is being coerced to say something, or if they’re a puppet reading a script or if they’re actually making a genuine statement?
      We can’t.

    4. @Olive Eisner It still works for the police when it comes to confessions. Whether you are right or wrong.

  5. But he didnt say anything WHILE he was in office meaning he deserves prison and never have a place in politics or “justice”

  6. Despite whatever Bill Barr says now. He spent most of his time as AG helping to fan the flames of discontent. Now Barr says it’s all BS.

    1. It’s hearsay from a book written by gossip columnist Jonathan Karl the nazi in charge of Trump’s WH press corp. Remember those epic takedowns?

    2. @Olive Eisner I suspect you would say the same thing even if got this straight from William Barr mouth. Then you say the libs have him under MK Ultra.

    3. @Keith Gupton Tbh I don’t believe what anyone says what anyone else says. Do you?
      On top of that just because one if these actors makes a public statement doesnt mean anything either. Like nothing. They can make statements all day long about this or that and you and I would never know if anyone is coercing them, if they’re a puppet reading a script or if they’re honestly expressing themselves. ZERO way to know.

    4. @Olive EisnerI know it’s not easy trusting any form of media no matter what your political ideology is. What is truth? Its all a matter of your point of view.

    5. @Keith Gupton Pretty much. All we can do is absorb as much as possible and keep an open mind. With the likes of corporate media I assume they’re 98% lying and only “reporting” what the IC approves for them.
      I check in though. It’s good to know what stories they’re pushing.
      Alternative media at least tries to dig.

  7. It’s like these traitors don’t understand what video is.
    Interviewer: “You said this…”
    Trump/Barr/GOP: “No I didn’t.”
    Interviewer: – plays video –
    Trump/Barr/GOP: – blinks several times – “Biden is a socialist and he wants to take your guns.”

    1. Actually they’ll watch the video and then STILL say it didn’t happen.
      Interviewer: you said this
      These guys: no I didn’t.
      Interviewer: see, it’s right here in this video-
      These guys: no it isn’t.
      Interviewer: but-
      These guys: fake news. MSM sheep.

  8. These people are incredible this man backed everything Trump did Wrong or right now he’s trying to save face. With this book

    1. @Jeremy Backup nah. Anyone can say anything. They take turns being the bad guy or the good guy. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. All public actions and statements are predetermined and mostly scripted. They all have control files in place. Barr is a longtime deep stater.
      It’s virtually impossible to know what is really going on.

    2. @Billy Zee I din’t see that. Being fully vaccinated means you won’t have a serious disease process. But yes, you can still carry the virus and spread it.
      I wonder how many people will wear masks when they are ill in the future? Some Asian cultures have been doing that for a while now. It might be a good way to cut down on the spread of cold and flu viruses.

    3. Evidently he is not as smart as he thinks he is. Obviously he has no street smarts and can’t read a room.

  9. Will is beyond rehab. What he did with the Muller report granted him a vip ticket to jail. If justice shall prevail.

  10. He is still the worst AG in United States history. He reduced the DOJ to be his boss’s legal superweapon.

    1. He sold his soul to the same guy that’s jealous of his favorite daughter he has a fetish over, cause she is distancing herself from him.

    1. @Mac N’cheese I’m sorry but I’m still laughing at anyone dumb enough to pick a name like Macncheese
      I hope you dont have offspring, but if you do maybe you should let mom pick the name

  11. What a shameless liar Barr was during the last presidency. How is Giuliani suspended from practicing law, but this guy isn’t???

    1. Barr only pushed investigations and other foolishness, but he didn’t get on public stages and push people toward insurrection and go to court on it as well……but he SHOULD be prosecuted for what he did to the post office, the protest stuff, and other things!

  12. Barr’s view is “history is written by the victor.” My view is “truth is the daughter of time.” Either way, he knows he is on the wrong side of history.

  13. He too is a habitual liar, he was and is part of the big lie. Believe him now at your own risk and gullibility.

  14. Reasonable and sensible people don’t need Barr’s “approval” that the former man’s claim about election fraud is BS.🙄

    1. I love CNN Erika trying to hold a laugh.Of course Erika, a RingMaster need a bunch if clown arou d him.

    2. @LD Most Republicans are just controlled opposition. They’re useless. The new batch is going to be wild though.

  15. Barr doesn’t get a pass – he LIED to Congress, he LIED to the public, and he helped push trump’s LIES every way he could. He belongs in prison!

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