US carries out airstrikes on Iran-backed facilities 1

US carries out airstrikes on Iran-backed facilities


President Joe Biden directed military forces to conduct defensive precision airstrikes against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region on Sunday evening, according to a news release from the Department of Defense. CNN's Barbara Starr and Arwa Damon discuss the development.
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    1. @dunhillsupramk3 why is that so hard for you to understand that trump lost because more people hated him then liked biden. Sometimes that is just how life works guy you have to accept reality and move on. Trump is a one term loser. Period end of story your conspiracies are stupid

    2. @Brian Mitchell Trump said he wanted to take guns without due process from people after the Parkland shooting.. But you still support him.

    3. @r3con woo well like I said, when a top general is embedded with a terrorist cell, driving around with them, and basically helping them out with oversight of their operations, he no longer has the protections of being military brass. I’m also not being disingenuous because I don’t think we should be meddling around in the middle east at this point, whether it’s Trump, Biden, Obama (I couldn’t vote until his 2nd term btw) Bush, etc. I’m just pointing out how people on the left will defend the actions of their politician, but if say Trump committed a similar act then he’s a warmonger (even though he wanted to withdraw our troops during his tenure in office) just pointing out double standards is all.

    4. @therev2100 im not saying that killing their general was an off limits target im just saying its different then killing the same nobodies that we’ve killing forever. Including Trump, he did more air strikes in 4 years then Obama did in 8. So I think the disingenuous and if trump was serious about pulling out the troop he would have but he didnt and he is going to blame someone else like he does for everything but the truth is he never really cared he just used that to get people to vote for him.

    5. @r3con woo well did you know congress was stonewalling him from withdrawing the troops? And the democrats tried introducing a bill that would require the president to get congressional approval to bring our troops home? Just remember the withdraw from Afghanistan was thanks to Trump, not Biden.

    1. @SupaNami StupidNami here must’ve forgotten that Trump owns businesses in China and his daughter STARTED a business in China while Trump was president. Be stupid somewhere else, son.

    2. @Iam 0nlyhuman No not Burisma, and Hunter didn’t start that business he worked for it, with the permission of our government.

      Ivonka got patents from china on many products INCLUDING VOTING MACHINES.

    1. @Wigit history says republicon and demonrat presidents promised to move our embassy to capital of Israel….Trump actually follow up on it.

      You’re too stupid to have a clue

    1. @Garrick Thomas UK Europe Russia Canada and Australia are full of losses as the same thing is happening to them

    2. @User Name the USSR never lost to finland, the ussr actually won the winter war against finland
      europeans didnt lose to nazis, europeans actually defeated the nazis, especially the ussr

    1. @Will p Yemen, Somalia, Libya etc… Although Trump did abolish the Obama-era approval system of requiring high level approval of striking areas outside of active combat zones, creating a more destabilised approach and making them less accountable for their actions, so the figure could actually be a lot higher than whats been recorded.

    2. @Cj Roberts was there any need to bomb any those places was there certain ppl or places that needed taken care of?

    1. ​@wgooetrik You are a little boy who watches too many cable news shows and you believe what you are being told by the billionaire class.
      Leave your hometown for a while.
      Get yourself a passport and challenge yourself.
      Expand your horizons…and eventually you will realize that Santa Claus is not real.

      “Nothing develops intelligence like travel.” – Emile Zola.

      “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

      “To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

      “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Agustine of Hippo

      “One must travel to learn.” – Mark Twain

      “Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.” — Paulo Coelho

    2. @David Leo Morley Democrats Wars again America is on its knees because of Israel President Putin should intervene and stop this Madness they are not only shooting theirselves buildings is falling all around the world knows that Israel is just a bank for the Elite Israel has enough of free range enough is enough let’s get this so call c19 out of the way let’s get back and build the planet we are all human beings peace coolaboola

  1. Anti-war Democrats thought they “voted” for “change” lol

    Anyone who’s still stuck in the “left/ right” Republican/ Democrat paradigm is not fully awake yet

    1. @Valerie Chastain The hell I don’t. I worked for one for 8 years. I studied it intensely. Along with Narcissism. So f off.

    2. @Fred Rxgers TM Trump is far from anti war! He wanted to shoot protesters here and upped the drone strikes times 4, just for starters.

    1. @Joyce Luppold… You serious!?

      Do you pay for your kids to go to school, or roads to be built and have cop, firemen and emts?

      I’m sure you do; as property and other taxes pay for all that.
      You have been living I a socialist state since before you were a gleam in your parents eyes.
      Your small ideals of your own government show that they are skewed do to some social bias you perceive to be against you. Also what did Trump do for you? Did he lower your taxes? No he did not because he lowered mine. I made to much as a business owner and I got several tax breaks.
      Did he get you a job? Probably not because his end over end job growth was less then the past four previous presidents also his actions to covid probably lost you income.
      The relief stimulus was not actually his as it was a house made bill that took both parties to push it through. But I’m sure you cashed the check anyway to show the evil socialist you were not afraid.

      Respectfully, if you’re feel disrespected then I ask you actually learn and participate in real political discussions that are actually accredited sources.

    2. @Ray Martinez Ray….Thanks for your service. History is always relevant. Unfortunately that idea seems to be viewed as quaint and passe now. I was around for the Dixiecrats with Strom Thurmond being a notable example until he became a Republican. I have seen individuals switch to Democrat especially in the Northeast to pander to voters. I have seen racists and race baiters on both sides of the political spectrum.
      My original point is simply being Democrat doesn’t make an individual a pure spirit….pointing out Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ just bolsters my point. Richard Nixon….portrayed as one of those evil Republicans…is unwarranted. He ended the Vietnam War and actually cared about the fact that many returning GI’s were addicts and instigated programs to help them. Go figure.
      I still maintain Carter was awful at the job. 20% to 21% interest rates have to be experienced to really understand how bad it was. I also feel race relations got notably worse under Obama. I am not saying that was his intention but that was the outcome.

    3. It wasn’t a problem when trump up the drone strikes times 4, assonated a government official of Iran in a Iraq airport on his way to talks and in turn Iran bombing our troops in Iraq or pulling out the few troops (we had there for protection of the Kurds) in Syria long enough for Turkey to bomb our allies the Kurds and run them from their homes and the prisons they ran that held ISIS, though right?
      I’m sure you were okay with that.

    4. @Hidden Dragon the United States has no reason to be there except imperialist interest we made up false Flags to be there we made the CIA made those terrorists the CIA supports those terrorists the CIA has admitted fighting with itself

    5. @Hidden Dragon how dare you how dare you so boldly defend Democrats and Republicans both parties asking our children to go to war for the CIA for expansion for capitalism passing 600,000 people to die for capitalism for the economy for the rich only how dare you ask us to send our children to die

    1. @casper191985 AOC , lightfoot , that portland mayor , … the mayor of minneapolis , Ilhan Omar and the Squad , waters, … Biden wants social workers to go after mass murderers and rapist and he villainize the police .

    2. @tom mas stop using deflection as a way to counter what I said… Either Republicans as a whole decided to fund the police or they didn’t.. You throwing out random names of people who spoke up against police brutality means absolutely nothing with funding or defunding the police…

    3. @casper191985 Also btw your name says what a RACIST YOU ARE!


  2. I wonder why these journalist like to use terms like “american interest” , is it a kind of language to make things sounds better than it is?

    1. @Dfw Fqdefqw MAGA people running around with assault weapons where? 😂 That’s even dumber than what the original guy said. Turn off Maddow sweetie, your brain is rotting.

    2. @Zack Attack Yet there is no evidence of your babbling. However, there is ample evidence of the U.S. destroying ISIS members and infrastructure as well as jailing them.

    3. @Otis Dylan it’s a generic term that means “we’re lying cause if we told you the truth you’d be mad”. Stupid people think our military is competent and does good work. Is that what you believe?

    4. @michaelcason22 lol, the operation has a Wikipedia page. Timber Sycamore. You people are so proud of being so ignorant. Hilarious.

  3. The Irani foreign minister should receive a mirrored reply, with the addendum: Practice What You Preach

    1. @Ciaron Smith I speak and comprehend English. Iran-backed does mean Iran is meddling in local affairs. In this case the local affairs along the Iraqi/Syrian border. There is no other interpretation.

    2. As we know some days ago, it was former us foreign minster who warned Biden, that Iran will punish America. He is in a fear for the rest of Life 😂

    3. @stopthecrazyguy “Iran-backed” means whatever the US wants or needs it to mean. It is litterally a blank check. The whole point of the open ended phrase “Iran-backed” is to keep it open to virtually ANY interpretation.

    1. According to CNN,ABC,NBC,MSNBC,The New York Times and The Washington Post:
      The American general election back in the year of 2016 has been hacked by the Russian government in favour of Donald Trump.
      The American military should declaring the nuclear wars between America and Russia.
      The nuclear wars between America and Russia is going to providing healthcare for the citizens of America and for the citizens of Russia too 😘!
      America should fighting alone without any alliances of America against Russia through the use of nuclear weapons arsenals!

    2. @Austin 3:16Israel deserves support because 1.Jews need a physical homeland and 2.Israel is US ally only democracy in middle east!

  4. Biden trying to create another disaster to cover up his other disasters he’s created since the media got him elected to office.

    1. Right and you’re probably the same kind of “person” who swore Bernie was a self-serving communist 🙄🥵 ALL of these old white men, especially Trump, MoscowMitch & Biden – Need to go more extinct than the dinosaurs, replaced by those like Bernie who ONLY care about humankind doing their best without MONEY-for-the-Elites being anywhere on the priority table

    2. @lone_lioness xO LOL bernie is a self serving white man. One thats never held a real job in his sad miserable life of grifting.

    3. @Brian Mitchell Bernie is for us, not the wealthy and the corporations! Your a fool if you think any of those others are for anyone but their selves and their donors! Bernie has been saying the same things about what he’s wanting to do for this country and all of us for over 30 years, but you dense people want to keep electing more of the same corrupt people. Bernie has worked his whole life to make peoples lives better and fight corruption! It is truly a lack of awareness to believe what you wrote.

    4. Trump got Biden elected by his utter failure and lack of responsible actions on Covid. PERIOD!

  5. *In few months or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency*

    1. @Roberts Martha Yeah 💯💯 He has been managing my trade for months and I make profits Every week.

    2. @Elijah Cervantes you should work with @Ben_dover instead. He knows how to stick it in there. Btw i heard URANUS is burning

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