Ex-Trump Org. executive: Trump deserves to go to jail 1

Ex-Trump Org. executive: Trump deserves to go to jail


Barbara Res, former executive vice president for the Trump Organization, talks with CNN's Jim Acosta about the possibility of New York prosecutors filing criminal charges against her former employer.

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  1. It’s going to take NY to prosecute this thug, eventhough the AG has plenty of evidence that could put him and his administration away for good. Democrats you have to get tougher! Stop turning the other cheek.

    1. @Flusha Art lol No masks now But my state made me wear one for a while or NO JOB SHOPPING STAY HOME

    1. @Akshay Kumar Even if any of that idiocy was true – it’s not but I know how much trumpers love to play pretend – how is any of it RELEVANT?
      Grow up, huh?

    2. @Timothy Houle Is that something like “I know you are but what am I” or how about “I am rubber and you are glue….”. Good to hear from someone who hasn’t improved their debate style since recess on the playground.

    3. @Flusha Art I nodded off a bit reading your reply. My good God you are dull, unimaginative and uninteresting.
      I think I’ll print out your comments, keep them next to the bed, so I can read them, when I have trouble sleeping.

    4. @William Carcahe It’s an anagram of the word ‘Hatred’
      And the letters on the red hat are an acronym for Morons Are Gathering Again.

  2. In my country the owner or head of a business is responsible for what’s going on with his business. Owners don’t typically sign everything, but unless he has been really betrayed by employees, the boss is responsible. That’s part of their job.

    1. Trump Organization was run by Trump Crime Family Syndicate, He was everything. Lock them all up.!!!.Because ” Justice Matter( Glenn Kishnner )

    2. Even if you are fully vaccinated, please continue to double mask and observe social distancing guidelines, this according to Mariangela Simao from the WHO. She says that “vaccine alone won’t stop community transmission”.

    3. cmon CNN.. In election time i came here a lot to see how propaganda works @ 2021. After the stolen election i didnt came here anymore, after a couple of months i searched for CNN one again and the first thing i see is TRUMP IN JAIL haha CMON CNN you are a joke since the gulfwar when they caught you staging bomb attacks in your hollywood studio.

  3. Instead of sending trump to prison please send him to his lover putting in Russia let him stay there

  4. The Law says he should already be in prison. How bout no more headlines until he’s jailed?

    1. Thank you because I’m tired of getting excited about the incarceration of Trump that is only happening theoretically.

  5. “ A Little Less Conversation and a Little More Action, All This Aggravation Ain’t Satisfactionin Me “

  6. Wow, I never knew you could just go to the prosecution and just “see” if they would back off..unbelievable…elitists are the most evil people…

    1. That was a theory made up by a bunch of idiots. And extremely small amount of people believed it.

    2. @Magic Studios 90% sure he was joking, based on the but..but at the start and the emojis at the end.

  7. Please, put Trump in solitary for the rest of his life. He’ll be fine, he only listens to himself anyway.

    1. Nah, the biden crime family and the pelosi crime family along with the Clinton crime family!! Should all go to prison!!!

    1. Man, the human race is in serious jeopardy if people that ‘think’ this way are allowed to breed.

  8. If Donald Trump cries about it, just tell him “It is what it is”. The way he treated the Pandemic.

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